The sun began to set on the town as two pairs of feet walked along the sidewalk. Yang's fingers were intertwined with Lina's, his cheeks a slightly pink color. The rabbit was kindly walking his girlfriend home after a peaceful date, as no villains had attempted to make any moves that day. This would normally make the woo-foo warrior skeptical, but his mind had been focused on Lina all day.

The couple had finally made their way to the farm, as it was just a couple feet away. Yang's ears perked up, his head suddenly out of the clouds. His grip on Lina's hand suddenly tightened, catching the canine's attention. "Yang, are you alright?"

"Something's not right…" Yang suspected, turning to his girlfriend, "I don't think it's safe for you to go on the farm."

Lina raised an eyebrow, "Excuse me? Are you telling me not to go into my own house?"

"Yes! Something just feels fishy to me… I really don't think it's safe for you to go home!" Yang repeated himself.

"Yang, I think you're just being a bit paranoid…" Lina violently pulled her hand away from Yang's tight grip, "That or you just don't want me to leave. Either way, if there's something going on, I'm sure I'd just use my woo foo skills to ward it off."

"But Lina…"

Lina scowled, "No buts, Yang. You need to learn that I can fight my own battles sometimes." She noticed the sadness in her boyfriend's eyes, and realized how harsh she was being about the situation. She let out a sigh, "Look, I appreciate that you're just trying to look out for me, and I also appreciate how protective you are of me, but I can fight on my own. I'm a woo foo warrior now, just like you. I can handle myself just fine, ok sweetie?" Yang was silent, giving a slight nod. Lina gave the boy a kiss on the cheek, "I'll see you tomorrow for training. Thanks for walking me home. Good night."

Yang watched as his girlfriend began to approach the farm. He didn't move a muscle from the spot he was standing in. "Good night…" He silently spoke.

Lina looked over her shoulder to find Yang still standing there. Stopping in her tracks, she turned her entire body to face him. "Yang, don't worry, go back to the dojo." The rabbit still didn't move. He watched the canine with worry in his violet eyes. "Yang if you aren't walking away in the next three seconds I'll be forced to use my woo foo on you…"

Yang stood confidently at her words, "Go ahead and try, I'm like, two levels ahead of you." He scoffed. Lina let out a quiet growl at him, causing his pupils to shrink, "Okay, fine, I'll go…" The rabbit sighed and walked away from the farm, trying his hardest to accept the fact that the girl of his dreams didn't want his protection, or even believe his accusation of danger.

Lina's eyes followed Yang to ensure he was out of sight. She knew her boyfriend quite well, and figured he'd try something if she turned her back on him. "Hmph, what a ridiculous accusation… What possible dangers could lurk on my farm?" The dog talked to herself.

Finally noticing the blue bunny was out of sight, Lina began to approach her house once more. She opened the door to her home, which was unusually quiet. The lights weren't on, which was also out of the ordinary. "Dad? You home?" Lina called out to her father. She raised her eyebrow in confusion. "Maybe Yang was right after all…" She thought to herself, before shaking the thought away. The dog flicked the switch to turn the lights on, only to jump in surprise at several stink aardvarks in her living room. "What the…?"

The aardvarks instantly sprung into action, attempting to grab the arms of Lina. However, the canine ironically had cat-like reflexes, performing a back flip to evade capture. The result of the back flip caused two aardvarks to knock into each other head-on. She let out a growl, "Just what do you punks think you're doin' in my house?"

"Completing a mission." One of the stink aardvarks answered the sassy canine's question.

"A mission?" Lina was confused by this response, "And who's the villain behind this mission?"

Another stink aardvark let out a chuckle, "She happens to be royalty. We are her royal guards, and we're here to complete her request of kidnapping you!"

