1) Mysterious blankets

Tony didn't even know where Steve got them from. Tony didn't even know he had them. They were all different patterns and stitching, varying in many different types of fabric and thickness.

All he knew was that one always ended up over his shoulders after he had passed out from a crazed working session or lack of coffee (usually both).

Tony liked Steve. Really liked Steve.

The man wasn't only attractive, smart and sometimes even witty, he was also thoughtful and a bunch of other adjectives Tony associated too much with feelings (somewhere he doesn't like to dabble too much).

But back to thoughtful...

Tony knew Steve didn't exactly like his habit of burying himself away in that cave of a lab, running on pots of black coffee and pure insanity. Of course, Steve would usher him out to actually socialize with real people (call Pepper and tell her he's still alive) and maybe shower, and if the soldier is lucky, get Tony to eat. Tony would bitch and groan about how he could be making something that Steve couldn't comprehend and the blonde would simply reply with,

"Shut up and eat your toast."

But back to the point...

When the shorter brunette got immersed in one of his projects, or was on the verge of figuring something out, he would most likely end up passed out, draped over his work.

Steve, being the doting super soldier as always, came down to check on him like usual, practically every night. Tony liked to begin where he left off, which is annoying and quite hard to do if he has to go through the process of waking up in a bed and walking down all of those stairs.

So Steve just simply wraps the genius's shoulders up in a warm blanket and laughs to himself. He then leaves telling Jarvis to lower the music (yes Tony claims Black Sabbath and ACDC are like lullabies to his beautifully half deaf ears).

Steve is so thoughtful, and Tony loves him for it, because he knows for a fact that veteran hates his unhealthy habits.

It doesn't come as a shock when Steve strides into the lab again, at some ungodly hour, frowning, but amusement in his blue eyes. Tony's collapsed over his work bench out cold and shivering slightly.

It is, however, a shock when Steve places the blanket over the brunette's shoulders, and a hand flings out and grabs his wrist, pausing his actions.

"You're awake," Steve says, sounding like a child caught with his hand in the cookie jar.

"Hello," Tony murmurs, half asleep. He pulls himself up, the blanket falling slowly, and wraps his arms around much taller soldier's neck. He murmurs something too softly about tall people and something about taking over the world before remembering there indeed is another person in the room he happens to be leaning on.

"You me, bed, no sex right now," he mumbles into Steve's toned neck. The blonde blinks and wraps an arm around the billionaire's narrow waist, knowing all of Tony's support was on him. He wonders, vaguely, if Tony is sick, because he can't possibly want to sleep in bed without sex first.

"Are you sure?" Steve asks.

Tony's grip tightens.

"Very sure, Mr. Blanket Giver. Now pick me up because you can and I'm too low on coffee to walk and my face hurts from leaning against that wrench," Tony rambles softly, rubbing aimlessly at his cheek. Steve rolls his eyes at the silly name and picks him up. They travel up to the room they share and he lays Tony down on the bed. The genius grips Steve's arm and the soldier smiles and lies down. The smaller snuggles close, yawning and smacking his lips. Steve tugs off the goofy red goggles that the man never took off. He laughs and Tony presses closer curling up.

He loves Steve's laugh.

His damn thoughtfulness.

How he doesn't understand technology.

How he signs his art.

His imploring blue eyes and wandering hands.

He loves Steve.

And Tony really wants to thoroughly thank Steve through and through for putting up with him (and taking care of him) without asking for anything in return.

"Thanks for the blankets," he settles on murmuring into Steve's neck.

Steve seems to get it though.

"My pleasure."

Authors Note: I was going for that fluffy domestic vibeā€¦ I hope you liked it and if you have any problems just message me Cheerio!