Request 17) And have yourself a merry little Christmas now.

Requested by my friend in hospital: "I wish it was Christmas, the nurse said they decorate the hospital for the holidays, which is probably the only time these rooms have colour. They play the radio too, do you like Michael Buble? I love him, and sometimes his songs remind me of Tony and Steve! He's got such a lovely voice for Christmas music."

Here you go Kyra!




Faithful friends who are dear to us, gather near to us once more. Through the years we all will be together, if the fates allow. So hang a shining star above the highest bar and have yourself a merry little Christmas now

Michael Buble's voice filled the comfortable silence of the kitchen, the hum of the oven barely heard over his soft tenor. Pepper was focused as she read a cook book on how to make some delicious treats for Thor to taste, as well as any other Avenger who happened to walk in due to the wonderful scent of cinnamon and sweets. It's not like any of them had any actual family anymore, besides Thor, but he didn't know the joys of Christmas.

Hold up, the Avengers were a family. They did have family this year (a very crazy, maniacal, trouble making crime fighting family) which called for a proper (or as proper as it was gonna get) Christmas.

"Do you think I can help?" Natasha questioned, causing Pepper to drop the book in alarm.

"I don't think I will ever get used to the snooping you're able to do," Pepper laughed breathlessly, as Natasha picked up the book. She actually looked sheepish, which made Pepper smile even more.

"Sorry," she said with a warm smile. It was genuine and made the blonde feel just a bit special.

"Of course you can help," Pepper replied, "You've cooked before yeah?"

"Simple things. I haven't really cooked since I was a child with my mother," she responded, and Pepper frowned slightly. Her mother was at her home, no doubt wrapping presents and adorning the house with little things to give the house some holiday spirit. She was only a phone call away, and the CEO wondered how far away Natasha's mother was, and how hard it'd be to reach her. She decided not to ask any further questions.

"Wow, my kitchen doesn't smell like burnt skin or meat, I believe this is an improvement," Tony said as he strode in. He was a bit happier this year, and the two knew it was because of him and Steve being together as well as the fact that he had people other than robot's he made to spend the season with.

He was wearing a sweater that was a dark green and about three to four sizes too big, which meant he stole it from Steve. He reached for a cookie and ended up taking two.

"Whatcha baking next?" he asked, already scheming to steal some of that.

"Apple Pie, now shoe, or I'll find a wooden spoon to hit you with," Pepper said pushing him gently.

"I thought this holiday was about family, commercials and buying things and stuff, oh and Jesus!"

"Yes, yes, Urban dictionary told you correct, now out," Pepper said pushing him right into Clint.

"Watch it Jingle Balls," Clint sneered, a box in his hands. Tony rolled his eyes at the green leafy garnishes in the box and strode by him. Everyway doorway in the tower had mistletoe hanging over it (not that Tony minded, he kept stopping Steve under them) and it was all Clint's doing. The little bastard really wanted to kiss someone.

"I have failed to see reason in adorning this tree with decorative items," Thor stated, a look of pure concentration on his face. His arms were crossed over his massive chest, staring at the (bigger than necessary) tree. Tony grinned at his handiwork in getting the biggest one he could possibly find.

"It's just supposed to give the house, or tower, some spirit," Steve laughed as he plugged in the Christmas tree's silvery lights. They twinkled amongst the dark green bristles of the pine tree and looked rather beautiful.

"It's classy, just like everything else in my tower," Tony winked, striding up to them.

"Out of the lab I see," Steve murmured, eyebrow rising.

"Thor! Want a cookie?" Natasha questioned from the doorway leading to the kitchen.

"Indeed I do!" he bellowed, scurrying off much like a child. They both heard Pepper's laughter and a bit of Natasha's as well.

"Hey," Tony smiled, pushing himself into Steve's chest, "Wanna find a doorway?"

"I can just kiss you, you know. I have the right," Steve snorted kissing his lips gently. Tony smiled into it and wrapped his arms around the taller man's waist loosely.

They broke apart with a soft sound, and were met with each other's smiles. Tony hugged him and sighed quietly, closing his eyes as he listened to the steady thud thud thud of his soldier's heart.