"In your dreams…" Lina scoffed before running along the side of the house. She fled as fast as she could to make an escape. Looking over her shoulder, she saw that the aardvarks were following closely behind her. Thinking quickly, Lina pulled out her bamboo sword and transformed it into a staff. She faced the aardvarks and knocked a couple of them off their feet with the staff. Lina focused her attention on the other aardvarks approaching her and dropped the staff, deciding to use hand-to-hand combat. "Paws of power!" She called out as she enlarged her fists, followed by punching her foes in the face.

Realizing she had knocked them all out, she picked up her staff and continued her escape. Lina hopped over the fence and landed in the crops, deciding to hide herself in the family's corn maze. She made many twists and turns into the maze, beginning to pant. The girl looked cautiously over her shoulder to see if she was being followed, only to fall over from a collision. Laying on her back, Lina swiftly got back on her feet and pulled her staff back out, changing it back into a sword and aiming it at the person she knocked into. However, the canine soon realized that this person wasn't an aardvark, but it was a rabbit. "Huh?"

The rabbit sprung back to his feet, staring Lina in the eyes. "Well well, looks like I've found just who I was looking for…" He spoke deviously.

"Who are you and why are you in my family's corn maze?" Lina demanded an answer.

"My name is Yuck…" Yuck answered her question, "And I'm in your family's corn maze because you just so happen to be my target…"

"Target? So, what, you're out to kidnap me too?" Lina growled.

"What? What do you mean 'too'?" Yuck questioned.

Lina transformed her sword back into a staff and swiped at Yuck's feet, knocking him back on the ground. Surprised by this gesture, Yuck lifted his head to find his target running off in the same direction she came. "They always run…" Yuck smirked, accepting the challenge Lina was giving. A circle of green energy surrounded him before he disappeared. The rabbit immediately reappeared in front of a fleeing Lina, who was surprised by his tactic. "I should warn you now…" Yuck began, eyeing his target, "I happen to be a level five woo foo warrior… So if I were you, I'd give up."

Lina folded her arms across her chest, "Not in a million years, bunny boy."

Yuck's smirk only grew larger, "Very well. Fists of fire!" He shouted, and his hands immediately ignited into flames. He shot the fire at Lina, who was hit right in the stomach by the attack. She landed hard on her back, her dress covered in ashes. Green energy surrounded the rabbit's paw, followed by surrounding Lina. The girl was helplessly lifted into the air, unable to move her body.

"Put me down you disgusting mammal!" Lina screamed at Yuck in an outrage. Her eyes widened and she let out a gasp. "Oh no…"

Yuck gave a chuckle, "Not a chance… You're my prisoner now!"

"Actually, she's our prisoner." A voice spoke from behind Yuck with a thick accent. He turned around, puzzled, only to receive a fist to the face, instantly knocking him over. As a result of the blow, Yuck's energy rays vanished, causing Lina to land on top of him. The aardvark soldier grabbed hold of Lina's arm, lifting her off of Yuck.

"Hey!" Yuck looked up after having his face impaled in the dirt, "What do you think you're doing? That's my prisoner you're taking!" He hopped off the ground, staring down the aardvark.

The soldier gave a small laugh. "Actually, we have direct orders from the princess of the stink aardvarks to capture this girl. She is our prisoner, not yours."

Yuck bared his sharp, yellow teeth in anger, a low growl emanating from his throat. "Not if I have anything to say about it!" Just as he lifted his hand to produce woo-foo magic, another aardvark soldier grasped his wrist, dragging him into the air. "Hey! Who do you think you're dealing with here, bud?"

"What do you think we should do with the green one?" The soldier asked his partner.

The aardvark shrugged, "Well, clearly he's not going to stop complaining about the girl, so might as well take him prisoner too."

"You're gonna do what?" Yuck exclaimed a mixture of anger and shock. "You can't take me! I'm a level five woo foo warrior! I can kick your butts!"

Both aardvarks and Lina rolled their eyes. "Let's just get out of here before we get stuck in even more trouble with this one… Soldiers! Move out! We're finished here!" The aardvark called out.