Chapter One

The light blue husky clung to the bed sheets; face buried in his pillow. He moaned as he dreamt of the amazing lover pounding him passionately, jerking him awake and gasping for air. This was the third night he had dreams of someone giving it to him and what really made caused him to slightly fear the dreams was that he didn't know who he was receiving it from.

He took shallow breaths, paw over his powerful chest feeling his heart beating fast, concerned as to why he was experiencing such intense amazing dreams of late. The being before him knew every place of pleasure and enjoyed taking its time with him. Straight away Exile knew it was male since he accepted the fact he was gay and kept it a secret from his friends. He was attracted to two of the rovers, but he could only see them as family.

Going to lay back down to rest a bit, he felt his stiff cock making him uncomfortable from the tight space of his boxer briefs. Sighing, he began to slowly pump his cock and imagining the lover he dreamed about as best as he can. Getting a mental image from what he experienced and felt in his dream, Exile began to jerk faster; arching a little and moaning softly. A howl escaped his maw as he shot his seed onto his chest and paw; the image of his lover fading away too fast for him. He looked at his semen covered paw and licked some of his seed, tasting himself and wishing he could taste his dream lover.

After a couple minutes, he decided to take a shower to start the day. This distracted him from the dreams for a short while, but the fantasies came back much stronger and making him needy. The husky kept telling himself to focus on the day by training again. He still felt sore from yesterday and the crisis didn't help one bit since he was short on sleep. The shower kept him awake long enough to change into a green muscle shirt, cameo pants, and matching black boots. It was still early in the morning and Shag should be getting ready to start cooking breakfast, so he decided to head down to wait and for a short nap spell.

"Good morning comrade."

"(Good morning Exile. You're up early.)" Shag barked to the husky.

Exile smiled weakly to the sheepdog and went to rest his head on the table. The husky closed his eyes and sighed deeply. He sensed that the sheepdog was worried about him, but he was never asked what was wrong since he was more concerned on making breakfast. In that moment, he pictured the dream lover again making him gasp out and scaring the Doberman next to him.

"What the hell is wrong with you?" Blitz growled.

"It is nothing. Just bad dreams comrade." Exile said trying to sound like it was nothing out of the ordinary. Blitz gave him an off look, but than again, Blitz did give him all sorts of looks.

"I've been having strange dreams too. Like last night, I dreamt that I was biting the ass of every criminal we faced." The Doberman said with a lot of pride in his tone.

"Don't be a weird boy." Exile told the strange dog. "Say, how long was I napping?"

"(You were sleeping for an hour.)" The sheepdog answered as he placed a plate in front of him. Eggs cooked sunny side up with three strips of sizzling bacon. Exile took in the aroma, digging in as soon he was done inhaling. Taking one of the glass cups that were placed in the middle of the table, both Hunter and Colleen entered the kitchen for breakfast.

"Good morning Rovers. Isn't it a nice day?" Hunter asked in his usual optimistic attitude. Blitz said that the day just started, but Hunter argued that everyday is a good day; no matter what the trial and crisis they faced. Colleen sat in front of Exile and greeting the day also.

"So, Exile, you going to train after breakfast?" He nodded to her question and took a sip of his now filled glass of orange juice.

"I need to clear thoughts from dreams I'm having. I don't want to talk about them." Colleen gave him yet another familiar look of concern asking why not. "It is personal. No worries comrade, I'll be all right soon." Exile finished his breakfast, taking his plate to the sink while telling his teammates that he'll see them later.

He stretched on his way down the halls, yawning a bit from the lack of sleep. A paw caught his attention and noticed, out of all the rovers, it was Blitz. The Doberman stared into his eyes deeply as if he was searching for something within him or to see if it held any truth to what was bothering the light blue husky.

"Exile, I'm worried about you. Are you sure you're okay?"

"Comrade, I'm fine." The husky brushed the rover's paw off him. With all the questions, Exile was starting to get a little peeved. Sure he was making them worry, but worrying about him this much would only lead them to find out what was the cause and he didn't want that to happen; no matter how much he trusted them.

"You're not alone Exile. If you need to talk to somebody, I'm here to listen." Exile turned around and saw the smile spread across Blitz face making him smile too.

"Blitz… Don't be a weird boy." It was then he noticed that he called the Doberman by his first name other than his usual 'comrade' notification. He kept on walking, not turning back to face the dog that seemed to actually care for him, to the training room.

Never, in his time here with the others, had he thought that one of them felt something toward him. He knew that Blitz had those moments that made him seem like the type but he would always end up hitting on Colleen and ending either being ignored or on the floor beaten by a kick. But most of the time, Blitz would make a notion of biting someone whenever he was around and never with anyone else.

'I'm sorry comrade but…I just don't feel that way towards you.'

Exile did some vigorous training of extreme weight lifting. Professor Shepherd invented machines and a special training ground for them to prepare for whatever they might encounter in their missions. For now, he only focused working on his super strength and making two sets lifting 1000 pounds of gravitational force. This was a cake walk for him and finished much faster than he expected.