"How you holding up?" Steve queried. His fingers weaved through the longer locks at the back of the genius' head, loving them. He always wished Tony would grow out his hair a bit longer, but he complained that it'd get in his eyes when he was fighting or working. Steve brought up Thor's hair and Tony called the god a 'barbarian whose idea of hygiene is walking into a room and not killing people with his stench'. Tony was still pretty dramatic.

"Holding up considerably," Tony smiled tiredly. He had taken a shower, but the 48 hours he just spent in the lab wore him out. He was holding up pretty well, considering he hadn't had a proper Christmas in 30 years. He'd been eight, and his father suddenly just, well, pretty much treated him like an adult. He stopped showing up for events, stopped praising (Not that he did very much anyways) stopped caring, but started drinking. Drinking a lot.

None of them had had a proper Christmas in long time.

Steve hadn't had a good one since his mother died when he was 16. It wasn't the same after that, not having any actual family.

Thor never had one.

Natasha hadn't had one since spies swept her away since she was qualified.

Clint hadn't had one since he left the circus.

Bruce hadn't had one since before he was the Hulk and his family cared, and friends didn't find him scary.

It was about time they stopped celebrating the holiday half assed and did it together, the right way.

"I'm glad," Steve smiled, kissing the top of his head lovingly.

"Me too," Tony laughed tiredly, and soon Steve was tugging him upstairs.

He began unbuckling the buckle on Tony's belt and the engineer blinked, not quite comprehending what was going on.

"Well, someone's a bit forward today."

"Oh shut up, you need sleep," Steve said pushing him back on the bed. He tugged off the brunette's jeans and tugged off his own.

"Of course, because you would be forward about sex. What was I thinking," Tony snorted crawling under the covers. For once he really didn't mind. He was getting over a cold, and to be honest, he could really use some sleep.

Steve slipped in beside him laughing openly, and Tony couldn't help but smile as he snuggled close.

"So warm," he sighed, curling up against his lover.

"So are you," Steve said, and there's a small tinge of worry in his voice. Tony already knows he's worrying about the fever that could be coming back.

"I'm fine."

"You really shouldn't have been pushing yourself after just being sick," Steve said, again, since he's done so, so many times.

"You're like a broken record," Tony murmured yawning.

"And you're the one who broke it," Steve pointed out, wrapping an arm around him protectively. "Just sleep, alright?"

"Yeah, yeah ok."

He was out within 5 minutes, listening to Steve's soft humming. He was humming Christmas music. He watched his lover sleep, not too tired himself. He watched Tony's eyes flutter behind their lids every now and again, his eyelashes twitching with the subtle movements. He had rings under his eyes, and Steve wondered how he'd be able to get him to sleep more often. Seducing him to bed every night was getting tougher and tougher.

The blonde took note of how the brunette's chapped lips curled up at the edges slightly, whenever he'd run his hand through his hair.

"What would I do without you? You're such a cat," Steve chuckled quietly.

About an hour and a half passed and Tony woke a bit colder than before. He sat up slowly, sheets pooling around his waist. Where the hell was Steve?

"I'm pretty sure I fell asleep with a blonde next to me," Tony grumbled running a hand through his messy hair. He yawned and got up, slipping back into his jeans as he rubbed at his still tired eyes.

He headed down to the kitchen upon smelling delightful, and the sound of his stomach rumbling. He was met with the alluring site of Steve covered in a doughy batter. Pepper and Natasha were trying to clean him off, and Clint was hysterically laughing. All this picture was missing was Norse god.

"Well, this looks like something out of a porno," Tony said. They all turned to look at him, who was smiling wistfully.

"Clint sabotaged the beater and tossed it at Steve while it was on," Natasha said wiping some gooey dough from her eyebrow.

"Well stop cleaning him off, that's why I have a tongue!" Tony exclaimed hastily. Clint gagged and Steve blushed. Tony swiped his slim finger over the blonde's cheek and popped it in his mouth.

Around his finger he said, "I thought you were making pie? This tastes a lot like chocolate chip cookies."

"You've been asleep for a while," Steve said, and really, Tony was jealous he wasn't here for the beater throwing.

"Get out Clint," Natasha demanded.

