Chapter 6

The next morning, Allen limped down to the dining hall. He was feeling much better after yesterday's series of events, but his arm still hurt from where the akuma shot him and his ankle still throbbed with pain if he put the least bit of weight on it. But he was worried, Mana was most likely freaking out about his son's sudden disappearance. Allen knew that Mana was in a terrible state of health, and he blamed himself if Mana was getting worse because of him. He walked up to the ordering window and looked in.

"Hey Cutie Pie! What can I get you?"

Allen jumped, still startled by all the household appliances talking.

"I'm sorry Sweetie. I didn't mean to scare you." Jerry apologized.

"No, I'm fine. I'm just not use to all of this yet."

"Yeah, it might take some getting use to all of this."

Allen sighed, he didn't want to get use to all of it, he wanted to leave; to return to Mana, to return to his normal life.

Allen walked over to a table to sit, trying to get off his wounded ankle.

Lenalee the cup bounced over and smiled up at him. "Morning Allen."

"Morning." Allen smiled at the little coffee cup.

"Do you want some coffee?" She asked, already filled with the steaming brown liquid.

"Umm… sure." Allen gently picked her up and sipped from her.

"Order up!" Jerry called. Allen set Lenalee down and slowly stood up.

"Easy. You don't have to get up; we will bring it to you." Lenalee said as she hopped down.

"Oh… okay." Allen slowly sat down and watched as the dishes bounced in carrying food. Allen was fascinated by all the dishes.

"Would you like some more coffee?" Komui asked distracting Allen from the moving dishes.

"Sure." Allen said. He looked around fascinated by everything.

Komui poured some coffee into Lenalee and paused.

Allen looked to see everything had stopped moving, and were looking down. Allen turned to look at the door, to see the giant beast from last night.

The beast growled and walked past Allen glaring at him with dark eyes as he walked by. The beast walked up to Jerry's window and ordered soba from Jerry.

Allen, as quietly as he could, whispered to Komui. "What's his problem?"

Komui turned to Allen. "He is always like that."

The beast moved to eat at a table in the corner of the room.

Allen ignored the beast and focused on the food in front of him and ate, the food was really good. He finished eating and the hammer, Lavi, Jumped onto the table. He was followed by Lenalee who was smiling.

"Hey! Allen, was it?"

Allen nodded and Lavi grinned. "We want to give you the grand tour."

"Are you sure?" Allen motioned toward the beast in the corner.

"Yeah. He really doesn't care. As long as you don't go in Ka-" Lavi was cut off by Lenalee nudging him with her handle. "I mean… the Baku's room."


"Yes, it's Japanese for beast."

"Oh…" Allen glanced at the Baku, wondering what secrets he was most likely hiding from everyone. Allen smiled at Lavi and Lenalee. "Can you show me around? That tour sounds nice."

The two beamed a smile and jumped off the table, slowly leading a limping Allen around.