Title: A Demonic Sky

By: Metamorcy

Pairing: R27 and 27R

Summary: AU, I must have been out of my mind to make a contract with a demon, Reborn thought as he stared at the creature across him, Really Stupid.

Disclaimer: Seriously? Don't own, just the idea

A/N: I'm honestly not sure on how long this will go due to the fact that this story was not completely planned out. So expect the unexpected.

Please note that Tsuna isn't completely OOC, just imagine this is the boss version of him and not the younger version. So that means, he's more mature, informative, and all that that goes with being a boss. Hope that clears up the personality issues.

Beta'ed by 'WhiteAngel128'

A single candle was in the center of the room, its light casting some luminance upon the dark room and the shadows within appeared like it was eating the place alive by the way it move. It was almost like it was spreading rapidly from its original position from one place to another. The orange shade of light of the candle touched what it could, giving it a discolored hue and behind those objects, darkness continued to gather in large amounts.

The room the candle was in was small, square in shape, with a single metal door that was closed shut that prevented anything from outside from getting in or perhaps getting out as well. A table was on the opposite side, covered in loose papers and books thrown open with its pages revealed to the world around. Pens, pencils, and all sorts of other tools lay flat, and a chair was pulled out, cold from being exposed to the air for so long.

Diagrams and notes were posted on the wall above, covering the bricks that were once behind. Old dusty books lined the shelves that were leaning against the other two walls, all neatly placed despite the dust that was gathering on and around them. There were a few holes in those rows with a streak of a clearness lining upon the layer of dust where a book had been pulled out.

Shadows danced across the ground, flicking and dancing as the fire on the candle did. The light revealed the floor that was decorated in red paint-like substance, which is shaped as an outer circle that held the single candle in the center with multiple markings and designs sketched within. Writings of a language not known to humans were perfectly printed with strange symbols colored more deeply with the red paint.

At the outer edge stood a man, staring directly into the candle, and looked over the work he had managed to do. He wore a black fedora with a yellow band wrapped around the top and tilted it to the side to see better within the limited light and pulled out his hands from his pants pockets. His arms folded neatly across his chest, making sure not to wrinkle his black suit too badly, with a yellow button-up shirt inside the jacket and a tie neatly placed at the dead center. Dark eyes stared out at the circle, double-checking everything, his mind going over the designs one more time. If a single thing was to go wrong, he knew it would ruin everything, and that was something he couldn't allow.

As soon as he decided that everything looked okay, that everything seemed to be in the right place, he began to chant, his smooth deep voice radiating within the room and vibrating evenly with clarity. As he did so, the air seemed to shift to some nonexistent wind, moving his curly sideburns that were against his cheeks and his spiky black hair that was tucked underneath the hat, and seemed to grow stronger as the man continued to chant. Soon the candle flickered to a bright glow, the color of the flame changing to a red color and went ablaze within the enclosed space. The red markings on the floor glowed, the symbols shifted quickly, and the man continued to stare in wonder, confusion evident on his face, but continued on, never stopping his words.

Soon after, the wind stopped suddenly and the flame went back to normal. The man narrowed his eyes at that, grumbling under his breath. He had failed. He hadn't completed his summoning spell. Cursing under his breath, he took a step forward to restart everything when he peered over the writings once more and blinked when he saw them still glowing.

"Human," a voice rang out, putting the man on defense, his body visibly tensing up immediately, and reached into his jacket to pull out a gun. There was a soft chuckle at that action. "Your weapon there cannot harm me."

"But it can at least do some damage," the man huffed, taking the safety off his gun and aimed into the darkness that seemed to have enveloped the other side of the room. He felt a presence within it and heard the shifting of something like wings being flapped. "I take it that you're not the information demon, the Marcket."

"I doubt I look like that fool," the other voice chuckled once more, the squeaking of the chair moving to the side caught the human's ears. "What's your name, human?"

"And why should I give it to you? Depending on what type of demon you are, that could very well be giving up my soul."

