Hello welcome back to The Oprah Winfrey Show! I'm Oprah Winfrey - applause - Now today on the show we like to welcome a very special guest all the way from Mexico please welcome Dora The Explora!
- booing audience - Dora comes out flicking everyone off. Hey Oprah and I'm actually from Ohio. :o

Hello Dora! Sorry my Dora there have been rumors of you stating that you are starring in this new Bud Light Commerical, is this true?

Actually Oprah it is! I really wanted to star in something that i actually love and this was perfect!

Well thats good! And other reports were you and Boots got kicked out of Justin Bieber's party, tell us about that.

Well first Justin thought I didn't speak English so he brought in a spanish dictionary and wor Mexico t-shirt and I thought that was pretty f**k up of him, so what I did was set his d**k on fire while Boots stole all the Vodka, but then his bodyguard came in and kicked us out... but later gave us a High Five!

Is Justin alright though?

How the f**k should I know? He filed a restraining order! I have to be at least 100 meters away from him!

I can see why Dora!
- crowd laugh like hell - Dora was totally pissed off, she stood up in rage! You wanna start something Oprah? Huh, do you? I swear I'll kick your ass right here in front of all your Goddamn Motherf**kin fans!

Oprah wanted to laugh soo hard to at the 5 year old challenging her to fight. Dora! She chuckled a bit. Excuse me, Dora please just sit down and lets try to finish the interview.

A bit calm Dora sat back down. Ok fine!

Anyways before i forget the my wonderful audience we have for you today on the right side of your seat a free autographed Justin Bieber CDs for everyone! You get a CD! You get a CD! -thunderous applause and cheers-

Dora was getting a little ticked again but tried to calm down.

And on your left. You all get Dora's all new porn video. With back to back Behind the Scenes

-everyone Boos and throws the video on to the stage-

Ahhhhh! You people don't know talent if it hit you f**kin hit you on the head. F**kin Losers!

Get security out here!

All right escourt Ms. Winfrey out of here! We have a code MAROON Mexican A*****e Retard On Oprah's Network

1 hour later after the episode...
We are going to have to end the Oprah Show. . .