A shadowy figure jumped slyly from building to building within the night, not a soul spotting it. It landed in a dark alley, quickly pressing itself against a brick wall in an attempt to blend in with its surroundings as a pair of townsfolk strolled by. It watched them, following them with its eyes, as it recognized exactly who the two were. They were fraternal twin rabbits: one blue and the other pink. The two were of opposite genders, and the female wore a violet-colored ribbon, which tied her ears together.

"Saranoia didn't even see us coming! Her plan was totally see-through! We completely destroyed her purple demon feline butt!" The blue rabbit exclaimed with pride, "What a lame excuse of a villain!"

"Would you please pipe down already? The whole town is trying to rest and I don't think they can because of your big mouth!" The pink bunny whispered to her brother, "I have to admit, though, her obsession with me is only becoming creeper and creeper…"

"Yeah, well, what do you expect from a whack job like her? I mean—" The blue rabbit stopped in his tracks, causing his sister to bump into him. "Do you smell that?"

The pink rabbit, who had fallen over because of her twin, hopped back onto her feet. "You idiot, you're probably just smelling the alley! The garbage there hasn't been taken by the trucks for months."

"Yeah, I know that, but it doesn't smell like garbage. It's a familiar scent, but I can't quite put my paw on it…" The blue mammal place a finger on his chin, pondering about the recalling smell.

The rabbit's sister began walking past him, ignoring her brother's thoughts. "Whatever, it's late, we got to head back to the dojo now or Master Yo will think we're misbehaving again. We don't want a repeat of the spray-painting incident." She paused and looked over her shoulder, noticing her twin still standing in the same spot. Suddenly, a cyan glow appeared around him, and he was levitating in the air. He began to drift off in the same direction as his sister, realizing that she was using her magic on him. "Come on!"

The shaded figure watched the two leave, glaring at them in the process. "Yin and Yang…" It mumbled in a vengeful tone, "I shall have my revenge on you…"

"That makes two of us." A feminine voice spoke from behind the figure. It spun around only to find a tall, slim figure looming over it. "I'd like to make a proposition with you…"

The shadowy figure was finally revealed as it spun around. It was a green rabbit with a messy pelt, wearing a black, hooded jacket. It's eyes were orange and its nose violet, with sharp fangs within it's mouth. "Do I know you?" It responded.

"No, but I know you. I believe you're referred to as Yuck, the level five woo foo warrior and Yin and Yang's abandoned technical sibling." The figure revealed.

The creature, revealed as Yuck, gave her a strange look, "That's creepy, like, seriously creepy. And you are, dare I ask?"

The figure stepped out of the shadows, revealing a young, female adult, demon-appearing feline. "My name is Saranoia, and I am a sorceress, along with an enemy of Yang's."

"Saranoia? Aren't you that crazy stalker lady who's obsessed with Yin? Hell, you're obsessed with girls in general! Are you a lesbian or something?" Yuck snickered at his own insult.

"I am not! It's called a feminist! Look it up, why don't you?" Saranoia growled through her teeth in outrage. "You don't have much of an education anyway you dim-witted rabbit…"

"Watch it, lady! Anyway, if you're a feminist, what could you possibly want with me? I'm a dude, not a chick." Yuck pointed out.

"A simple explanation…" Saranoia began, "You aren't 100% male. Since you were formed from both Yin and Yang's worst flaws, you're half male, half female, thereby making you somewhat a girl. That's why I don't completely hate you."

Yuck leaned against the brick wall behind him, "Yeah, my consciences tried explaining that to me before. I didn't believe 'em. I'm not believing you either. Why should I anyway? You're what people refer to as "mentally insane"."

"You have such a big mouth for such a puny bunny!" Saranoia hissed, her hair frizzing in the process. She managed to regain control of her temper and fixed her hair, followed by clearing her throat. "Excuse me… Back to the point, we both have a major disliking for Yang. As for Yin, I know you hate her, but I don't. However, I wouldn't mind getting a small amount of revenge on her too. That's why I have a proposition for you."

Yuck stood up straight once again, skimming Saranoia suspiciously, "Alright, I'll hear what you have to say. Lay it down on the table."

"Father!" A large, light green aardvark shouted as she rested in a large, queen-sized bed. "Father! Get in here immediately!"

A slim, bearded aardvark wearing a crown upon his head obeyed his daughter's calls, quickly opening the door to her bedroom. "What is it Melodia? Why are you not asleep?"

"Because I cannot sleep, father!" The young aardvark, who was referred to as Melodia, spoke to her father in a thick accent. "I cannot get Yang off of my mind! I demand to know the status of his feelings for me!"

