Title - Worried

Author D m Evans

Timeline/Spoilers - spoilers up to and including ch 15

Summary - Yukio is worried

Author's Note - This is my first foray into this fandom.


To be a really good exorcist, Rin would have to be far more aware of his surroundings than he was. Yukio could at least write off the fact that his brother was completely unaware that he was watching him as being due to the fact that Rin seemed to be concentrating intently on his candles. Shura had set him the task of controlling his blue flame well enough to light the candles in a variety of sequences.

Mostly Rin seemed to be melting them willy-nilly, but he was getting better. He had to get better. Yukio had never let himself really think much on what would happen to Rin if he failed, not until now, not until the Order had given his twin only six months to become an exorcist or they would exorcise him.

Yukio had long known what his twin was, but his 'older' brother had always protected him. Rin protected those weaker than himself, even if it meant he ended up in fights and missing out on school. Unfortunately now, even with Yukio and Shura pushing him hard, Rin had the desire to do good, but he didn't have the skills. He was a sloppy fighter and an even worse student. He had no mental discipline, hence Shura and her candles.

Yukio watched Rin fail again, his throat tightening. It slowly sank in that he could lose Rin for good and there wasn't a damn thing he could do other than try to help his brother quickly gain the control and the knowledge he needed to become an exorcist. Yukio knew this wouldn't be easy, but what choice did he have? He couldn't let his twin die.