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Alright, so Peter might have been expecting more than a 'nice work'. He did, after all, reveal the location of majorly deadly bomb. Which took rewiring a fairly…Peter tried not to use the word evil, it was a device and the genius in him wanted to tell him inanimate objects can't be 'good' or 'evil' as they don't really do anything…

But screw the genius in him.

It took rewiring an evil contraption.

And sure, she smiled at him and that made him happy, but…he might have been expecting a kiss, at the very least. Maybe only physical contact, the brush of her hand against his, but something. Because God(that Peter didn't believe in) did he love Olivia Dunham.

There's just something about a Federal agent who flies into Iraq to tell you to get your estranged father out of a mental hospital. Then there was her willingness to do anything for what she believed, and the way her hair fell, and of course her smile.

And, to be honest, he had been expecting that kiss a while. Maybe when he pulled her naked out of that tank and told her everything would be okay. If he were her he would have kissed himself then. Or that time he showed up half drunk at her house to apologize? Who does that?

…okay, every guy. But that's not the point. The point is that he deserved that kiss.

He thought he might get it after they disabled the bomb, and that's why he went along with her.

That was, of course, before he saw the bomb and it was with the lights and everything.

He would have rewired that bitch for her a thousand times over, except for the small problem which was he couldn't.

He wasn't really used to not being able to do things, and it infuriated him.

And she was just standing there motionless, obviously believing what Jones was telling her, that she could shut it off with her mind.

He wanted to shake her, shake her so hard. He wanted to tell her 'Olivia, you'll die'. Which he did, and which seemed to be ineffective.

Now, as much as he liked Olivia, he was not going to turn into the reverse Elephant Man for her. So he found the elevator.

Of course, by the time the elevator came, he had thought everything through and realized he was never going to escape on time.

So he decided that if he was going to die, his last image could at least be of her.

And as he watched those lights flick off, he felt a certain thing for her that no other girl had ever made him feel.

The only way he could describe this thing was 'a kind of feeling where your life has been saved by something utterly impossible'.

And he had been getting sadly used to that feeling, but this was overpowering, a huge wave of the thing.

But when she turned around, there was no 'oh, Peter, you came back for me' or 'Peter, you would have died with me? Really? I love you'.

Frankly he wasn't expecting that. It was Olivia, she was better than that.

But she didn't want to go out for a drink and she didn't kiss him before he left.

He wasn't exactly raring to turn to Walter for girl advice, but…

Where else could he go?

He really, and I mean really wanted that kiss.

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