The Not-So Secret, Special Rendezvous

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Chapter 4: Misfortunes on the Festival

"Welcome to the Kaimei Cultural Festival! "

Finally, it was the day of Kaimei Cultural Festival. Most of students found to be really excited to this event that unfortunately only last within three days. Food stalls and haunted houses are the most common that you could find in a cultural festival. There were also booths for all of extracurricular club to show to the people what the club was made of. And it was surely one of good events to know what the students were doing, especially if you wanted to have a new friends and a new… maybe you knew what I meant.

All from first years to third years had changed their class room into some small business to make an income, like what had written in the first paragraph. This year was certainly the last festival for the third years so they were going all out in this event. It could be seen from 3-A to 3-G which had miraculously transformed their classroom to a very different place that you wouldn't know for a second that it was a school. It was amazing of course.

But maybe it was because this year's third years were unavoidably, extremely, utterly, and certainly unique people. Unique would be an understatement, though.

And talk about 'unavoidably, extremely, utterly, and certainly unique people', of course the highest award would be given to none other than class of 3-C. All of us surely already knew than mostly, and I meant mostly of the students were identified in that very category. Even some of them denied it though.

Let's see how they will cope with their last festival.

"Who the heck are you actually?!"

"Okaerinasai, goshuujin-sama, ojou-sama!"

Class 3-C. It undoubtedly was a class that consisted with a group of happy students. Each one of the students was stood up with their own personalities. In their last festival, they decided to do maid café, courtesy to Bossun and some male students who were a little too much excited. However, not everyone agreed at it quickly, for example was our lovely Student Council President.

He couldn't help that when the older brother suggested it first and showing the design of the uniform, he quickly stood up from his desk and pointed an accusatory finger to him while having an anger expression. "Fool! There's no way I will let the females wear something outrageous outfit like that!"

As expected, his protest was followed by Bossun's 'are-you-serious' face and nearly every males let out their obviously disappointed sighs. Clearly the first thing in their mind when they heard Tsubaki's rage; 'Are you a kid?!'

"We're not even in an ecchi manga, man! Look at the length of the skirt, it still covers the knee!" Bossun argued back as he slammed his right hand onto the design.

But being an innocent Tsubaki, he still thought that the uniform was too frilly and should be worn by an adult. The next point, when he heard the 'maid' word he scared that the waitresses must do anything until whatever extent to please the customer. How could he let the idea pass by like nothing?-that was currently what Tsubaki's innocent mind was thinking, anyway.

When he wanted to retort it back, a sweet voice had already found its way to Tsubaki's ear. "Why, Tsubaki-kun? I think it's a good idea, besides the uniform is cute," Mimori said with no sweat, smiling sweetly at Tsubaki.

For a quick moment, he found himself losing words when he tried to answer her. "Kuh! Look at it more carefully Unyuu! I surely can't let our female students wear clothes like that! Besides I—"

In the middle of his reasoning, Mimori finally came up with enlightenment. "Oh, then are you trying to tell us that you aren't satisfied with the design? Then should I call a designer from England?" suggested her with smile still plastered on her face like it was a normal thing. Of course, the whole class just sweat dropped when they heard Mimori's statement.

"It's not that either! Seriously Unyuu, don't try to solve all the problems with mo—"

Bossun quickly cut Tsubaki's sentence with a goofy smile on his face, "Eh, eh? Don't tell me the reason you don't like it because it covers too much skin? Are you actually that kind of person, President?"

Then the class was filled by understanding murmurs, while Bossun just laughing his head off with his own statement just now. Tsubaki found himself stammering at his brother's statement, ready to break the hell out, "Y-you—!"

Much to his dismay, his Student Council friends didn't give a help very much either.

"My, my, Tsubaki-kun…"

"S.M.H. Shineba iinoni, kono Matsuge no Hentai!"

The murmurs and whispers were getting louder and louder, leaving no choice for him but to do the last resort.

"Shut the-nyan!"

"Tsubaki snapped!"

In the end, despite of Tsubaki's protests and yelling the 3-C ended up doing the maid café, courtesy to the high demand from almost all of the male students.

Here was the list of some characters that known well of their uniqueness through the school;

Takako Shimada, the school's high-dedicated reporter. She decided that she was better to walking around the festival, who knows if she could find a big scoop in their last festival.

