Macbeth Cannon. Age: Unknown.

Retirement has been looming like a welcome friend for the last year. Macbeth Cannon, Head Gamemaker for the last eight Hunger Games was going to be glad to be finished with the whole thing once and for all. It wasn't that he didn't enjoy his job, no… He had been working as one of the Gamemakers for years before that, but there were pressures that came with the job of being the Head. You had to make calls, and last year had not been good to him. Snow was about ready to have his head over not keeping an eye on the dam. Of course the girl from four was going to be the Victor in the end. It wasn't great though when your entire arena ended up under water and it was taking far longer to clean it up for tourists. At the rate things were, it would still be another year before they would be able to open it. They had played it out like it was on purpose, but both Cannon and Snow knew better.

This year had to be great, or he was going to end up with very little to do with his retirement. More than likely they'd be finding a way to make the punishment fit the crime, and Macbeth had not yet had time for swimming lessons. He hadn't even really had time for watching the reapings this year either while trying to micromanage everything that could possibly go wrong and finding ways to fix it before things went sour. After a long day he was just sitting back enjoying his tea while an Avox brought him the list of Tributes. He nodded at her politely and waiting for her to leave before opening it.

District 1
Sparkle Havers
Prince Zamble

District 2
Copper Bulger
Julius Davasee

District 3
Anastasia Fullsap
Chip Elektra

District 4
Fern Kantle
Gulliver Downs

District 5
Faith Jorre
Darwin Wandris

District 6
Tempest Shallows
Rowan Lorca

District 7
Hazel Mould
Oakes East

District 8
Juliet Laprees
Robin Hastings

District 9
Ava Rayns
Ruffian Boot

District 10
Cinnamon Sallee
Baylor Rosien

District 11
Petal Combs
Laurel Arbour

District 12
Talia Irons
Wren Bonas

Twenty four would go in. Only one would come back out again.

Hopefully he would too.

A/N: Welcome, welcome to the 71st Hunger Games. As to try and keep up with 24 different tributes all at the same time, the story will be broken up into three districts per chapter after the Reapings. First you need to meet the Tributes.

Happy Hunger Games.