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{Back on the planet Keron}

There was a couple. Not a very good couple in the least. Giroro was holding hands with Salala as they walked through the fields, and into the city. Everyone recognized Salala, but not the one with her. Whenever they would ask who the red keronian was she would say, "My fiancé!" only then would people want to remember his face, for he was marrying someone important.

They walked into a small grey, one-story house. They both found Garuro, and Jeruru sitting at a table, drinking some tea. "Ah Salala," Jeruru spoke, "I was beginning to worry."

"But you didn't need to father; I was with Giroro the whole time." She smiled at Giroro, who smiled back. Giroro's eyes were still a dark red from the past event. "Isn't there something you wanted to tell my father, Giroro?"

Giroro nodded and walked up to Jeruru. "Sir, even though I have only had a moment to spend with your daughter, but I must say…" Giroro looked like he was struggling to get the words out. Was he really struggling, or resisting?

"Spit it out son!" Garuro yelled from across the table.

"It has been the most delightful moment of my life. With your permission, my I marry Salala?"

Jeruru put a hand on his chin, as his eyes grew a dark red. From across the room, Salala was smirking devilishly. "Of course, but on one condition: you treasure we depend on summer."

"Summer… I mean, of course. Now if you'll excuse me." Giroro left without saying another word. Everyone decided he just needed some air, but he was gone for a little longer than expected. Salala went out in the backyard, and found him, roasting something on a fire. "Here, I made this for you." He held up a sweet potato on a stick.

"How sweet of you to make that for me, but if there is one thing you must know." She took the sweet potato and threw it behind her, "I hate sweet potatoes." That was heatless, and Giroro looked rather sad.

His head started hurting as an image flashed in his head. It was him, roasting sweet potatoes for someone. A girl stepped out; her face was blurry, but one thing was for sure. She had pink hair.

"Who is she?" He asked.

"Who is who?"

"Who is the girl with the pink hair I keep seeing in my head? I try not to think about her, but she just keeps popping out again." He really wanted to know, and he knew that Salala had the answers somehow.

Salala bit her lip, and looked away for Giroro. How is he still remembering her? She thought, Maybe I can still make this work as it is… "Well if you must know. You were in love with her." Giroro's eyes widened. "You did everything in your power to make sure she was happy, but in the end she went off with some poetry reading pretty boy."

"Why was I in love with her?" He had lots of questions, but didn't know why. "Answer me!"

"How am I supposed to know? You were probably under her spell. Making you weak, making you vulnerable. She took your feelings, and she messed with them." She handed a picture of her, she took it out of his original belt. "But now that she knows that you found someone better, she wants to make my life miserable," she put her hand on her forehead, and a small tear fell.

"I won't allow it, how can I stop this?"

"Well if she only knew we were engaged, then maybe she would get the hint." Salala grew puppy dog eyes. Damn it. Salala thought again. If she comes here she will ruin everything. In fact, if she even sees him again… he could fall in love with her all over again. I can't let that happen, I hope those morphians took care of them. She headed back inside.

Giroro watched as his fiancé walked back to the house. I don't think she's telling me everything. I just have to think. Who is she? What Jeruru said back there… something about summer? Natsu-mi…? Well, thinking out here won't help. He walked back up to the house only to find Salala talking to Jeruru about something.

"Good news!" She exclaimed, "The wedding has been moved!"

"To when?"


"Yes, now, nothing can get in our way." She hugged him, and did something. She flipped a switch on his belt. Say goodbye to ALL of your memories .

"Anything for you," Giroro replied.

"Nothing will get in my way," Salala smirked, as her eyes were filled with fire.

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