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"You're very welcome."

(You heard it, didn't you? You want to see him?)


(Yes. You want to walk together again?)

"…No, its better this way."

So that was it. Vegnagun was destroyed and Shuyin put to rest. The shadows of our past were dispersed, the words spoken, the tears shed. Perhaps things will return to normal now, or as normal as they can be after our world was nearly destroyed in the infancy of the so-called Eternal Calm.

And I? What will I do? Sphere hunting, I suppose. More adventures, more staying up late giggling with Rikku and smiling in the face of Paine's long-suffering sighs. More of life as it has been for the past two years; an endless flurry of fun, adventure, and laughter. But it will not last. Baralai and Nooj plan to reveal all recovered spheres to the public, so Spira's past may be known by all. Sphere hunting will slow to a trickle then fade. And yet I'll still be there. And you will not.

I'm no good…at all. All my life I've had the single purpose: help people, make them happy even at the cost of my life. I became a Summoner to achieve this end and there was security in the knowledge of my death. As you said, I could worry about my future after I defeated Sin. But I had no future and so no worries.

I can't go back to the life I lived after you left. I can't go back to wasting away on Besaid as tides of pilgrims come to thank me, to worship me as their savior. I have tasted freedom in its purest state. For nearly two years I traveled, without a care in the world except to find you. That was my future. That was all there was.

I searched all of Spira, combed through every nook and cranny but all I found was a reminder of you and of how you were my dream, the one that faded when I awoke. And so with the same single-minded purpose with which I ran to my death at Sin's hand, I pursued Shuyin's redemption. I would stop at nothing to save him. I would stop at nothing to drive out the knowledge that no matter what I did, you weren't coming back.

He was so like you! I truly thought... I truly believed that he was. My mind happened upon a desperate scheme: save Shuyin and you would be returned to me. In my fevered state it made perfect sense.

He looked like you, fought like you….and disappeared like you, into the light. He left me alone once more. Shuyin had been saved, but you were still not there.

The realization is overwhelming. It floods me and reaches deep inside to the tears that have been locked up since my father's death. But the locks are too strong and I do not cry. Only stop for a moment, amongst the sugar-spun flowers and endless rainbow waterfalls of the Farplane. Rikku and Paine walked on, leaving me behind.

Always after the world is saved, Yuna is left behind.

-Yuna and Tidus-Remember Me-Josh Groban-

Are you out there? I wonder, Why can't I see you? Why did Shuyin come to me, why didn't you? I release a long shuddering breath and begin to take a tired step after my retreating companions when a warm weight descends upon my shoulders and a pair of translucent arms engulf me. I glance back in surprise and feel my limbs freeze at the sight of you.

A ghost. Holding me. "It's you," I whisper as if speaking too loud will frighten you away, "You were with me the whole time. I kept thinking you might be…kept hoping." The arms tighten and I smile. I try not to think about how I can see through him, how every blissful second in his embrace is identical to the day I lost him. Remember to smile, Yuna, always keep a brave face. "But you know..." That I love you? That my life is now meaningless because you are here, on the Farplane? Dead? "I'm not worried anymore." That's right Yuna, keep smiling. You are their light, their hope. No matter what happens, never let the mask slip. "You will always have a place…here in my heart." I hide my choking sob. He's here, don't ruin the moment. Just tell him then…let him go. "We'll always be connected." because the day I discovered you were on the Farplane was the day my heart died.

You do not speak but I can feel my sorrow echoed by yours. It's as if the pyreflies dodging in and out of your body are carrying your emotions into me, through me, then leaving me. Please, don't leave me. Please don't tell me you have to go…

His arms did not release me but I feel them fading and I could see the light of the pyreflies as they glow bright for a second then dim and disperse.

"I love you," I say, always a second too late.

Yet still the tears do not fall. A breeze brushes past my face, lingering on my lips like a kiss. I turn from it.

Remember to smile, Yuna…

I walk away, leaving you and the Farplane behind.

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