"I'm not interested in your soul," the demon chuckled, stepping forward but not close enough for the candle light to catch his form. He remained hidden, no part of his body shown, but Reborn could make out a lining of something that looked like a human, that was it. "What's your name?"

"Tch, Reborn."

"Reborn, then," Slowly, the creature stepped out from the darkness, letting the human see his complete form. The candle's flame seemed to flicker as he got closer and didn't seem to care that Reborn's eyes were trailing over his demonic being. The demon had soft caramel-colored hair that seemed to defy gravity as it stuck out in multiple directions with a horn curved inward in a circle right above both ears. The skin was pale in color but smooth and a black tail flickered from behind the body. Bright honey-colored eyes stared out from behind those long brown bangs, looking directly into Reborn's dark-colored ones, with the pupils shaped like that of a cat. "What were you summoning for?"

"Well," the human started, narrowing his eyes at the question. "I was supposed to summon the Marcket for information on a demon that's been disturbing the populace lately but instead I got you." he stepped back so he could turn on the lights to get a better visual of the field. He wasn't going to try and fight in a dark room where a demon could easily have the advantage. Not only that, he wasn't even sure on what kind of demon this one was. In his field, each monster was different and with that had different skills, he wasn't stupid enough to fight against one without knowing their abilities or destructive capabilities. He didn't want any surprises that could easily end his life.

"Oh?" the demon huffed, turning to the side as he looked over the records that lined the shelves and walked towards them in curiosity. He plucked one of the books and stared at the cover, examining it, before going to the next one. "So I take it you're a hunter, a well-trained one as well. You have some good information right here, but most of it is just crap or incomplete. Do you really think you can know all of a demon's capabilities before you kill them off?"

"These were written by brave hunters that fought these monsters and won." Reborn glared, edging back further, and managed to flick on the lights to get a better look at his enemy. Now able to see the brunet better, the demon looked like he was only in his later teens to early twenties but Reborn knew better than to trust the outer appearances. The shorts the burnet was wearing were black with red lining the bottom only going down to his mid upper leg.

"So, what type of demon is it?" the brunet continued to look through the books, not caring about the so called weapon that was being aimed at his head.

Reborn hesitated in answering for a moment before doing so. "I'm not sure about that. All I know is that it's a powerful troublesome one. I never got a good chance to get a look at it. It keeps vanishing then reappearing elsewhere."

The demon snorted. "That's not a really good description. Even the Marcket wouldn't be able to help you with that." Moving over, the brunet placed the book back into its original spot before going for another one, quickly reading over the information as he flipped through the pages. "You need more information like what it looks like or what its powers are."

The human narrowed his eyes, growling. "And why should I give that to you?"

"Because the Marcket is dead."

This made the hunter pause. "What?"

"The Marcket is dead so I came in his stead." the brunet rolled his eyes, walking over to the human without a care in the world and stared him down or well up, considering he was shorter in size, shoving the gun to the side. Reborn tried to resist, but the little demon had a strength that was unmatched. "I'm just temporarily taking his place until another demon can take over and become the next Marcket. It probably won't take long though, maybe in a few days or so."

"I see. But why you?"

Smirking, the demon went on. "Because I'm the next best informative on demons and demonic affairs. I'm also good with human affairs as well, but it's quite pointless when there are no humans around. I originally wasn't exactly keen on the idea of being the temporary Marcket, but it was a favor for Byakuran."

Reborn blinked, eyes momentarily going wide for a moment before narrowing them once more. The information he was getting off this demon was different than other records he had gotten. Of course, he knew that some things were limited since many were only gained through battles and many didn't always survive to tell the tale. "I've heard of a lot of demons' names, but I don't recognize that one."

"You wouldn't, most low class demons aren't aware of affairs within their realm much less the head bosses that are running everything. So because those demons don't know anything, in turn, neither does the humans. I won't bother much though since these said bosses don't like to bother with human affairs, much less come up here to deal with them unless necessary. So basically, you leave them alone and they'll do the same." the brunet huffed, shifting his weight to the side of that his right hip was protruding out.

