So Moki found a game online called StepMania, and for some reason while playing this, he got an idea to make a story about, well, online gamers meeting and falling in love. We also took refuge in Santa Cruz for a bit and made the story get extended even more! :D

It's also our first (as a team) Vocaloid story! We typed it up in like, one day…and that's completely unfair to all the other things we have to work on, but…plot bunnies come and go, ya know? We also apologize for the messages being so annoyingly long, that's how we type when talking to others, it's a real bad habit.

So here you go. Enjoy reading about aweshum female gamers playing StepMania and awkwardly making it in society. The school name is a completely made up name, since we didn't want to go with 'Vocaloid High'…yeah…

Disclaimer: We don't own anything! Not the game, places (except for the school), amusement park rides, characters…even computer we're typing this on!

Note: StepMania doesn't really have any of the things described here aside from having music and matching arrows. It's like DDR with your fingers and you can download music packs or individual songs to play with. We're not sure if there is any online multiplayer (we just started playing it), but we highly doubt it. There is a forum on the official website, but no chat things or leader boards; we made those up. :P


Chapter 1: High Score

It was relatively easy for any teenager to walk down the street into the wonders of Shinjuku to hang out with their friends, go out on dates or simply go out to enjoy the day. However, in the small apartment complex in which Hatsune Miku lived, hearing about going outside was like threatening to kill her family.

On the outside when she went to school, most students recognized her as a pretty sociable young girl who had a charming and mysterious boyfriend, and could talk to anyone; she loved shopping, singing and anything else girly girls loved. While most of it was true, those who truly knew her, knew her. Miku had a total of three friends: Nakajima Gumi, Furukawa Miki and Yowane Haku; all of them had met online and eventually gave enough hints to figure out who was whom. However, not one of them spoke to each other outside the digital world, which was fine by them as they couldn't find the guts to speak up; or rather, Miku knew she couldn't.

They usually spent their weekends talking online, playing a popular game called StepMania and trying to beat each other's score, Miku and Haku always being tied for first place in their rounds. Miki was the most social out of them, and would always chat about the cute girls she saw in Harajuku and the guys who hit on her. It sometimes annoyed Miku even though she secretly had a crush on the girl, but made her happy knowing Miki could talk to others. Haku and Gumi were like her: silent and slightly isolated, but Haku was the only one dating someone, though nobody knew who it was. She did hint that said person was a girl, and that was it.

Today was a typical Thursday night in her apartment, her parents and older brother sleeping, thus unable to hear her continuous tapping on her keyboard. Two sets of rainbow colored arrows quickly moved up the screen like credits after a movie, going to the beat of a song loudly coming out of her headphones, the thing looking like it had taken over her head.

To her right and its side pressed tightly against the wall, her bed was still looking like nobody had used it in a while, the pale blue blankets flat without one wrinkle or crease in them, the total opposite of her computer chair right next to it, looking worn and about to fall to pieces. Her desk was new, and a shiny black with an attached bookshelf on it, holding tons of video game guides her brother stashed away and comics she read whenever she wasn't online. Her window was above her bed, the blinds shut tightly and short curtains drawn to prevent anyone walking by the building from seeing her.

Her closet was neat and orderly, even if she never really wore anything in it aside from her uniform and slippers. She didn't have a television, telling her parents she would rather watch things online, but in it's place above her dresser was an original painting of Tokyo by Megurine Luka. It was Miku's favorite thing to look at, as it was the closest she could get to see the city from a bird's eye view.

Luka wasn't a very popular artist, but the sole day Miku took a detour through a park to get home, she saw the older woman sitting with a canvas in front of her, painting. The picture of Tokyo was sitting next to her, with a price tag that was way within the young girl's budget. So, on impulse and with a bit of stuttering, she bought it.

Her computer was still the one thing that got the most attention, even if she seemed slightly obsessed with the game she played. Once it ended and declared her as the winner she smiled, sliding her keyboard out even more.

"Gumi, you always mess up at the last beats!" Miku joked aloud, typing on her silent keyboard. "Is the voltage on heavy too hard for you?"

The small square screen with the chat box blipped as the green-haired girl replied, obviously upset she was forgetful about the crazy arrows again. Miku laughed a little, brushing back her teal bangs. If we hung out maybe I'd be able to teach her how to hit them faster. The thought immediately made her shiver in fear a little, and she shook her head to get rid of it.

