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Yu Kanda was only 14 when he was cursed…

Kanda was part of an organization of exorcists that called themselves the Black Order. Of all the exorcists, Kanda was the strongest. He made the rank of general at the early age of 13. It was an impressive accomplishment, but Kanda was arrogant and cruel to everyone. In this, he believed to be superior to everyone in the Order until that fateful night…


Rain poured down, drenching everything, along with the rain was brilliant flashes of lightening that was accompanied by the rumbling of thunder. The wind picked up and the rain pelted the Order's roof harder. Even through the calamity of the storm, someone knocked at the Order's front door.

In his office, Komui looked at the footage of the video camera that was placed right above the door.

The visitor looked elderly. He couldn't see the visitor very well, due to the ragged, brown cloak they were wearing, but he was almost certain it was a woman.

"Who's outside?" Kanda demanded to know as he walked over to the monitors, which Komui was watching.

"A harmless, old lady. I'll have Gatekeeper run a physical exam." Komui shrugged and sipped his coffee.

"No, I'll go check. She shouldn't be here anyway." Kanda grumble to himself as he stalked out of the room.

"Kanda! Wait!" Komui yelled, but he knew that his efforts were futile with the young general.

As Kanda approached the front door, he unsheathed Mugen. With the fastest speed he could manage, Kanda opened the front door and pointed Mugen at the lady's face.

She stumbled back a bit in surprise, but held her ground. "Please," She begged in a hoarse voice. "Please let me stay here for the night."

"Why should I?" Kanda smirked.

"Please, it's storming and I have nowhere to go." The woman begged.

"I can't let you stay here."

"Why not?"

"This is the Black Order, only exorcists, finders, and scientists can stay here. And might I point out that you are none of the above."

"Please. I'm cold and wet." The woman trembled.

Kanda could tell the old woman was crying. "You should've thought of that before you left the safety of your village." Kanda slammed the door behind him, ending the conversation.

Kanda turned to see pretty much everyone in the order staring at him. "What?" Kanda yelled.

Everyone turned away from the teen and pretended to do something else.

Suddenly, the hall of the order where everyone was standing faded away and became a dark empty space with presents the size of houses floating about. The exorcists, finder, and scientists floated in the space, helpless and not knowing what was happening or what to do.

A hoarse laugh filled the space. Suddenly, the old lady appeared on top of a house-sized present. "Hello, Black Order."

"What have you done you B****?" Kanda yelled.

"My, my language, and it's not a matter of what I've done but a matter of what you've done."

"Wha…?" Lavi asked confused.

"Yu Kanda…"

Kanda glared at the woman when she mentioned his first name.

"You have committed many shameless acts and I have come to put you in your place."

"What the h*** are you talking about?"

The old woman laughed, as she laughed the hoarse cackle morphed into that of a happy little girl's giggle. Now instead of an old geezer dressed in a ragged, brown cloak, stood a young girl. The girl had spiky purple hair, a dark skin complexion with dark crosses on her forehead, her eyes were an eerie shade of amber. She wore a white long sleeved shirt with a red ribbon, a purple skirt, purple and black stockings that was mid-thigh length, she also wore black shoes. "What am I talking about?" The girl giggled, and then flashed a stern face. "Arrogance, cruelty, pitiless; these are some of the many horrid traits that you possess, Kanda. But I'm going to wean you of these traits."

"Why you little…" Kanda struggled against the space, but he couldn't move.

The girl laughed. "It's pointless trying to struggle. I control everything here."She pointed at Kanda, and flipped her finger up.

Kanda's shirt unbuttoned and came off, following the girl's finger.

"Now, to get this over with." The girl sighed.

"What are you blabbering about?" Kanda demanded.

The girl blew Kanda a kiss, instantly weird markings appeared on his left shoulder.

"What's going on?" Kanda yelled growing angrier by the second.

"I just cursed you." The girl smiled. "I give you 5 years to fix your problems. To break this curse, you must find someone that loves you and you need to love them in return. But if you can't then after 5 years, this curse will become permanent." The girl turned to leave, but paused mid-step. "Oh!" She exclaimed. "I about forgot," She reached into her sleeve and pulled out a beautiful white lotus flower. "By the time all the petals fall from the lotus, I will return to see if you've found true love, or not… Think of the flower as a timer." The girl smirked and threw the flower into the air and let it float down, gently, to Kanda.

By the girl's will, Kanda caught the flower in his cupped hands.

"Another thing, if you shred the flower or pluck the petals you're just reducing your own time." The girl turned to leave, again. "Bye Kanda! I'll see you in 5 years. By the way, if you were wondering who to curse at for the next 5 years, my name is Road Camelot."