Um... yeah. My brothers helped me make these. I only have one skylander and that's Hex, so I don't know how to play any of the other (what? 30? 32?) skylanders. I played like only one level and kept using the arena to get Hex to level ten. So this is pretty much crack, made off of when the three of us were on a suger high of pixie stixs, gummies, and chocolate. Mmm, snickers. But yeah this is ridiculous but my mind refused to let me continue doing other stuff until I sat down and posted this. Enjoy the result of our major sugar high!

Disclaimer: Yeah, I don't own Skylanders.


I am a flying lizard,

that's what I am.

I'll beat you all up just because I can.

I'm a skylander, what's it to you?

I am purple! Not blue!

Trigger Happy

I have guns.

They shoot money.

I'll shoot you,

and it's not funny.


I am a talking fish,

yeah that's right.

I'll splash you with water

all day and night.


I'm so awesome,

I don't need to rhyme.

I hate those skylanders,

all the time.

They won't stop

ruining my plans.

I want to beat em,

and I know I can.

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