A small beep in her headphones told her Gumi had responded and she looked down at the chat bar while looking for the next song to play.

blanciito said: Well it's not my fault I haven't had much practice! I just download easy packs, not the crazy ones like you and Haku-chan!

An amused sigh escaped her lips and her slightly bloodshot eyes glanced at her alarm clock, the glowing red lines telling her it was way too late to sleep and too early to start getting ready for school, so she continued to type with no care in the world.

hachuneV1 said: That's why you have to download harder ones! You'll never get better if you keep doing easy stuff, Gumi!

blanciito said: Yeah well, I'll see what I can do. Anyway, I can see the sun rising, so I'd better get ready for school. See you~! 3

Gumi's username became black, indicating she was now offline, which left Miku alone with about seven other players, six already in a match. She scrolled down to see who was left when a popup appeared, the player wanting to challenge her.

"Kamatari O-Renji? That's a weird name," Miku mumbled, clicking on the accept button. The screen went black for a moment before lighting up with a picture of a brick wall. On the bottom of the screen, the chat box blipped with a small comment of good luck to her, and Miku smiled, typing in the same thing before the game began.

"I don't think any of that is necessary…well, she doesn't seem to have any problems while doing her homework," Miku's mother said while watching her daughter walk through the hallway. "Her father and I will talk to her about it, thank you for telling us, Hazama-sensei."

The sound of the phone nearly slamming into it's holder made Miku flinch, and she tried to shrug it off by hanging her head while walking into the kitchen. "Morning," she quickly said, avoiding her mother's hard stare; her cerulean eyes always made their family shiver in fear whenever they were glaring at someone, and this was no exception.

"Your teacher called and said you've been dozing off and falling asleep in class lately," the woman said, nonchalantly brushing back her short blue hair and standing next to her shuddering daughter. "He says you can't answer questions correctly in class and have a hard time catching up."

At this, Miku put down her bowl of cereal on the table and shoved a spoon into it, "Yeah right! I'll admit I fall asleep sometimes, but it's not like I can't do the work he tells us to do! Mom, I'm nearly two grades higher than everyone else, I can't see why I need to go through his class." With a huff, she stabbed her mouth with her spoon and began eating, closing her eyes to prepare for a scolding.

"I know, but even so, I don't like getting calls from your teachers regardless of the reason. I know you have a hard time talking to people because your father was that way when he was your age…but that shouldn't get in the way of your studies." Miku felt a small smile reach her cereal-filled mouth at the feeling of her mom's hand stroking her head, indirectly soothing her. "What's making you so sleepy in class, dear?"

Swallowing, Miku looked up with slightly fearful eyes and sighed, "He's a really boring teacher, mom…I mean, all he does is make us do bookwork the whole time! How can I not fall asleep?"

Her mom laughed a little, and winked, "I'll let you have this only once, okay?" She reached in the cabinet and threw a small bottle in Miku's direction, "Just don't let your father know, okay?"

The young girl nodded, popping off the cap and taking one long drink of the small bottle, "I just hope this works," she sighed, shuddering at the taste. Her eyes caught the clock and she stood from her chair to put away her bowl that was still full of cereal. "Tell Mikuo he can have that, okay? Gotta go!"

Her mom was about to yell out something, but stopped when the door slammed, making her wince and shake her head, "I swear, that girl…"

If there's one thing I hate…it's going to school…Miku ran her hand through one of her long twin tails and sighed, staring at the sidewalk on her way to school. It wasn't a long way, and even if she disliked going outside, she still loved the scenery of the world around her. "Why can't I just drop out and live a peaceful life without stress…" she mumbled, warily looking around at the people passing by in case they had heard her. The last time she had said that to herself, an elderly couple became extremely upset at her manners and audacity.

Stopping at a crosswalk, Miku took notice of Gumi standing a few feet away, looking anxious and in a hurry. She felt something tug at her chest, telling her to greet the other girl, but it was ignored. Gumi made no sign to show she even noticed Miku, and she didn't want to bother her if she was in a hurry. Well, the consequences of being an internet hermit I guess.

Her stop was short lived, and Miku eventually found herself even closer to the place she hated the most. It was like she was there to entertain the teachers, and it made her less happy with them than she already was.

Upon reaching her classroom, she quickly sat down and brought out her homework, scribbling her name on it and setting it on the corner of her desk. Out of all her classes, this was easily the worst she'd ever had, mainly because her teacher loved to test her intelligence just because he could. It made her extremely uncomfortable, especially when the others would give her looks.