Otakura, the high-leveled otaku in Kaimei Academy. Much to the female student's nightmare, he formerly wanted to be the one who select the design of the uniform. Thanks to Switch, the females could rest assured.

Shinzou Takemitsu, a—fake—samurai, but surprisingly had a good talent in kendo. He too was the one of the group of a bit too much excited males because they could see the garden of maids in their class, even it was only for three days.

Roman Saotome, a talented—if it wasn't an overstatement—shoujo mangaka, just like Shinzou, who surprisingly won an honorable prize because of her one shot. Thanks to the things that she learned from some certain manga about maid and café, she was currently the third most favorite maid in the café.

Reiko Yuuki, an occult lover who was Switch's rival and best friend forever (?). Since she wanted to make an occult-themed café, Switch politely asked her to do her activity club instead of joining them, which getting a pretty heated argument at that time. Many of the girls actually wanted to put make-up on her.

Akitoshi Daimon, a.k.a. Enigman, the happy and cheerful Quiz Club leader, only if his mask was put on. Many of the girls were quite disappointed when he decided to do his club activity on festival, since he could make a handsome butler aside Switch. Actually, he secretly—not so if we counted the Sket-dan—wanted to be together with Quecchon on that day.

Moe Yabasawa, was the 'awful' girl who surprisingly had a nice voice. She was one of the people who coordinated the café plan so spectacularly aside from Switch and Bossun. She got a nickname for that day, the 'Head Maid'.

Kiyoshi Date, a.k.a. Dante, the visual-key guy who often annoyed Sket-dan, but never did harm to anyone and quite a popular guy too with his band. He let out many nearly straightforward comments when he imagined the girls would wear the maid clothes, but quickly disappointed that he must performed with his band on festival day.

Chiaki Takahashi, a.k.a. Captain, was the cute, energetic, sporty, and the "Food Fighter" girl. Also known as the class representative of Class of 3-C. At first she was embarrassed when she told to wear the maid clothes, but knowing that they would have a banquet party for the honor, she quickly became enthusiastic about it. Currently was the most favorite maid.

Kikuno Asahina, a.k.a. Daisy, the Secretary of Student Council who had a poison tongue, strong-willed and stern personality, had a very certain soft spot to her dolls, but had a natural cool beauty that made a group of certain kind of male being a fan of her. Since she must do her jobs of Student Council, the males were pretty disappointed of it but didn't courageous enough to obviously show it.

Mimori Unyuu, a.k.a. Mimorin, the Vice President of the Student Council. Just like Daisy, she had a quite plentiful of fan of hers too, courtesy to her cute appearance and comforting personality. It was only her habit in wasting money which just needed to be reduced. She was the one who were being the provider of the maid clothes and the advisory for reconstruct the class to look like as a real and luxurious café, but as always was stopped by Tsubaki from over doing it.

Sasuke Tsubaki, the Student Council President and Bossun's twin brother. He was really stern about the rules, but more or less had very same traits like his twins. As you already read the flashbacks, he really opposed of Bossun's idea to do the maid café. But unknowingly to him, deep inside he was looking for a certain someone to wear the maid clothes. So it was just understandable when it revealed that she wouldn't wear the maid clothes because of their jobs, he was pretty disappointed. But still like his brother, he didn't know what the very actual reason. Yet.

Kazuyoshi Usui, a.k.a. Switch, the brain and the scientist of Sket-dan. Along with Yabasawa-san, he was the mastermind, as he coordinated and planned all that was required to do a maid café. He nearly wanted to make their café just like the one in Akihabara, but Bossun and Himeko quickly prevented him from doing that. For the sake of his 'secret' plan, he decided to not being the waiter on the D-day, especially on the last day, which leads to the disappointed female students since two of their handsome guys wouldn't wear the butler clothes.

Hime Onizuka, a.k.a Himeko, the fighter of Sket-dan. Until now she still had a cold war with Bossun, but still didn't know what the actual reason. It had been a pain in the ass since in the two weeks when they must work together, he totally ignoring of whatever things that she said. She already knew what Switch's 'secret' plan was about, and just like him she wouldn't be the waitress on the last day. By the way, this year's festival was a double pain in the ass to her, since Switch already knew what the other 'secret' plan of hers. Only him, fortunately.

