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Nanako Dojima missed her Big Bro. He'd only been there a year, but he'd helped to fill an empty space inside of her and her father that she was afraid would always be there. But when he left, he made a new one, and even though it had been a year since he'd returned home, even though they still contacted one another, it still hurt.

But she had promised him she wouldn't cry, and that she'd always do her best in everything she did. And she kept her promise. Now, on the evening before the one year anniversary of Souji's officially becoming part of the family(she couldn't help but smile as she remembered the small party her dad went to the trouble of setting up for them), she was determined to do something special.

Her Big Bro had once told her her drawings were cute and that he liked them, so she decided to make him the greatest picture she'd ever made! It was a picture of her, her dad, and all of his friends together, showing how much they miss him and love him. This drawing was as much for them as it was for Souji, because they all helped to ease the hurt she felt, and all filled the hole in her heart.

She ran down the street, smiling, picture in hand. She'd just finished showing the picture to Teddie and Yosuke,(both of whom broke into tears of joy at the picture) and was running towards the textile shop. She had one more person to show it to.

Kanji Tatsumi, though scary in appearance, was one of the sweetest people in the world, and had offered to give her lessons in drawing a few months earlier when she first mentioned what gift she wanted to send to Souji. With his help, she'd improved so much, and the smile on Kanji's face when he saw it...the twinkle of joy in his eyes...and the way he picked her up and spun her around, giving her one of her favorite kind of hugs...

She loved her Big Bro, and missed him dearly, but she thought just then that, no matter how wonderful his reaction to the drawing was...that though Souji's reaction was most important to her, Kanji's reaction was the most precious to her.