Chapter 9

"His power is indeed incredible." Dark Kat mused. After successfully taking City Hall, his immediate order was to destroy the Enforcers. The changed Rovers showed great potential but only one was the true prodigy.

"Yes," Parvo agreed, "but what of the SWAT Kat?"

"His power is destructive but nothing more than a tool. Crowd control with a single burst of wind."

"Crowd control? That kat shreds his enemies to mere mists of blood. You cannot say that's not impressive."

"General," Groomer walked in the former Mayor's office, "a report from Phi has come in, sir."

The slim tom sat on the edge of a building left for rubble. He looked toward the sky and beyond the glow of the ocean water as the sun set. This somehow relaxed him and questions started to spur into mind.

What do I exist for, he thought as his paw moved over the strange X symbol on his uniform just above his heart. He traced the crossed line then the next line with a slight curve at its ends. Underneath the symbol was the numbers six-zero-zero.

"What is it that you're doing, Chi?" The tom was brought out of his own world. The opposite side of the ocean held ruins of a city from an extermination mission. Buildings crumbled into ruins, streets paved with dry blood and corpses of Enforcers.

"Looking at the ocean. What's it to you what I do Phi?"

The blond retriever looked puzzled by this ally's behavior. Phi too looked toward the ocean but its glow from the setting sun caused him to tremble.

"I don't like it."

"It's relaxing."

"It's painful!" Phi yelled turning away from the ocean. Never has he experienced such an emotion as this. Phi usually knows he's depressed and apologizes for every death he has brought, but something warm emanated from his chest and he feared it.

"Still the freak," Chi shrugged.

Phi softly glared at the tom and walked on. The retriever quickly went back to his typical behavior and softly sulked to himself.

"This is great news," Parvo laughed, "the city is completely ours!"

"Not exactly General." Parvo turned to Dark Kat with a questionable look. "We have not heard from Sigma and Omega."

"Sigma has informed me that their target plans to flee with the Mayor and Deputy Mayor." Groomer explained.

"An escape? That's pointless!"

"Perhaps not General." Dark Kat grinned, "Let them run. There is only one place the Commander will go."

The small tom continued to patrol for any surviving Enforcers. His actions were out of curiosity. Though he knows he's being tracked by his masters, there was something Chi needed to know.

Since the night he attacked the tom named Chance Furlong, he felt a horrible weight in his chest. Chi was to eliminate his target by assuming the identity of his body with full force. The plan was flawless until his target got away. Chi figured he'd draw him out as T-Bone while destroying the city but he hasn't appeared.

"Some hero," Chi said. A sudden rush of anger rose from nowhere and confused him from where it could have come from.

"So it was you," the female canine eased when seeing Chi.

"Sigma? Have you been following me?"

"Our orders is to patrol and kill any survivors."

"Omega issued the order?"

"You were acting on your own," Sigma smirked. Chi looked away unpleased. "You'll be punished for acting to your will. Let me put an end to you."

"Are you not acting to your own will?" Chi asked.

"I'm only doing what the masters would want!"

Sigma lunged at the small tom at full power. Her grin widened the closer she got to her prey. But her advancement suddenly stopped. She looked down at the dark shadow-like blades pierced through her upper body.

"Number Two-Zero-Zero: Sigma, that is as far as you will go."

The blades retracted and returned into the Doberman's shadow. Sigma lost a lot of blood but her regeneration healed her stabs as if she never had them.

"Chi," the Doberman turned toward the tom with a stern look, "the punishment for acting without orders is immediate termination. But we were not ordered to terminate Number Six-Zero-Zero: Chi. Your behavior will be explained in the report. Understand?"

"Fully, Omega."

"What of the weapons' conditions?" Parvo asked.

"Two have shown signs of self-awareness. Chi experienced roaming while Sigma has reached a high level of aggression." Groomer explained.

"The roaming we can break but Sigma will have to be put on lockdown. We cannot have her aggression bring unwanted memories." Parvo said. "As much as I hate to admit, Dark Kat must know immediately."

"Yes, General."

Parvo was left alone. He was well assured that his weapons were free of acting on their own. There was no sign of inner struggle from the beginning and now they act on their own.

"They should be weapons. Nothing more than tools." This troubled him more than anything. The tests show his weapons have completely different brain waves than the original owners of the body. Following orders and attacking enemies on sight were their only functions.

"They think. They're having thoughts. They're…no they can't be," Parvo slammed a fist to the wall, "the weapons are gaining their own personalities."

I know it was short but very important.