Chapter 10

Allen woke up, a thing other his mouth and nose. Allen sat up, scared.

"Easy Allen. Nothing is wrong. I am just making sure that you have nice oxygen going into your lungs." Komui said calmly to Allen.

Allen sat up.

"You can take the mask off, how do you feel?"

"Fine." Allen said taking the mask off. "Where is the baku?"

"I don't know."

Allen sighed. "I should thank him for saving my life."

"Please try to understand, he doesn't understand people and their feelings."

Allen nodded.

"If anyone can try to help him understand, I think it is you."

Allen smiled. "Thank you." Allen stood. He noticed that someone had changed his clothes and bandaged his wounds. Allen walked out of the infirmary and down the hall. He paused at a room with the door open. He walked in and noticed the baku sitting on the floor, unmoving.


The baku's ear twitched and he looked up. "What?"

Allen walked in and sat next to him. "I would like to thank you for saving me."

Kanda looked at the white haired teen. "No problem."

Lenalee got Kanda's attention and pointed with her handle.

"Ummm… I'd like to give you something."

Allen tilted his head. "What?"

Kanda handed Allen a picture frame with Mana and Allen smiling at the camera. "I found you holding onto this picture."

Allen's eyes filled with tears. "Thank you!" He hugged the picture before hugging Kanda. "Thank you so much baku."

"My name's not Baku, Moyashi, It's Kanda."

Allen smiled. "Kanda? That's an unusual name."

Everyone looked at each other, nervous.

"I like it. It's unique." Allen smiled and looked at his picture.

Kanda looked at Allen, the kid was weird, but he felt that with time, he could learn to like weird.