The End is a New Beginning

Summary: What's to happen to the Winchester's now that the final battle is over?

Disclaimer: Not mine. Just barrowed them and twisted the story for amusement.

"It's over." Dean thought to himself as he and Sam began preparing to perform the ritual that would end the threat of Crowley and the Leviathans once and for all. It had taken months for them to find the ritual, and even more to get everything needed to complete the ritual.

Right now the two brothers had barricaded themselves in the remains of Bobby's panic room; warded it to the hilt as Crowley and several legions of demons and other monsters had found their location and are preparing an attack. The sounds of Hell hounds barking demons descending fill the air.

It is an eerily mix of calm and frantic hurry to their actions as Sam and Dean perform the ritual. Mixing the ingredients to the potion and saying the Latin words of the incantation as if all of hell wasn't literally banging at their door.

As the brothers say the last words of the incantation, a bright light floods the room; as a loud screeching noise filled the air. Both brothers place their hands to their ears and close their eyes as they drop down low to the floor.

Both of them wondering if the ritual would work; or if they in for a slow, tortious death. Dean hopes that if it is to be the latter that they wouldn't have to be witness to each other's execution. And if that would be the case, Dean hopes that they would spare Sam the pain of witnessing his brother's death by killing him first. Dean knew what it was like to see his brother die, and as much as it hurt; he was willing to take that pain for himself in his own final moments.

Once the light and sound dissipates, the air is heavy with nothing but silence. Dean opens his eyes first and discovers that they are no longer in Bobby's basement. He's not sure where they are, but they are in a white room… a white room the size of Texas. A white void would be a more appropriate term for where they are; as it is impossible to discern where the walls began or how tall the room really is.

Dean's first thought is to try to find Sam; and is more than relieved to find that he is next to him.

"Sam? You ok?' Dean says as he tries to get to his feet. He quickly makes his way over to Sam, and begins checking for any injury to his little brother.

"Yeah. You?" Sam asks as he subtly checks Dean for any visible sign of injury. Taking in their surroundings, or lack thereof; Sam asks: "And where are we?"

"I'm fine." Before Dean can answer the next question, they notice a Man has appeared in the void and is slowly walking towards them.

Sam and Dean immediately get to their feet and are fully prepared to defend themselves if the man is a threat. But instead of attacking, the man smiles brightly as he speaks:

"You have done well. And I must congratulate you on your victory. As you have won the final battle. And now I am proud to give the two of you: your rewards."

Before the brothers could even comprehend the next moment, the man place two fingers to their foreheads and everything goes black.

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