"So then what now?" Reborn asked, staring at the demon with question. If this demon was actually telling the truth and was the temporary Marcket, then he would need to ask this one about the information he needed. But he had already stated what he knew and was well aware that it wasn't enough to find out what kind of demon he was after. "Would you be able to tell what kind of demon it is if you saw it?"

The demon glanced over, wiggling his nose. "Of course." he took a step forward, shifting his hips to the side again, and folded his arms. His tail flicked for a moment behind and the black wings flexed in response.

Smirking, the hunter stepped forward, putting away his gun seeing as there was no need for it anymore at this moment. "Then perhaps you should come with me? It'll make my job much easier." he tilted his fedora to the side, covering his left eye, and his curly sideburns bounced slightly as he moved. The darkness in the room was gone and he could see everything clearly, the table that had been hidden in that blackness revealed all his papers that was on it.

The demon hummed to himself for a moment, taking the offer in consideration, before smiling softly. His honey-colored eyes peered over the hunter in curiosity and swung his tail slightly. "Sure why not? I have nothing better to do. It's been a while since I've been in the mortal realm, it'll be a nice change." Unfolding his arms, he placed them on his hips. "Just so you know, my name is Tsuna, and don't think you can just kill me off that easily. And I have no plans on helping a hunter out so you're fighting on your own. Of course, I won't bother helping the demon's side either."

Reborn nodded, agreeing with those terms. "As long as you stay out of the fight and don't harm anymore, I have no issues." Glancing down at his watch that was hidden underneath his button-up shirt's sleeve, he grumbled. "It's already eleven o'clock, the demon should already be out and prowling. We'll head out immediately." he didn't give the brunet a chance to reply before he turned around to open the door, letting in a gust of wind. Lights from outside flooded the room and he headed out into the main area, well aware of the other that was following behind with those almost silent footsteps.

The high boots the demon was wearing had an inch or two of heels but still remained quiet when walking, something that didn't seem normal unless he had been trained in the art of stealth. Reborn pushed that thought of mind since he too had the same ability, his black leather shoes not making a sound on the tiled floors. As they passed by the living room of his place, Tsuna seemed to take in the surroundings, peering at and studying everything he could and looked tempted to take off a few things to examine something more clearly. Reborn raised an eyebrow at the curious nature of the demon, never having met something like this before, much less such a docile demon, but shook his head at that thought, knowing he had other things to worry about.

"Hey," the hunter called out, catching Tsuna's attention. "Do you sense anything outside? Any other demonic presence?"

The brunet blinked and closed his eyes for a moment, concentrating on his surroundings. After what seemed like seconds, he opened his large honey-colored eyes to look back at the human. "It's faint, but I do sense something similar to what you're looking for. I wouldn't have noticed it if I hadn't been concentrating hard enough and it's quite far away, making it a little tougher to sense. Whatever kind of demon it is, it's hiding its presence very well, a human wouldn't be able to sense it at all."

"How far exactly?"

"I'd say about 20-30 miles? It'll be easier to tell if I was closer."

"So I'll need the car. Come on," Reborn huffed, not exactly happy that the demon was so far away. He grabbed his keys and exited the house, going straight to his car that was parked nearby. Tsuna continued to follow along and immediately got into the front passenger seat, eyeing the mechanics of the vehicle. "What? Never been in a car before?"

Tsuna just blinked. "I have. But it was over two hundred years ago. Things are different now and more advance. There's no need for such things in the demonic world when we can fly, teleport, or run extremely fast." Snapping his fingers, his large wings disappeared and leaned back with ease, letting his tail wrap around his waist. Reborn didn't say anything, buckling up, and turned on the engine, driving off instantly. Tsuna watched the other and followed suit, taking in his surroundings pass by in a flash, eyeing the flashing lights of the city.

'This feels so odd.' Reborn thought to himself, glancing over to the brunet for a moment. 'I have a demon in my car that isn't trying to eat or maul me. Damn, what a day.'