Hero's Tail; Prologue

Author's notes:

Disclaimer – I do not own any of the original material used in this story

I've been reading quite a few fanfictions lately, especially those involving anything F/SN related. After reading all these fanfictions, I thought, why not try writing one myself? I looked through my collections of anime and whatnot and decided to throw Shirou Emiya into the Fairy Tail world. There's no shortage of characters for Shirou to interact with, and at the same time it already has a well-developed world with its own laws, societies and their own interpretation of magic. I've always seen Shirou as the 'ultimate' male-lead; he has a badass fighting style, he's got the looks of a hero, he's compassionate and kind, but also isn't afraid of staining his hands with blood, oh and he can cook.

I realize my prologue is a little cliché as you'll probably find out soon enough, but this is how I see it happening. Not going out with a boom or bang that shocks the world, but simply dying from being true to his ideals. There's another on-going F/SN X Fairy Tail fanfiction that I've recently read (it's quite a fun read, you should check it out; it's the only on-going one at the moment), so far it looks quite different than what I'm planning for, which is good because I wouldn't want mine looking like a copy of his.

Because this is my first fanfiction, hopefully I get can some reviews about what I'm doing right or wrong. Last, but not least, I hope you enjoy the story!


The fighting lasted well over an hour.

Fatigue was gradually eating away at my mind making it feel like an eternity before the battle was finally decided. Without having rested or slept for days, I had stood before a blood seeking army fast approaching a quiet village near the outskirts of Fuyuki City. They engaged me without any sort of direction and were quite disoriented, yet with their numbers alone I was a short step away from being overwhelmed. When the last of my foes fell in front of me, dyeing the grass in a fiery red, I no longer had the energy to cheer or to stand for that matter as I collapsed onto my knees also feeling the weight of my two swords vanishing. In front of me lay countless numbers of supernatural beings who were once human known as the Dead Apostles and their undead familiars. The previous vast empty grasslands had now become the final resting place for these tormented souls.

I could no longer differentiate between the pains caused by my overloaded Magic Circuits, or from the multiple mortal wounds that my body currently housed. My red cloak was reduced to nothing more than a few feet of cloth that could barely keep itself wrapped around my body and my black breastplate had been completely torn off as it lay underneath one of the bodies of the Dead Apostles a few yards away. My white hair even seemed to have reverted back to its youthful red hair from the amount of blood in it. Yet surprisingly, I no longer cared about any of my current circumstances as I stared emptily into the sky. The weather was splendid. It was mildly cool, pleasant moonlight permeated through the veil of clouds onto my figure. Gazing straight towards the source of the light, I retraced the last couple days.

It has been seven years since the conclusion of the 5th Holy Grail War, and once again trouble was stirring in Fuyuki City. Tohsaka Rin and I had decided to rid the world of the Greater Grail once and for all. Though we were no longer in a relationship due to our different goals and directions in life, we still remained the closest of friends. I had confided in her as she did in me without interfering in the lives of one another. And this time our and numerous other mages' goal had intersected as we looked towards disassembling the Greater Grail, but of course doing something of that magnitude couldn't occur without opposition. The Association planned on recovering the Greater Grail themselves, and this was the beginning of another war. Facing great resistance from both sides, individuals of great powers began converging into Fuyuki City. Once the tides were turned in favor of Rin's group, another problem had arisen. As I had learned from my own experiences of the Holy Grail War; there can never be an easy way out when the Grail is involved, so this wasn't much of a surprise. Most likely sensing the concentration of Mages in Fuyuki City, a wave of Dead Apostles began taking actions of their own during the time of turmoil.

With a strong desire to feast on the flesh of humans, the Dead Apostles directed their attention to villages outside of Fuyuki City. Numerous villages were devoured within days, yet not enough Mages or Executors could be mustered within that short amount of time with such an overwhelming force of Dead Apostles. Upon hearing the news from Rin, without a second thought I quickly rushed into the fray before any more lives were harmed.

Which brings me to where I am now; over five kilometres behind the battle, a village with a population of a few hundred had stood previously in the wake of an army of undead familiars and their few Dead Apostle masters. Now, the night was calm, it was eerily peaceful, as the pungent smell of rotting flesh shrouded the cool air. I continued basking in the serenading moonlight that seemed to reduce the excruciating pain from my wounds and mind as more and more blood accumulated on the ground and the surface of my body. My Magic Circuits were indeed beyond repair now, and without a doubt, my life was slowly trickling away.

Did I do it? Did I follow my way of life without regret? My consciousness began to fade as another serene light enters my sight. I just saved hundreds of innocents from certain peril… Am I really contemplating about this? A single tear flowed down my bloodied face as I accepted the resolution and the fate that I had acquired. A blinding white light encloses my entire mind and the last thing I remembered was smiling from happiness that rivaled even my own father's.