He went to the training grounds and started a simulator of drones charging in at him. These were much faster and harder to target since he was focusing on perfecting his aim with his heat/freeze vision. When the lights turned off, he could only hear the humming of the drones and changed to night vision sight. The drones came at him from all angles. Exile punching through, grabbing one and making them collide with each other. The lights turned back on, making him return to normal vision and seeing all the drones either frozen, on fire, or bashed in.

"Nice work Exile. You're becoming much better as a rover." Professor Shepherd said through the intercom. "Though I must say, you didn't have to break every drone." Exile looked around and noticed that the more than bashed. The drones were completely severed and torn to pieces, scrapes of metal here and there. Exile looked to the ground, gritting his teeth, waiting for the question the professor might ask him.

"You should rest for now. Head down to your room, Exile."

The light blue husky didn't move for a couple seconds and took deep breaths of air to fill his lungs. As he began to head for the exit, he started to question what he was missing in life. It came as a surprise to him. The unanswered question made him scared. Deep down he wanted someone extremely badly, yet that someone can't be seen or known yet in his dreams.

His muscle shirt clung on to him, showing every muscle that was bulging from the intense training and knew he needed another long shower. Arriving to his room with no one in sight along the way, he took off his clothes, turned on the shower to a low temperature, and let the water prickle down on his fur. His sore muscles sighed in relief as the water assuaged and soothed the heat and pain. He used his paws to knead the muscles that seemed to ache on his legs and arms.

While he did this, the question came back to his mind. The question continued to remain unanswered and waited as if someone would tell him what he was missing in life. He knew the answer only he didn't want to say it. The longer he waited the more ruminant the answer came to be.

'I need love. I like my comrades, but I don't love them in that sort of way. Blitz loves me, but I see him as a brother; a weird brother." Exile smiled at his friend's strange behavior to constantly wanting to bite enemies in the rear.

The longer he thought about it, the more he wanted to find love and be loved in return. The husky leaned on the shower walls, trying to get the mental image back of his dream lover, only to see him in parts that he could see. Strong firm paws, yet gentle in each caress, and a well toned burly body. His face was all that was left and couldn't recall the features to make it whole; complete; one. It was shrouded in darkness, but he could feel a gentle warm smile coming from the none-existing face.

Exile turned off the shower and dried off, changing into only boxer briefs. He pulled the covers of his mattress and crawled inside, sighing comfortably and closing his eyes, hoping he can meet his dream lover again. The dream did come back. He was soon moaning from the passionate kiss and nips. Exile could only feel the body he longed for and when he made for the face, he tried to remember every little detail to the smile he could feel on his lips.

All of it became fogged with the call of an emergency. His dream lover was almost complete before a loud knock on his door shattered the image, forcing him to stop from knowing more. He groaned, got dressed in his armor, and made for the briefing that would come from his master.

"Rovers, I was informed by the US Coast Guards that they have spotted and unidentified aircraft in the Atlantic Ocean. It has been seen island hopping from time to time; dropping what they assume has to be some kind of bomb." The rovers looked at each other, murmuring on the new crisis. "Your job is to stop whoever is doing the bomb dropping and find out who the possible threat is. Surveillance shows that the threat has landed on an island and hasn't shown any sign of activity or who they are. Hunter, if you please come here and I'll give you the coordinates."

Exile was ready for the mission, but his thoughts were still on who he was falling for and, most importantly, why. The husky gives out a shaky breath and returned his focus to the mix retriever returning with instructions.

"Okay Rover, listen up. Exile, Shag and I will take the chopper while Colleen and Blitz take the sub to the island. Here are the coordinates Colleen and be careful."

"Right," Colleen said, "let's go Bessie." Blitz just followed, not even bothering to give a rebuttal. Exile saw that Blitz gave him a glance and seeing the Doberman was still worried about him. Hunter called out to him and he followed his leader to the chopper and soon of their way to their specific coordinates.

The flight lasted about an hour before being able to see the island in the night sky. Exile was deeply depended on since he was the only rover to be able to see in the night and instructed Hunter on where to land. Hunter and Exile went out first to scope the area and found no sign of the place being in use.

"Hey Colleen, have you seen anything strange yet?" The retriever asked through his headset.

"No, just palm trees and that large mountain on the edge of the island."

"We'll begin recon now. Let's move out Rovers!"

Exile and Shag follow behind Hunter, looking in every direction. The moon gave small amount of light, but Exile was doing a lot more work with his night vision on and seeing nothing out of the ordinary. Their ears were also set on high alert for any kind of sounds and their nose for any strange scent that shouldn't belong.

Exile went in deeper into the foliage of the island and squeezed through trees by simply pushing them out of the way. He hesitated a bit and turned to look back and noticed that he had gotten separated from his teammates. Exile tried to radio them, but all he could hear was static.

He found this rather strange that the enemies haven't had anyone to scout the island or even search for them when they arrived through the chopper. This made his fur stand on end as he lurked around, trying to listen and see who was behind the bombing of small islands. Then, he thought he heard light growls and screeches coming from the other side of the cliff. As he crawled to get a better look, he spot tiny pink winged demons setting up what seemed to be why they were called in the first place.