"Make me-"

"Get out right this minute or no cookies for you!" Pepper threatened and the Hawk was out the door. "Jesus, I'm turning into my mother," Pepper said pinching the bridge of her nose.

Tony laughed childishly and Natasha pointed a spoon at him and he flew out of the kitchen tugging Steve behind him.

"She shouldn't point that thing around," Tony said dramatically as they went back to their room.

"It's not a weapon, Tony."

"It doesn't matter, if it's in her hands it is."

Steve rolled his eyes and Tony stopped right before their bedroom door. He leant up and licked away some splattered dough on his chin and kissed his lips. Steve deepened it and they stood there for a moment, just enjoying one another's lips and touch.

"Sweet," Tony breathed as they pulled away.

"Yeah," Steve said for lack of a better word. It summed it up pretty well though.

After he washed up and changed into clean clothes, they headed back to the living room. Together, they sat on the couch joining Natasha who was watching A Christmas Story.

Clint walked by and in a rackety voice, Tony called, "You'll shoot your eye out!"

"Shut up," Clint said good naturedly. He flopped down by Natasha and slung his arm over the back of the couch. He still looked pretty grumpy so he hadn't caught her under the mistletoe yet.

"Where's Pepper and Thor?" Steve asked, wrapping an arm around Tony causally. The sleepy billionaire snuggled closer subconsciously.

"Pepper went to visit her mother, and Jane requested for Thor a while ago. Pep said she'd be back tomorrow morning for presents," Bruce chuckled as he walked in. Steve felt guilty for forgetting about the scientist briefly, but he was greeted with a kind smile, and all was forgiven.

The 5 continued to watch the movie quietly, grateful all the villain's celebrated Christmas as well.

When it was about 11:30, the team started getting sleepy and headed to their rooms with a few pleasant goodnights.

"What do you think everyone got everyone for Christmas?" Tony asked as he flopped back on the bed. Steve laughed and flopped back beside him and stared up at the ceiling for a minute. He turned on his side and was happily alarmed to find Tony already staring at him with adoration.

"Natasha might give weapons out?"

Tony laughed and smirked replying, "Which would just be everyday household items."

"Pepper's gonna try to be thoughtful, like always."

Tony nodded, and caught himself being sentimental, so he shrugged the thought of Pepper giving him the old reactor in a glass case (which saved his life) out of his mind.

"I think Clint might give everyone stupid cliché presents," Tony snorted, "Like a 'How to Control Your Anger Issues for Dummies' book for Bruce, or a toaster for Thor and his Poptart needs." Tony paused before rambling on, "And Thor's gonna give us weird ass shit, but it's gonna be considered like, noble or something in Asgard.

Steve agreed with a chuckle, undoubtedly knowing that that was probably what Clint was going to do. The archer always thought what he did was funny, and hell, sometimes it was.

"Bruce will be considerate like Pepper, but normal, not too much, but enough," Steve said wrapping an arm around Tony lazily.

"Yeah, you're right," Tony hummed, "Maybe a joke here and there too."


"What about me?" Tony questioned softly, looking up at him. It wasn't said shyly, more curiously than anything, but just a tad bit worriedly.

"You, are going to give the best things, because you know the most about everyone, beside Natasha and Clint, they're the exception. But you've managed to weasel your way unknowingly into all of our lives, and so you'll give presents that no one else understands but the receiver, does that make sense?"

"You know, I've always been bad at present giving? I made Pepper buy her own, for like, almost all the years she's worked for me. Only recently have I actually started buying her stuff."

"But I'm right."

That made Tony snort. Steve wasn't usually arrogant; unless he was sure he was right.


"You've changed, which makes my point clear. You have grown close to people, and so you're going to be thoughtful without realizing it, like always."

Tony was quiet, and thought about how Steve just knew every trick, every idea, every single fucking thing about him. It was nice, to know someone actually paid attention to his method of madness.

Now it was Tony's turn to show off.

Tony pushed Steve on to his back (the genius knew Steve let him) and straddled his waist.

"My turn," Tony grinned kissing his neck softly. He leant back, placing his hands on the soldiers chest.