Once the bell rang, everyone stood up to greet their teacher before sitting and staying quiet while he walked around to collect homework, sometimes commenting on the work he saw on the papers.

"Morning, Hatsune-san," Hazama said, passing by her and picking up her worksheet. He was a normal looking teacher with a bit of a creepy smile, but he was nice when not making a mockery of her insecurities. "Perfect as always. How do you it?" His smile became bigger at the sight of her slouching into her seat, and he waited a second before walking to the desk in front of her.

Miku twirled her pencil between her fingers, watching his back and having the urge to stab the utensil into it, gripping it even harder. Asshole. I hate him so much…

"Alright, you've all done pretty well on the homework I gave you, so I won't give you any tonight. What, did all of you ask Hatsune-san for help? Because I've never seen such amazing work before," Hazama joked, adjusting his glasses. Laughter and cheering spread throughout the class, and he waited until they were done to continue. "Now, we'll be advancing toward the next chapter, so please turn to page one eighty-eight in your books, please!"

Closing her eyes to get rid of his presence, Miku leaned into her elbow, pretending to look at the words in the book before falling into darkness. It didn't work, mom.

Hazama sighed a little, a small smile appearing on his lips as he watched his favorite student nap. "Well, looks like I'll leave you all to work on your own. If you have any questions or need help, I'll be where I always am," he announced, setting down his book and heading for his small desk. "Oh, and Kagamine-chan? Please wake Hatsune-san up," he added, clicking away on his computer.

Rin happily agreed, jumping up from her seat and slowly making her way towards Miku's desk, pencil in hand. Whenever the teal-haired girl would doze off, said blonde would be in charge of waking her up, but she was also always crossing a dangerous line; the first three times Rin did it, she was punched, kicked and slammed into the window across the room, all unconsciously done.

"Go, Rin-chan!" a boy called out in excitement, awaiting what Miku would do this time.

It wasn't very long before her pencil shot up in the air, stabbing the ceiling and the short girl went twirling through the air with a smile on her face before crashing into her seat perfectly.

Miku shook her head, realizing that Rin yet again had to wake her up; it was yet another thing she hated Hazama for, like she was the only way the class could have fun. Only forty more minutes….

The work given was extremely easy for her, and she finished it in about twenty minutes while ignoring the stares of envy shot at her. Even after nearly a year, Miku couldn't really believe they still could look at her that way when they already knew just how powerful she was when there was work in front of her.

"Honestly…" To at least get their stares out of her head, she rested it in her elbow again. While not feeling tired, Miku wanted to at least do something to avoid seeing them stare at her.

The bell signaling the next period sounded, and Hazama gave a bright smile while walking out, loving the feel of teal eyes burning on his back. Too bad I only have her for another two months. I love her reactions!

Rin and Len stood, simultaneously stretching from their long period of sitting (or in Rin's case, trying to sit but failing due to her injury), and said blonde girl decided to skip over and sit on top of Miku's desk, smiling down at her. "Hey there~" she sang, waving.

Miku could only give a weak wave back, earning a stare from Len and a shudder across her spine. "Hi…" she whispered, brushing her bangs out of her blushing face out of habit. Her hands played with themselves underneath her desk, sweating slightly and almost stabbing her kneecaps. Calm down…pretend their just online players!

"Wanna have lunch today with us?" Len casually asked, popping the top off a bottle of water. His light blue eyes still held their usual curious stare, and all other means of Miku trying to communicate flew out the window. She didn't know whether or not it was the thought of hanging out with them, or just having to speak, but it almost made her want to throw up.

She shook her head, twin tails flying about and looking almost alive. The twins could easily see the scared expression on her face, but neither could comprehend why. "Hatsune-san?" the boy asked, a little worried and even more curious about her. "Are you okay?" He reached out to touch her shoulder, gulping a little in fear she'd snap, but was relieved when she didn't.

Miku slowly shook her head with a small smile, "Thanks…but, no." Her eyes gleamed of shame and sadness, but they were hidden under her small mass of bangs. Pathetic. You suck, Miku.

"Okay then, but we'll be waiting for the day you do okay?" Rin said, not disappointed at all in the response. She easily figured Miku would reject just as she always did, and would wait for another day. "Second period, blah," she gagged, turning to scowl at the clock before returning to her desk.