Last but not least, Yuusuke Fujisaki. He was the leader of Sket-dan. Not very as bright as Switch, but very reliable as it came to logic puzzles and other trivial things. Still confused about the 'date' things, he then decided to ignore Himeko and Tsubaki. Thanks to Switch's 'secret' plan that he not knew anything about, he became one of the male who must wear the butler uniform. Just like the thing with Enigman and Switch, the females let out an obvious disappointment when they heard Bossun would be the one, which as always made Bossun's confidence destroyed in one second.

It just made worse when Momoka and her subordinates first came to see their café and the first thing that they landed their eyes was Bossun.

"Gyahahaha! Bossman, is that really you?"

"Can't stop, can't stop, my tummy's aching!"

"Is this a cosplay café or what? That butler uniform is wasted on you, man!"

Ugh, how he wanted to hide in a hole or somewhere far after he heard those subordinates of Momoka's comments. It was all Switch's fault! At a blink second he wanted to get a help from Himeko and Switch, but Switch was going somewhere and the pride that he had didn't let him to break his cold war with Himeko. Momoka was as always being with her 'nee-san', maybe didn't realize that he was wearing that thing.

Okay, that went wrong.

"Bossman, that outfit is quite-fu-go-ufu-good with-ufu-you, you-fu-know."

"Then what's with your restrained laughter? I don't need your sympathy!" shouted Bossun as he was fighting back his tears and embarrassment all over his face when finally she went out from his class.

Second, when Rumi was looking around in festival just like Takako, she just happened to drop in his class.

"Onii-chan, what's with that outfit? Very well, let me take a picture of you and send it to mom…"

"Don't do anything unnecessary! I'm your brother you know?! Give me some comfort! We're a family, right?!"

Third, when Saaya purposely came to look Bossun, but denying it stubbornly that she just looking around there.

"It's not like I want to look at your café or your class! Don't get a wrong idea!"

"That's basically the same thing… and I don't have whatever idea in the first place…"

"And what's with that outfit? Don't think you're cute or good-looking in that! You're just some ridiculous person!"

"I understand it, I understand it very well! Why all of you scrutinizing me in this god-damn outfit? Just stop it!"

After he complained a lot, Bossun looked at his front and finally realized that Saaya hadn't move from her place, instead she looked nervous over something. For some reason, he got the same atmosphere and got nervous like her. Nevertheless he still asked her what happened to her.

"Erm… Saaya? You okay?"

"…day," she said very quietly, just like Koma. And the result of that nothing could be heard by Bossun but the 'day' part. "Huh? Deto? Detoxification? What's with that out of nowhere?"

"That's not it! How can you hear it like that?" No, no, no, that's really beating the bushes! She must say it now!

Should she say it?

Say. It. Now.

"I said… happy… birthday… you idiot!" said her with a little shout, quickly turned her vision to somewhere else but Bossun.

For somewhat reason, Bossun could hear it pretty clearly and felt giddy for a second. "Ehm... but how did you know it was today?"

Still ducked her head and while blushing, she mumbled her answer pretty quietly. "It's-it's not like I want to know it, you know? I-I—"

Saaya, be honest, especially now. Just do it.

"Switch told me earlier this morning… so I wanna kind of congratulate you."

So Switch was the one who told her. But for what? Well, first thing first, tell her his gratitude. "Still, thank you very much then! Nishishishi!" answered him as he showed her his big, toothy smile.

Even until now, his smile still could make her heartbeat quicken itself. "Don't be stupid, stupid," she said with a smile back to him.

But unfortunately for Saaya, their good moment shattered very quickly.

"Saaya-sama! Where are you?" which sounded very familiar in their ears.

"Erm… Saaya? Don't tell me that…"

"Well… I decided to go to your class when they finally showed up in my classroom. But I didn't think they will follow me to here…"


Meanwhile, the member of AGT38 still searched Saaya quite furiously in wherever she maybe there, until a bright member finally said his thought out loud. "Captain! What if she went to her crush' class?"

The Sket-dan leader.

But when finally they came to the very class, they didn't found anyone such as Saaya and Bossun were together.

Instead, a deer-masked person was welcoming them quite cheerfully and nervously. "Welcome to our class! A table for two?"

Fourth, when finally he could finally free from the fan club, Akane visited his class.

"My, my. I quickly come to here because of what Rumi said, but this actually isn't so bad. Think you actually can attract some girls today?"

