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Chapter 1: arrival

{Hello, long time no see. I guess I'll start the story now. *Ahem* It was a normal day in the Hinata household, well if it was there would be no story. Let's take a look inside to see what everyone is up to.}

It was the same picture as always, Natsumi bugging Keroro about the chores:

"How many times to I have to tell you frog, no Gundams until you finish your chores!

"But Natsumi-dono it isn't even my turn its Fuyuki's turn, and it isn't my fault if the Gundam god is calling me forth to build its babies." His eyes seemed to sparkle as he said that last part.

"I recall you saying if he took you to the toy store you would do his chores! So start scrubbing." All Keroro did was start scrubbing with little tears in his eyes.

"Natsumi is so mean! She's like an evil step mother, and I'm the little….. FROGERELLA! Now all I have to do is sing and wait till my prince charming walks right through that door with what I need most…"

{Of course, being the little goofball that he is, he started singing. I believe it was… Someday my prince will come? Wait… the door is opening, is this really Frogerella's prince charming?}

As if right on cue, the door swung open and in its daylights stood a handsome prince with something in his hands. He opened his mouth and said:

"Hi sarge I brought you some cow flesh patties, I hope I didn't keep you waiting because, I brought Momoka along!"

{Oh, it's just Tamama}


"Thanks Tamama, I was going to ask if you could do my chores for me too..."

"I would be honored sir!"

"Yep you sure would, but you see Mois asked me first. Right, Mois?

Suddenly a blonde girl with a school uniform popped up with a mop in her hands. She picked Keroro up and hugged him.

"Of course uncle, you know I'd do anything for you!" she said with a smile which made Tamama even more jealous.


As if it was a party, Fuyuki showed up; he smiled when he saw Momoka. Momoka on the other hand blushed furiously and he inner self spoke


Umm, alright… Hi Fuyuki! Sorry I came in uninvited but I really wanted to tell you something…"

"Oh, hey Momoka, that's alright. What did you want to tell me?

"Well you see I just wanted to say that I… lo... lov... LOVE THE WAY THEY FOUND NEW FOTTAGE OF BIGFOOT!"


Fuyuki's eyes sparkled as he grabs Momoka's hand to go see the monster phenomenon. Leaving Momoka, not even thinking, with her face all red, along with sparking eyes imagining the future.

{Wait I think the story is going in the wrong direction. Let's see if anything actually exciting is happening around. Maybe…. In the backyard}

The Hinata's backyard wasn't very big, but it was big enough for a small tent fit for at least one human. Inside was a small red keronian with a scar on his left eye and a belt.

{You could probably bet who this is}

I wonder what Keroro did to make Natsumi so upset. I wish he fought back, just so I could see him try, but also to see my Natsumi go into action. Wait, my…. Natsumi, ok that's a little over exaggeration. Maybe more like my foreigner friend Natsumi. Who am I kidding… a pekoponian and a keronian, it just isn't meant to be; is it? At least we can still share our sweet potatoes together.

Suddenly Giroro felt a pair of eyes watching him. He turned around to be met with a small camera. Its red light was flashing indicating it was recording. He thought for a minute what it was doing, but then found the solution to his problem. Looking straight into the camera he stated:


Kululu was watching from a safe distance, where Giroro couldn't hit him… or worse. His lab was filled with all high tech stuff like: computers, monitors, tracking devices (and his favorite) his spy camera. Nobody knew why he did any of this stuff. Then again, nobody knew why he was in their platoon at all.

Speakers formed out of the camera and Kululu spoke through his microphone.

"Kuukukuku I guess you found me. Have any gossip on Natsumi I could use? You know if you weren't so love struck all the time the mission might be successful. MIGHT."

Before Kululu could say anymore Giroro smashed his camera.

"Ok Mr. Hothead. He can't even take a joke. Oh well, looks like its back to the drawing board, Kuukukuku."

{It seems like that was everyone… oh, wait, let's not forget Dororo who is… wait, where is he?}

In one corner of the Hinata house was a small light blue keronian, with a mask. His eyes were all watered up and around him was a purple aurora. He was also mumbling something to himself, but since nobody could understand him, or hear him, they didn't even know he was there.

"Keroro-kun is so mean. He tells everyone in the platoon the new invasion plan except me. Just like with my music box… WHY?" a couple, no wait, a lot of tears fell.

The weather outside was nice. I mean, for summer in Japan; it wasn't too hot and one in a while you would feel a cool breeze, but along the sky was a line of smoke. It started from the sky and headed straight down. It looked like a pod, a red pod all scratched up. Next thing you know giant speakers popped up everywhere in the house.

"Kukuku, it seems like a U.F.O is headed straight for us. I have a pretty good idea what it is, wait. Kukuku I have a pretty good idea of what it is too, but I don't want to spoil the fun."

Nobody had time to react when the U.F.O landed in the backyard. The whole house practically jumped; of course this wasn't unnoticed by the others.

"What the hell are you frogs doing? Did you drop another nuclear bomb?" yelled Natsumi, as she ran into the backyard, "Oh my, gosh what is that?" This was also unheard by Fuyuki and Momoka, and well everyone else.

"Wow, is it another friend of yours sarge," Fuyuki stated, "What do you think Momoka, maybe we could take it to school! Haha just joking, but that would be cool don't you think?"

"Of course, but I don't think space ships would be allowed." Momoka blushed as she said this, not even looking at the person she loved.

Everyone stood around the spacecraft wondering what to do. It scared some half to death when it opened up with a "HISS" sound.

"EEP!" screamed Natsumi. Momoka just hid behind Fuyuki blushing slightly. "Save me Fuyuki, don't let it get us!" She would tell him. Fuyuki put his arm out in front of her saying, "Don't worry it wont get you." Which made Momoka blush even more.

Giroro, seeing the girl he loved more than anything scared, jumped up in front of her with a gun in his hands. "Stay back Natsumi, these aliens may be hostile" Natsumi nodded and stepped a couple of feet away.

The A.R.M.P.I.T platoon stood in a horizontal line from the space pod: Kululu holding his head, Tamama ready for action, Keroro shivering like crazy, Giroro with eyes ready to kill, and Dororo holding his katana.

The alien life form stood form in side the pod. Eyes all aglow, with a staff strapped to his back. The keronians almost fainted at the sight. Keroro, Giroro, and Dororo all sweaty, not wanting to make the wrong move.

{Who is this alien life form? What does it want? Will anyone be able to stoop it?}

Giroro stumbled back and fell. "Giroro what's wrong?" Natsumi asked.

All he could do was stare in shock. His mouth opened and he spoke above whisper:


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