The Secret Hybrid

Chapter 2

In this chapter we find out about both Seras past and what happened to her parent since this a Hybrid story also sorry for delay my mom is doing great! If you wondering where the dialogue is it in there I was so busy typing the past that she doesn't start talking till she meet Sir Integra sorry!

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Seras wrapped her tail around her waist (just like Rin in blue exorcist!) and put a hat that her mate gave her as a birthday gift. Walking down the hall she opened a locket that had a picture of her and Riku (NO not kingdom hearts Riku ok maybe but not exactly him!). She still remembered the day they meet and treasured the memory. She still remembers gazing into his bluish green eye that made her blush and his messed up silver spotted hair and of course his ears that looked a tad bit bigger than her. When she first meets him she found out about being the last Snow Leopard female and he was the last male. As they talked she was looked at by men and to them she was a rare animal that they could possibly breed and sell her babies off for some cash. Luckily laws were formed which gave hybrids rights though some as sold in Hybrid stores like dogs, certain cats, and other animals. Almost all the time the hybrid are brainwashed by the owner to be pets or be sex slaves.

It sicken her because she remembered her own Mother was sold to an abusive master to breed of course she never did she remained a virgin and that what made the man mad he would whip her put shock collars on her to cooperate even tried to impregnate her himself. It was when she meet her dad who was another breeder helped her escape and it turned out they were old friends and quickly became lovers that when she was born. But happiness never last forever her master found out that she had a child and kidnapped Seras and immediately put her up for sale, she was almost sold to a boy that had parent that liked rare animals.

But she was saved by a guy named Arthur Hellsing who had bought her and taken her back to her parent but he still kept the document that way if she was caught again he could get her. Arthur managed to get new laws for hybrid rights and Seras wanted to repay even if she was 2 years old he was her savior he said no but if she would maybe a playmate with his 4 year old daughter sometime. She said she would gladly but never went as year went by she was happy till her mother former master hired hit man and killed both her mother and father after that she never looked back she escaped the orphanage and leaved in the wild well almost she went to school during the day and slept in the woods at night.

After all that she managed to find someone to love until one night she went hunting for her and Riku when she came back the camp site was destroyed and all there was a little pile of blood which she used to track him hoping that he was alive. She found him dead and decided to hide maybe at least she could give him a proper burial. When she found they were going to stuff him she quickly took the body and buried it in the woods next to an oak tree. But she was caught and almost was sent to jail because she went on one of the Convent of Twelve she explained that he shot the last male Snow leopard and that she was the last female. The Queen of Course noticed her depressed behavior and quickly asked for research why it turned out if a hybrid lost his\her mate they would either go into depression or do suicide. The Queen quickly asked for a male cat soon to replace her mate but Seras quickly denied she was then given options of either crossbreeding or use DNA from another Snow Leopard from the lab they had. She asked if she could wait and the queen agreed buy gave her till she was 25 if not she would have to choose and Seras agreed to these rules.

Seras quickly pushing aside her thoughts as she reached Sir Integra office she entered it and right then and there her master quickly grabbed her hat and Integra quickly saw what she heard from her father a Snow Leopard hybrid one the most rarest and endangered hybrids she remember her father talking about one he rescued and that he still had the document and thought she would look at it afterword's even if he\she might be dead. "Well it seems someone wasn't telling the truth you do realize that any secrets that any of our members have must be told." Integra looked at her. "I'm sorry Sir I didn't mean to it just that I didn't want anyone to know if someone knew they would tell the queen." Seras said with her looking down. "Tell the queen what exactly that you bloodline has completely changed because of Alucard." Integra asked even if she knew the answer she still wanted to know. "Well not exactly I'm still half cat even if my blood changes my DNA of the Snow Leopard can never be erased in other words I am and always will be the last female Snow Leopard."

At that moment Walter walked in and heard what she said and was a big shock "Sir I'm sorry to say this but if the Queen find out we will be in trouble Seras is the last Snow Leopard and no harm must come to her or else." Seras just stared at Walter then laughed she has heard that over a million times she was used to danger, getting herself hurt, and fighting. "It ok Walter people say that all the time but I always get hurt I've camped out in the woods, fought a grizzly , and even almost been killed to say that an understatement." Seras continued laughing till her tail unraveled and stood behind her back. It amazed the Hellsing heir and then she suddenly started looking through her father files maybe Seras could tell her who the Snow Leopard was.

As she looked through she found the file and then was shocked it had Seras name she recalled her father rescued one and kept the document just in case she was caught but this meant she was Hellsing property. Integra unable to speak looked at it and then at Seras she knew even if it did have her right to her it would make Seras resent the whole organization she decided to ship this document and then tell the queen she had Seras.

For the first time in her life she had no idea what to do.

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