Before she knew it, Miku was already walking home, once more sighing at how harsh her day had been. Her work pile had grown twice its normal size, as well as her homework, while the others were given only one or two things to do. It made her slightly angry, but she could do it, so she would. "I won't let them look down on me," she told herself, glaring at the sidewalk.

Miku looked around, seeing Miki giggling with a few friends and even if the two were looking in the same direction, the redhead took no notice of her presence, just as Gumi did in the morning. Haku didn't seem to be at school today for whatever reasons, but they'd probably get an answer later that evening if she was online. Still, it made her chest tighten at the thought of not being acknowledged by the people she called friends.

"Excuse me," she said quickly, walking around an old man to get across the street. Her mind was hazy, but she could still unconsciously make out the same park she always walked by, the telephone poles and trees. It reminded her of the artist she met a few months ago, being able to capture such beauty on a simple canvas.

Ha, and all I'm good at is playing online games and being a 'woe is me' type of person. I suck… She hung her head and continued walking, until she felt a tug on her leg. Thinking it was a dog, she kicked the air, surprise hitting her once she felt nothing and began to fall backwards. With a loud thud Miku's uniform was covered in dirt and her book bag was sitting dangerously close to the sewer passage on the sidewalk.

"Crap!" she winced, seeing a small cut on her wrist, grabbing her bag's handle. "Best Friday ever…"

A small sound of laughter caught her ears, and even though it wasn't any of her business to stare at others, Miku couldn't help looking across the sidewalk to see a familiar face, amusement written all over her face. "Long time no see," she joked, extending a hand to help the tealette up. "Sorry for laughing at you."

Gulping down the sand in her throat and accepting the kind gesture, Miku spoke up hoarsely, "It's okay. I…I'm just, uh, a pretty…pretty clumsy person." She added in an awkward laugh, mentally decapitating herself. The woman in front of her raised an eyebrow and chuckled.

"Really? I kind of guessed at our first meeting you were, and shy to boot." Miku winced, taking the statement as a stabbing insult even though it clearly wasn't what Luka had meant. The woman seemed to notice this and shook her head, "Not that it's bad of course; it's okay to not be a people-person. I'm not."

A new wave of relief and confidence made Miku want to join in the conversation; it was her first real one outside the internet and her family. "Really? But, you seem to be the popular type of lady…" Her voice faded at the end of her sentence, not really believing she was having a conversation with not only someone else, but with someone she secretly idolized.

Luka's laughter once more hit her ears, "Not really. I pursue my career choice for a reason; meeting up with customers to get them to buy stuff is awful though." To emphasize, he shivered at the thought, her long pink hair shuddering with her. "I think shy people are really the cream of the crop!"

"Why…is that?" The more time they spent talking, the more uncomfortable Miku was getting, and both could tell easily by her trembling twin tails. "D-don't say it's because they're smart…"

"Not that. It's because they have a lot going on…in here," the older woman tapped Miku's temple with her index finger, her smile making the shorter girl blush.

Miku suddenly felt something slip into her hand, confusing her. When she brought it up to her eyes, a teal eyebrow was raised, searching the blank piece of paper for any writing. "What's this?" she asked herself, as if never having seen a piece of paper before.

"Say…do you play online games a lot?" Luka asked, folding her arms behind her, "I know a really fun one."

Miku nodded, "I mainly play…Step…Mania," she blushed and hung her head in embarrassment, "It's basically all I do all the time." Her hands quivered and gripped onto her skirt for dear life. So embarrassing! I should've been home by now, not talking to some stranger!

"Great! I was just about to suggest that one. Write down your username and we can play together!" That line was definitely not one she was expecting, and Luka still had a big smile on her face even when Miku had a huge question mark on hers. "In exchange…"

Aha! She was using me for something…why do I always fall for this crap? The paper in Miku's hand crumpled from her clenched fist, but it didn't seem to bother Luka. "I want you to be a model for a painting," the woman said, her turquoise eyes boring holes through Miku's bent head. "I don't think I've met anyone with your eye or hair color, and it's definitely something I want to be able to remember, especially if we're going to be friends."

At the sound of the word friends, the paper fell from her hands and made its long descent to the ground, falling on top of Miku's shoe. Friends? She wants to be friends…? Her mouth was agape and her teal orbs bright from happiness flowing through her body.

She has severe social anxiety…but I admit, it's pretty adorable. Luka thought, crossing her arms and nodding, "If we share the same interests why not?"

