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I snuck some food over to Vlad before my parents and my sister got home with the rest of the people. Vlad finally quit with the whole should have left him die in space crap, but it was a start. I finally got a friend that's like me and that's Vlad. I even snuck in an extra bed in my room and had to readjust things to make it possible at all for myself and him. I mean, Vlad can try to escape by fooling me and I wasn't ready to lose him.

Of course, my parents and my sister showed up home no more than five minutes ago and I made dinner for everyone. Okay…I admit, I can cook. Just lazy or whenever I'm starving and right now, everyone had to be hungry. I made us pizza and I felt major family hugs from mom, dad, and Jazz after I set the pizza on top of the stove! We fell and they smothered me with too much love over here! I groaned.

"GUYS! I-I NEED AIR!" I gasped.

They finally released me. My hands pulled me up on the counter and they helped themselves back up. Honestly, where was the normality in this family? My head shook and took back some good air. Jazz joined up at my side and smiled at me with her caring act of a sister. My head turn and saw how happier my parents have been in their entire lives.

"Sweetie…that is the bravest thing you have done to save everyone. I'm proud of you, Danny." Mom smiled.

Dad nodded, "Yeah! Son! Way to go! Everyone loves you now! You're so popular too!"

My eyes rolled, "You mean, they love Phantom me?" I chuckled, "Yeah, I guess so. You guys want pizza? I'm starving, you know?"

"Already ahead of you, little brother." Jazz held out the plates for everyone.

I chuckled and we all helped each other out on the pizza slices we wanted and sat down at the kitchen table. Dad and mom sat in between me, and Jazz across from me. It was going to be harder to hide things like Vlad and one thing for sure, I must lock my door twenty-four, seven and luckily for me, I have a bathroom in my room.

"So, how does it feel like to save Earth, son?" Dad excitedly asked.

I chuckled, "Like I always do, totally worth it."

Mom nodded, "Have you known about Vlad and his half ghost? What is it like being a hybrid? How did both of you become half ghost? How is it that you both co-exist such breed?"

I blinked and found myself difficult to see mom was too curious, dad nodded along to avoid any upset mom, and Jazz groaned at the fact mom was overdoing it.

"Um, the portal blasted at us and we turned out half ghost and I guess the ectoplasm fused with our DNA and makes us half ghost and half human. We just transform into them once we gained control of our powers. And Vlad, yeah…I've known about it almost a year now and I'm surprised he gave his secret away." I kept it short and simple.

Mom chewed on the pizza while I answered, her eyes widened at such answers or discovery, and I grew to wonder if I should get mad at Jazz or not. I decided not ruin the moment today since it's been a long day for everyone.

"It would make sense how you are the good ghost out of the rest of ninety-nine percent. Is fighting ghost more challenging than a low energy ghost?" Mom wouldn't quit it, but man…I wish that Fenton Jet didn't have to take a crash course or bailed on me.

I gulped down my pizza, "Uh, mom, not all ghosts are evil if that's what you're referring to. It's depending on their powers and what they seek for with their powers. Like, Box Ghost, he's into dominating all boxes that are square and now, adding bubble wraps to his doom." My eyes rolled, "But, each ghost's powers relate their personality and how you associate with them. Ghost Writer is a good example. He can be on your good and bad side, but it's depending on what he's trying teach. If you destroy his book, then you're in trouble with him. If you get into his books, he's actually a good ghost." I had to ramble, didn't I?

Dad slapped my back, "Wow, Danny! Why didn't you tell us? That could have given us a better insight on you guys!"

Mom agreed, "Yes, we would have pitched in and helped you properly on ghost hunting."

Dammit, where a ghost when I needed one? I waited a few seconds before I answer and…nothing. Great, the ghosts must do it on a wrong timing and all. Jazz almost choked on her soda because of the last two words mom has said. I sighed.

"Uh, it's not ghost hunting, it's ghost fighting. I fight ghost and put them back into the ghost zone where they belong or as long they aren't hurting citizens or destroying stuff, I'm all good." I smiled.

Mom understood eventually, but all of this felt so new and strange routine to get into. Jazz helped herself on another slice of pizza before dad does and I joined her to do the same. Mom and dad bickering on the whole scientific discovery. I wouldn't blame them that it was so much for them to take it.

"Sorry, Danny…I-I nearly thought you died in that jet and I should have realize you would have gone intangible or something." Jazz whispered, frowning at her own disappointment.