Steve blinked, looking up at him like he was crazy, (something Tony was very used too) but fondly (but he wasn't used to that).

"You, my soldier, are going to give the most heartfelt, caring, meaningful presents, and you're going to be all modest not realizing how much they actually mean to everyone and you'll get all bashful and shy when they say thank you."

Steve blinked, and a blush lighting up his cheeks, barely visible in the dimly lit room.

"I, that's-"

"Nah ah ah! Don't deny it!" Tony snapped pointing to Steve's chest.


Tony shifted and laid down on top of him, running his callused thumb over Steve's collar bone slowly.

"When's the last time you had Christmas with family?" Steve asked quietly. Tony tensed slightly, but relaxed upon feeling Steve's large hands rubbing at his back soothingly. "You don't have to say…"

"No, it, it was a long time ago. I was young."

"Me too."

And just like that, Tony feels Steve is perfect for him all over again, because he doesn't question, he doesn't pry (unless he needs too) and just listens. It's in moments like these when Tony really wonders what the hell he ever did right to get Steve.

Hell, he was never letting the man go.

"Sleep, Tony, you're tired."

"I love you."

It was unexpected, but not unwelcomed.

"I love you too."

They slept just like that the entire night, sharing each other's warmth and not really denying that they enjoyed it. Because they really did.

Both were shaken awake the next morning, the bed wobbling and moving.

"Up up up! Since none of us have kids, I'm the designated choice! Get your asses up I want my presents!" Clint exclaimed slapping them. Steve grabbed Clint's wrist to prevent from being hit again, and let Tony hit him with a pillow.

"Alright your up, or your eyes are open, I don't know about Tony he looks like a zombie, someone's not a morning person, but come on!"

The full grown man ran from the room and Tony groaned head falling against Steve's chest in annoyance. He let out another whine as he rubbed where Clint slapped his face and said, "Bruce totally bet him 5 bucks that he wouldn't do it."

Steve nodded and got up slowly, stretching and yawning.

"Jesus, I don't think I've ever seen Clint so hyper."

"You obviously haven't seen him hopped up on chemicals from Bruce's lab mixed with Red Bull."

"When was that?"

"You were on a mission with Coulson, we were partly drunk, I gave Clint 50 dollars to drink it. Those were dark times."

Steve raised an eyebrow watching as his lover got up slowly. He cracked his back and sighed with a content grin.

"Alright, let's do this," Tony murmured grabbing Steve's arm.

Tony and Steve were right about every single thing they discussed last night before falling asleep. When they strode in, there was a flash of a camera perfectly timed, because both Steve and Tony were in shock to find a horse and a sheep in the living room. Their faces were priceless and now caught on film for Pepper to put into a scrapbook.

They animals were from Thor.

"I got an eagle!" Clint laughed pointing to the cage with the majestic bird. "Isn't Christmas with Norse Gods fun?!"

Tony closed his mouth and smirked at the sight of all the Avengers and Pepper sitting around the living room chalk full of sweets and presents. There was holiday music (Michael Buble, and the CD was probably Peppers because she just loved him) playing quietly in the back ground.

"Sit," Pepper laughed gesturing to the couch.

They did as told and looked around in awe.

"Wow," Steve breathed. Tony nodded and couldn't believe his house was filled to the brim with people whom he cared about (and they cared about him) this Christmas.

Tony and Steve were right about everyone giving what type of presents.

Natasha was a bit creepy (But funny) about it. Everyone laughed at the other expense.

Pepper was utterly thoughtful and put love into the things she gave.

Bruce was totally considerate and witty with the present's he gave. The things he said before or after he handed each person the present were just flat out hilarious.

Thor was just plain out weird (but hey he tried) about presents. He did well for someone who didn't really understand the concept.

Clint was a sassy little asshole about it, but everyone laughed.

Tony's presents were thoughtful without meaning to be.

Steve was completely modest and bashful like Tony assumed.

After the living room looked like you could swim in the ripped up wrapping paper, everyone sat on the couches talking and laughing.

They all agreed it was one of the best Christmas's they had in a while.

At least until Fury called with a mission for them.

But hey, it wouldn't have been an Avengers Christmas without just that.





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