"Okay…I'm…Hatsune Miku, by the way," she said slowly, still in shock. Her palms were still sweaty, but she held out a hand to shake, her own body doing the same. "I…really love your work…" It was still an uncomfortable feeling, but she felt the more she spoke to Luka, the less stressful it seemed to do so.

Taking her hand gently, Luka shook their hands gently with a smile on her face, "Thank you, Miku. It was nice seeing you, and since I have a pretty good memory, why not just tell me your username for online play? It'd be fun to play against you." Her eyes brightened at the sight of the young girl blushing, her smile turning much more softer.

"Um…it's, ah…" her body trembled at the thought of giving such information, but her mind screamed at her to tell, even if it seemed like death itself. "H-hachuneV1!" Her teal eyes were shut tightly, wondering when Luka's polite smile would disappear and become a mocking one.

Her mind, as twisted it was, was also completely far off the mark of what Luka's reaction would be. It wasn't hilarity of the name, or even amused; she instead was looking bewildered. "Seriously? You mean, the hachuneV1, the one with over one thousand wins?" For an older woman, Luka knew she wasn't exactly acting like it, but in front of a player she greatly wanted to meet, she didn't care. "I've always wanted to meet you, you know!"

Miku jumped when both her hands were gripped tightly in softer ones, almost identical colored eyes looking into hers. She knew she was blushing, both at the closeness of the two and actually having her hands held the way they were; she'd never had her hand held, even by her parents or brother, so it was a definite strange feeling. "Um, yes?"

"How do you do it? I mean, you're so good, I couldn't bring myself to challenge you! Now we definitely have to have a match," Luka excitedly replied, forgetting about their previous deal. "Mine is Mazimaru, so once you get home, or whenever you want actually, send me a challenge. I have to get back to work, so I'll leave you to yourself now." She stepped back, still having her happy aura around her and waved before going back to a bench she was previously sitting on, a large canvas in front of it as well as a box of different colored paint.

Not wanting the conversation to end, Miku swallowed and stepped forward, "W-wait!" she called, petrified of what she was about to say, "When…when do you want to paint me?" She took a large breath, trying to calm down and smiled, "I really…want to see how it feels to be with others, and…how I'd look as a drawing."

Luka looked shocked for a moment, mentally slapping herself for forgetting, but stood straight to answer her, "Anytime you want. Just tell me on the game, okay? And I don't draw, I paint." She winked before going back to work, secretly glancing at Miku while making it seem like she was painting something else. She's pretty interesting.

Mikuo dropped his water bottle in fright when Miku bust through their apartment door, "Damn, Miku. I didn't know your game was that important to you!" he yelled, getting a rag to clean up the mess.

"Shut up," she snapped back, slipping off her shoes and walking toward her room. "Is mom home yet?" Miku stopped and turned around, walking into their small kitchen where Mikuo was on his knees, wiping the ground. She opened the refrigerator and took out a water bottle as well, careful not to crush her brother's toes on her way out.

He shook his head, but noticed she was already gone, "No. She went to the grocery store and dad's still at work." Wiping off his pants and setting the dirty rag carelessly under the sink, Mikuo walked out with his half empty bottle and walked to his room next to Miku's. "Anything in particular you want for dinner?"

"Why?" Miku called, her voice muffled from the closed door, and the clothes she was taking off. "Anything's fine with me, as long as we have onigiri."

He sighed, but smiled at her response, and hit his fist against her door, "Fatty!" Before she could explode and threaten him with her leek pillow, he ran into his room, no doubt going to play video games before going out with his friends. Miku slightly envied him for being as sociable as he was, but Luka's words came into her mind and she gave up on the thought.

Changing quickly into shorts and a long black sweater, she hopped into her computer chair, grabbed her headphones and double clicked on the game's icon, waiting for the window to pop up. "I'm getting the high score today, Luka-san!"

Typing quickly, she looked up the username Luka had given her, and nearly toppled over in her seat and the artist's numbers. Her losses greatly outnumbered her wins, which got lots of negative and sarcastic comments on her page. The hateful remarks made Miku slightly angry, and only then did she realize that Luka wasn't online yet. She must still be out painting…I'll send her a message just in case.

Had it been a normal face to face conversation, she would've had a heart attack before sending anything to anyone. She had a phone, but preferred texting, even if she had nobody to talk to aside her family. However, she was using her computer to communicate, making it much easier for her to act like herself instead of her usual awkward self.