"Can't you just stop all of your comments, please?!"

Maybe this was actually a cursed outfit. No wonder why Switch didn't want to wear it.

Finally, the festival was going to meet its end. The students started to prepare the after festival dance and closing of the festival, like preparing a large bonfire and such. And fortunately for Bossun, he could change to his t-shirt. Not a chance in his life he was going to wear that kind of clothes.

Anyway, this was sucked. This was really sucked. No, not about the butler clothes.

It was his birthday and all, but neither Switch nor Himeko did congratulate him. More like, he didn't know where those two were going today. They just like, vanished. And some students of their class vanished too. Like Captain and Roman. Just where in the world were they?

He finally decided to head into the campus' backyard all alone, thinking that maybe he could found someone from his class. Or anyone. He was just too lonely for now. And felt sulky—

No! He didn't feel sulky over anything! Why should he was sulky? It was Himeko's fault! Shouldn't friends tell something like that thing to each other, should they? Moreover, it was his brother that she dated! They were gonna be a family, right? They should just be honest!

'Bossun… actually, we…'

What the hell was that?

For some reason… he felt sulkier after imagining it. No, he felt anxious.

…Or more like, he got annoyed.

But still didn't know why. Not even he thought deeper of it. Just like always.

Finally decided to stop thinking about it, he walked and walked until he could hear faint voices near somewhere. It was like they were shouting, but it was like they were laughing. And suddenly, some computerized voices could be heard from there. 'It must be Switch! Why the hell he didn't tell me he was there?' Feeling a bit furious, he headed into the source of the voice. But as he walked, he found that someone was standing in his way.

As he looked clearly, they were actually Koma Morishita and Minoru Sakura, a.k.a. Cherry. They smiled mysteriously back at him, like they were waiting for him all this time.

For a second, he was tempted to go to them, but realized something was wrong in there.

Never, never for a second in his life that Koma was found together with Cherry. It was like placing a nuclear bomb with its catalyst. It was too dangerous for his well-being. By then, he decided to be careful, and if he could, trying to escape from that place.

It was Cherry who first broke the silence. "Hello, Bossun-san. Are you intending to go to the park?"

"Yes… I guess?" Bossun hesitantly answered, noticing that Cherry's smile getting wider and weirder.

"That is, then. Ready, Morishita-san?"

"Um," Koma shyly answered, then turned her sight back to Bossun.

In a blink second, out of nowhere, Cherry already was standing up in front of Bossun and showed a serious expression. "Really sorry, then."

What? What was he sorry about?

"Morishita-san, today your performance is really stunning! With your quiet and soft voices, you really made them whimpering out of their wits! But poorly of them, they didn't pay attention carefully at your appearance! With that white kimono that has stains of blood on it, it really made me and Gesuling Club turned on! And did you notice that your cleavage was nearly showing every time? And the lower half! It just looked like so tight and short, being wore by you! Shame that our class didn't make it like a china dress, I want to see how white and smooth your skin between the rift of the skirt! Gesugesugesugesugesugesu!"

Bossun could do nothing but dropped his jaw of what he said and slowly entering an unconscious state, without realized that Cherry already not in front of him anymore and the Koma beam had launched to his direction.

"Thanks for hearing my explanation of 'Haunted House of Class of 2-C, Koma Morishita and Minoru Sakura Version'! See you next time!"

'Like hell there is a next time!' was what Bossun thought, but would never be delivered to his sleazy junior.

When they finally sure that Bossun already fainted from the damage of Koma Beam which was more dangerous than usual, they started to headed to his position. But during this time, Koma wondered about something and went asked Cherry.

"Sakura-san, did you really meant what you had said back then? I mean, it's only a plan, right?"

Cherry turned his head to Koma's direction, looked so proud that she thought she could see a gleam in his eyes. "A Gesuler…" he paused dramatically as he closed his eyes, and opened it again.

"…Always take every opportunity and be serious about it, anytime, anywhere."

The next seconds, a sound of explosion was once again could be heard all over the campus.

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*Happy birthday in Japanese: Otanjoubi Omedeto.

That's why in here, Bossun only heard the 'deto' part. It makes nonsense, I know.

-Shineba iinoni, kono Matsuge no Hentai: I hope you die, you eyelashes pervert! - hence Tsubaki's long eyelashes, pretty much its translation

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