One Step Too Far Chapter 8:

The Disappearance of Deep Blue

Kisshu, Emiko, Pai and Taruto teleported back to their dimension, then went to the separate dimension to talk to Deep Blue. To their surprise, when they teleported in, he wasn't there.

"Deep Blue-sama?" Pai called out. There was no response. The Cyniclons looked at each other, worried. Where was Deep Blue?

They waited a few more minutes, then left and teleported back to their dimension. "That was strange," Kisshu commented. "Where do you think he went?"

"I have no clue," Pai responded. "You'd think that he would be impatient for us to come back with a report."

"Let's give it some time; maybe he's busy," Emiko said. "He might call for us soon." The boys nodded.

Two days later, the Cyniclons were getting worried. There had been no sign of Deep Blue, and they had visited his dimension about four times. Now they were talking about what to do next.

"Could he have abandoned us?" Taruto wondered.

"But we were about to help him awaken," Emiko said. "What would he gain from abandoning us, when we are the ones with the Mew Aqua that he needs?"

"I don't know, but we can't take over Earth without his power," Pai said. "And if he were to abandon us, you'd think he'd do it after we awakened him."

"Maybe something happened to him," Kisshu suggested.

"That sounds like a reasonable explanation, but what will we do now?" Pai asked. "We can't take over Earth with just the four of us."

"Wait!" Emiko said. "We have the Mew Aqua, right?" The others nodded. "What if we used it to save our planet? We have quite a bit of it; it should be enough to heal the planet, and maybe even have some left over."

"That's a good idea, Emiko," Pai said. "Then we wouldn't need to rely on Deep Blue. But what happens when our people find out that Deep Blue is missing? They think he's a god."

They sat there thinking. Finally Emiko said, "We might as well just tell the truth; Deep Blue mysteriously disappeared after we killed Tokyo Mew Mew."

"Wait!" said Taruto. "What if one of the humans we killed was Deep Blue's human host?"

The others looked horrified. "But if that was the case, wouldn't he have ordered us not to kill that person?" Pai said.

"Let's go with that theory," said Kisshu. "We really don't want to be hunted down by our own people for killing Deep Blue, even if it was an accident."

The others nodded.

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