After sending Luka a message, she got one at the same time, and felt her heart fall out of her butt, seeing Miki's username. "I didn't know she got on so early in the evening…" she mumbled, opening it.

SF2AChibi said: Hi Miku-chan! I downloaded a new sim pack just now, wanna try it out with me? :3

Miku's door opened, revealing her mom looking at a box, "Miku, do you want-"

"A thousand times yes!" her daughter shouted, literally stabbing at her keyboard in reply. Not noticing her mom's stare, she continued on with her activities, not even hearing the door close behind her.

As the sky turned darker, Miku made her way out of her room, stretching out her limbs from sitting so long to head into the kitchen where Mikuo and her father were sitting. "Hi daddy~!" she chirped, dancing toward him to give him a small hug and kiss on the cheek.

"Weirdo…" Mikuo mumbled, flipping through a magazine. He nonchalantly skipped through a few pages before being sucked into an article, not feeling the hard kick to his shin.

Their dad sighed, crossing his arms, "So I hear you sleep in class, Miku?" he asked, drinking the water in front of him. "That's not good."

Yuichi was a tall man with a dark head of blue hair and sharp black eyes, making him look almost menacing had it not been for his soft personality. His wife and daughter had strong leashes on him, and everyone who knew them knew he was a whipped man, but he didn't care for their opinion. He also worked as a construction worker, meaning he was very strong and would use that to his advantage to anyone he thought as a threat.

"Hazama-sensei does it to bother me. I don't know why, but he's always picking on me, Daddy!" she replied, crossing her arms, "I fall asleep because there's nothing to do; I finish the work literally when we get it!"

Their mom came in holding a tray of food, gently setting it down in the middle and pushing Mikuo's magazine away, "I keep telling you, read that stuff when we're not eating." She began to give everyone their share and finally sat down, "I already talked to her this morning, dear. As long as she gets the work done and has good grades I'm fine with it."

Her husband grumbled, "I still don't like the fact that he deliberately makes her as the butt of his jokes. Maybe we should go speak to this Hazama guy. Even his name sounds creepy!"

"I bet he's a descendant of that other Hazama guy in BlazBlue," Mikuo stated, biting into his rice ball, and earning a chuckle from their dad.

Miku could feel herself getting happier at the thought of her torture ending, and tuned out the conversations to focus on her food, occasionally answering to her parents' questions. Her mind drifted off to StepMania, and Luka, and the rest of her friends (if she could still call them that) and furrowed her brow. Should I step up and try to talk to them in person? Miki-chan would probably be my best bet since she's so outgoing, but…

"She has a crush on a guy named Sakura," Mikuo teased, poking her leg with his toe, "I bet she was doing some naughty things, that's why she was late today…"

A blush crept up her face, and Miku glared at him, dropping her chopsticks, "I do not!" Even though he knew of her crush on Miki, he liked to tease her about it while choosing names closest to hinting at her; their parents didn't know of her, but the two siblings were afraid of their reactions if they knew she liked a girl. "Stop making stuff up, Mikuo," Miku huffed, turning away.

Yuichi stared at his son with a dark aura around him, "You know these guys well enough to not give them honorifics?" His hands clenched, showing his extreme fatherly side that protected Miku like a rare painting against any boys that came near her. "Where does he live?"

"He doesn't actually exist, dad…" Mikuo nervously said, his voice cracking from the pressure, "I made him up to bother her!"


"I don't know, this is the first time I've heard of Miku liking someone…"

"I don't like anybody!"

Falling onto her bed after her bath, Miku yawned loudly, staring at the wall that touched her bed. After dinner, her parents made her go into their room so they could discuss adult things even if she knew more than they thought she did. Mikuo just laughed and went out to a party, leaving her to endure it all alone.

"It's not like I'm going to sleep with everyone I see," she said, hugging her leek pillow and curling into a ball. She didn't feel like playing StepMania at all, but an image of Luka plowed through her mind, and she shot up, gripping her slightly wet head.