The royal figure sighed, "Melodia, the guards and I have repeatedly told you that he has no feelings for you."

"Have you confirmed it? Are you absolutely positive he has no attraction towards me?" Melodia worriedly asked.

"Yes, we have confirmed it. He appears to be smitten for a young, sassy canine named Lina." The king revealed to his daughter.

"Lina? That is her name? Bah! I will have her head! GUARDS!" Melodia screeched throughout the toilet-shaped castle, awaiting the arrival of the royal guards. It took them several seconds to arrive to her bedroom, the king rubbing his ears after hearing his daughter scream so loud. "Guards, I demand you bring me the one called Lina! I want her to be our prisoner! I want her here in the palace by tomorrow night! Capture her at sunset and bring her here!"

The guards, who were dressed as ninjas, bowed to the princess. "Of course, your highness." One guard said. "Whatever pleases you." Another spoke.

"I'm glad we are on similar terms..." Melodia smirked devilishly. "Now, leave my bedroom at once. I can now sleep knowing this Lina person shall be taken as our prisoner tomorrow."

The guards quickly exited the bedroom. The king, however, remained in the room with his daughter. "Melodia, I don't approve of this."

"What?" Melodia sounded shocked, "How could you not approve, father? This is a most excellent plan! If we kidnap Lina, Yang won't be able to find any trace of her and she'll be stuck here as Yang falls hopelessly in love with me in her absence."

The king let out another sigh, "Melodia, that is not a fool-proof plan. Yang and his sister are woo foo warriors. They will be able to find her. After all, they are both very close with Lina. They won't just give up on looking for her."

"Ah, that is where you are wrong, father. You see, I will arrive on the scene to pose as a distraction for the two, which will slow them down in their search." Melodia revealed.

"There is still a flaw in your plan. Yin and Yang have allies to help them in their search."

Melodia eyed her father. "Can you prove they have allies?"

The king blinked at the princess. "Uh, yes, I can. Their names are Coop, Dave and Roger Jr. They are friends of Yin and Yang, along with Lina."

Melodia groaned at her father's evidence. "I don't want to hear any more of this. I want to go to sleep. Leave at once!"

Without speaking a single word, the king left his daughter's bedroom. Melodia frowned and clapped, leaving her bedroom pitch black.

"So, let me get this straight, lady…" Yuck raised an eyebrow at the proposal Saranoia just offered, "You want me to do all your dirty work while you sit around doing absolutely nothing? Just why would I agree to that? I have nothing to gain from your proposition!"

"That's untrue. In exchange for getting revenge on Yin and Yang for me, you'll receive food and shelter. I think you need it. I mean, look at you! You have no home, no family, and no food. You'll die out here if someone doesn't take care of you! And that's exactly why I'm here!" Saranoia explained.

Yuck turned his back on the demon cat. "Sorry, lady… Not really… But I'm not looking for a mother, nor am I looking to do your dirty work for you. I'm not a hit man."

Saranoia frowned, followed by raising an eyebrow. "Not even if I allow a no bathing rule? And clean up after you?"

Yuck suddenly smirked and faced Saranoia once again. "Will you let me eat anything I want, despite how smelly it is?"

A revolted look appeared on Saranoia's face, but she gave into his demands. "Yes… You can eat anything you want…"

"Alright, deal." A satisfied look was on Yuck's dirty face. "Let's hear part one of the plan then, missy."

"Tomorrow, you are to kidnap the person who is the closest to both Yin and Yang." Saranoia handed a photo to Yuck. He closely examined the picture. The photograph was of a young, aquamarine-colored bear. "Her name is Lina. She is Yang's girlfriend and Yin's best friend. She's your target."

"She's cute…" Yuck admitted, a small smile on his face. The kind-hearted smile quickly turned into an evil, twisted one. "But that doesn't mean I'll hold back on her."

Saranoia grinned, "Good, you shouldn't. Come on, you need to rest if you're going to do this at sunset tomorrow."

Yuck rolled his eyes as he began following Saranoia. "I should've included a no bedtime rule when I agreed to do your dirty work."

"Well whose fault is that?" Saranoia chuckled.

"Whatever. I'll just make up for it by trashing your place."

Saranoia expressed worry, "Why did I choose you of all villains to assist me?"

"Because you're a nut job."

"Shut up!" Saranoia snapped at the messy rabbit.

Yuck let out a laugh. "Take a joke, will you? You need to learn to lighten up. You're too high-strung."

Saranoia ignored Yuck's comment. As the two continued to walk off, Saranoia's thoughts were focused on the rest of her plan after Lina's kidnapping.