"Comrades, I've found the enemy." Exile whispered into the headset, still hearing the small static. A faint voice from Hunter was made notice and Exile's ears perked up to see that he still had connection with his teammates.

"Exile… Is that you?"

"Comrade, it is good to hear you again." Exile sighed in relief. "I found enemy setting up bomb near the cliffs. Come quickly. It looks like it can go boom any time now."

"Affirmative, Exile. I'll inform the other Rovers; out."

Exile heard a malicious laugh coming further down the path. The pink creatures stopped for a while and then continued to tinker with the device. The husky kept his ground spying a little longer as he saw a big robed creature walking towards the demons.

"Good work my Creeplings." The creature said in a deep demanding tone. "Now that the pawns have gathered here, it's only a matter of time before we capture them. We already have one. Now it's time to capture four more of those creatures called Road Rovers."

The husky mentally gasped and tried to contact Hunter. The static came louder and sparked making a loud high pitched noise. Exile was too distracted by the pain in his ear that he didn't notice the demons coming towards him. He used his freeze vision to stop half the hoard, only to see the other creatures helping them claw and bite free.

The big creature made contact with his fist to the husky's gut. The husky fell to his paws and knees. There was a little ringing in Exile's ears but he could still make out what the big guy was saying.

"You're an interesting one indeed. You will be perfect for my plans." The creature laughed, only to be hit by a tennis ball at a dangerous velocity. Exile turned to see Hunter, Colleen and Shag all together with weapons turned to the enemy; Shag facing the other way sort of whimpering while holding the bazooka. He noticed Blitz wasn't with them so the one they captured must have been him.

"Comrades, they have Blitz!"

"What…?" Colleen was the one who was surprisingly most upset and began to charge in kicking and maneuvering past the pink monsters. Exile tried his best to stand up, but the blow winded him pretty badly and ignored it for as long as he could to help his team. His heat vision helped keep the demons at bay while Hunter and Colleen had a little skirmish with the leader.

He wished he knew how his friends were fairing but if he looked back for even one second, those things he heard called Creeplings would reach him. Exile froze the ones that tried to fly over and burned the ones coming at him with their claws and sharp teeth. There was an unsatisfying yell coming from Colleen and Hunter yelling out toward her. Exile looked back and was quickly sacked by a couple creatures; claws digging into him and making him cringe.

"Foolish Rovers; did you really think you could win?" The big creature pressed the button on his control and a canon from the ship, hidden by some sort of cloaking device, fired at Hunter. Exile called out for him only to receive a faint groan.

"Take them into the ship and put the instruments on them." He ordered and he felt those things trying to pick him up, but Exile had enough and forced all the demon creatures off him. He fired a freeze ray to the big ones paw with the control and then charged at him; returned the blow to the gut and much more.

"Shag! Fire now!"

The sheepdog did as he was told, but fired the bazooka the wrong way and the dog knew he messed up bad. Rocks slid from the mountain side and the sheepdog was already trying to find a safe place. Exile was too busy to find the means to escape just yet since he wanted to help get his three captured friends. His mind made him slow down, telling him to run to have a normal life; to find love. One blow to the jaw and the Rover was sent face first to the dirt ground.

"You may have proven well to be my puppet but your will is too strong. You're going to have to remain here as the island detonates with the push of a button."

Exile didn't want to die. He still had so many things he needed to do and having them unfulfilled isn't one of them. Exile promised he would find love, but his friends are in danger and that risked giving up his most desired goal. Tears formed at the corner of his eyes and made a run for the ship with the gates closing.

"Comrade, flee while you still can and tell the master what happened here!"

The gate closed and Exile was trapped between a rock and a hard place. Creeplings gathered around him on the ground, crates, and ceiling. The husky knew the price he had to pay in order to rescue his friends; his family. He felt the ship rise from its resting place and sped at an incredible velocity. Creeplings lunged at him, clawing and biting at the Rover, making him weaker with each one piling on him, but Exile was really strong and removed each beast of him with ease. The husky's super strength always came in handy as he put all his force into cracking and bashing the creatures into each other and to the interior of the metal ship. One thing he didn't like was that these creatures were relentless and had a look of hunger in their eyes.

'They just don't to kill me. They want to eat me.'

A large flash of light blinded him and the Creeplings all together. He lost his hold from the speed of the ship and began to feel light on his feet as he was feeling like he was falling. He heard nothing around him except for what he guessed had to be voices talking all at once and what he saw was too much for him to handle and was almost blacking out.

Instantly, he was crashing into a brick wall and fell with a loud thud on the paved floor. The small puddle of water kept him awake for a little while as he heard sounds of destruction in the distance and the sound of sirens. Exile used his last strength to sit up by the pile of garbage gabs to rest for a while and hoping that someone would find him sooner to receive serious help. The husky hit his head pretty hard and felt the trickle of blood sliding down from the corner of his left eye. Sleeping now would mean that he would die of a concussion.

Screams of turmoil and terror filled the sky and it seemed to be heading in his direction.

'Comrades, please be safe.'