One game won't hurt…she thought, jumping into her computer chair and putting on her headphones. She looked at the corner of her monitor, the clock saying it was only ten thirty, which meant most of her friends were online. Fortunately they were, and she had three messages waiting for her once she logged in. The first was from Gumi, second from Luka and the third from the person she played the night before: Katamari O-Renji. Despite her giddiness at seeing Luka's response and a new player contacting her, she clicked on Gumi's since she was the only one online out of the three.

blanciito said: Hey Miku! I saw you this morning but I forgot about class duties! The teacher made me clean DURING class…sooo embarrassing! Wanna hang out tomorrow? I know this is sudden but we've been friends for almost a year and we haven't been out anywhere! I'll even ask Miki-chan~ ;D Anyway, I got a few new packs and a new skin so I'm stoked to play all night!

Miku's breath caught in her throat, and her fingers stood in the air above the keyboard, frozen. "Meet…huh?" she whispered, feeling butterflies attack her stomach. She nodded and began typing her reply, hurriedly trying to finish before the green haired girl started a game with someone else.

hachuneV1 said: Sure! Maybe we should go to the place we're familiar with the most: the arcade near the train station? You don't have to invite Miki-chan, she's always busy on Saturdays anyway. I'm so happy we can finally become actual friends, see you there!

Taking a deep breath, she leaned back, feeling exhausted just by sending the message. Going back to her messages, she decided to save Luka's message for last and clicked on the player she wasn't acquainted with yet.

Katamari O-Renji said: Hi hachune! =D We played against each other yesterday and I lost. Horribly. Lol, so I was wondering if you wanted to become my training partner? I know I can do it on my own, but I like to play against others instead. I hate losing so much! Anyway, what school do you go to? Not a stalker, but I live in the same city as you. :3

"That's weird…but okay," Miku said, typing away. It wasn't uncommon for someone to ask her to help them, but it usually only lasted one day, they never asked to be partners, and she didn't know this player well but wasn't against meeting someone new.

hachuneV1 said: Sure, I'll be glad to help. (: I live in Tokyo, near Amenazawa High, which means I go there too. xD Do you? Whenever we both have time, we should play together, and you should play against my friends, too, they're like you: hate to lose! You'd get along real well.

Finally after what seemed like years to her, Miku clicked on Luka's message, awaiting to read what the artist had typed.

hachuneV1 said: Hi Luka-san, it's me, Miku, but you probably already knew that. :x I just wanted to tell you thanks for that small talk, because I think my confidence unconsciously grew after it. I've never had a real friend outside the internet, so it was a bit intimidating talking to you, but I like talking with you! You don't look the type to play or even know what StepMania is! I looked at your wins/losses…and….well, it's bad, lol. Is that why you were so excited to see me in person?

Mazimaru said: Miku! I'm so happy you messaged me, I couldn't reach you since you were in a game. Glad I caught you! You're welcome, and I'm glad I was able to have the honor of being your first real friend offline. J YOU don't look the type to play this game, honestly, that's why I was so shocked to hear you were you. Yeah…about that, my cousin likes to play on my account, and he sucks at it so…that's where all the hate comes from. We should hang out tomorrow, play some DDR in place of StepMania? Here's my number if you want to call or text me. (: Hope to hear from you soon!

"I think I have a new crush…" Miku said, a blush staining her cheeks. She gulped and tapped the number into her phone, saving Luka as a contact. "Crap, but Gumi and I have plans at the arcade…well, they both play it, so…" Her fingers danced across the keyboard again, a smile on her face the whole time.

hachuneV1 said: Tomorrow? I have plans with a friend from here too, but she plays just as much as us and you'll love her if you want to come! I wish one of my family members played too, it sucks being ridiculed for playing this, I envy you. :P By the way…do you happen to be in college? You don't look like you go to high school…anyway, hope you can come along with us, we'll meet up at the arcade by the station.

With that, she closed out of the game and shut down her computer, making her whole room dark aside from the small amount of light from the moon. Slipping under her covers, Miku smiled widely, hugging her leek pillow even tighter against her, "I'll still have the highest score, Luka-san…I'm beast at DDR."

New thoughts of a better social life made her fall asleep quickly, still smiling and finally looking forward to going outside to be with people. Best Friday ever...


Well, here's the first chapter. Again, sorry about the messages being uber annoying and long. We write long messages when talking online and it's a habit we should break -we're not politicians! xD We were going to have MikuxMikixGumi and eventually NegiToro, but decided against it and just have NegiToro along with MikixGumi. Slight attraction problems and stuff, but they're pretty minor and blow away after about a chapter or two. We want this to be at least 15 chapters, and since we bust this one out so fast, we might be able to do it. Might.

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