I patted her arm, "Hey, I would have done the same thing. Just get them to stop asking so many questions. I'm exhausted." I sheepishly smiled with guilt.

Jazz nodded and she believed me. We returned at the table and helped ourselves eating dinner. Mom and dad were constantly talking about doing checkup on my ghost powers and understanding how things work with me. I knew that meant taking my valuable time and I hated that. Hopefully, my best friends would join me on this case because there's no way I'd do it alone.

Then again, I have to worry about hiding Vlad in my room one way or another. It was something I was majorly concerned about the most. I mean, no one realizes I saved Vlad's life out of my selfish desire. No one knows he's in my room, powerless, and I was dealing with him on my own term. Jazz hasn't noticed my deeper lies, but it wasn't totally obvious. I'm exhausted after making the Earth intangible with, oh, sextillion ghosts. People's lives are saved and Ghost Zone saved too. So, there's no worry for anyone. I mean, Clockwork would have showed up to prevent that…right?

Mom and dad immediately asked all for my ghost powers to list out and Jazz covered my ass on this is a lot of energy work and that I needed a good rest on this. So, they joined over to Jazz for more of her discovery and involvement on the case. I was surprised to see they'd drag her and I bid them good night. I headed upstairs to my room, luckily…no one bothered to notice I snatched a third slice of pizza and it was invisible.

Vlad was trying to hide…under my bed sheet to stay hidden, but really…it was stupid.

"Hey, I got you a pizza if you're still hungry." My eyes rolled, surprised to see the man be more childish to hide.

He removed the cover to relax, "Thank you, Daniel, but you didn't have to do this."

I chortled, "I'm doing this because I'm selfish to have you, Vlad. Deal with it, no one needs to know you're here and I kind of don't want them to be on my nerve on betraying them when they don't understand how we feel."

I walked up to Vlad and handed him the pizza plate. He accepted it slowly, but there wasn't much to do change what I've been through. I sat down on the second bed, figuring out how to make it through today and tomorrow…well, every day until I can trust Vlad again. Moreover, the ghost thing? How is that going to work? Honestly, the ghosts hate him for using them and they almost took a troll on me because I didn't do anything about it to stop him fast enough.

"Daniel, this is your bed and you sleep on this. I should be sleeping the guest's bed." Vlad consoled me.

I chuckled, "I know, Vlad, but where would I place the cuff to? It's nothing and there's no difference in either of the bed. No one is going to come in as they please, so I'm not worried."

"You don't obviously trust me, Daniel."

A deadpanned appeared on my face, "Dude, I saved you today and did you really think I'm gullible after almost a year together?"

Vlad couldn't blame me and he was trying. I checked over the cuff on the bed and placed the setting to be able to allow Vlad to have a distance to my bathroom. He set the plate aside and watched me, but the feeling was strange. I saved him for my own reason. I didn't wake him up or ask him if he wanted me to. From time to time, we would have easily argued in public in our ghost forms. Now, we cannot since the world would be quick on their feet to recognize his ghost half. Eventually, people would picked up I'm half ghost as much as him. I wasn't too sure how'd they view me being half ghost, but worse to discover I betrayed others.

I helped myself to get ready for bed and Vlad stayed on my bed. I froze and felt terrible. I wasn't exactly the type of person to keep people prison or trap. In a matter of second, I knew it was wrong, but I saved him. Wouldn't that overweighs everything? Does it?

"Daniel? Are you alright?" His voice caught me off guard.

I blinked, "Yeah, I'm fine. Just surprised the day is saved." I muttered and headed into the bathroom.

There's a lot to think about and deal with. Lastly, I can't believe I still have to go to school tomorrow and deal with my friends and everyone's crazy chatting about one thing. I just know it that much. I mean, Mr. Lancer wouldn't give a day off for school that much, but he'll have his standard change now since Tucker ruled out everyone's attention and Phantom. Who knows what goes on in that teacher's mind? At least saying I didn't do my homework because of working on the save the world with Phantom. See a good excuse for Mr. Lancer to take, but who knows. Right now, I needed to deal with one day at a time and survive my parents' nose poking business into my Danny Phantom business.

I hope Vlad can use the computer for his enjoyment and I hope he doesn't consider my room too much of a prison for him…does he thinks that way? I wasn't too sure, but he does feel guilty of being here from what I can tell.

Well, a shuteye might help clear things up.

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