She was beautiful; unlike one he had ever met before. A sensible woman in Oxford would have worn black but not her. Her pinned up curls bounced as she walked, and her blue eyes ensnared every man into falling in love with her. She was truly a Dove.


Nikola stared at his now empty apartment. Everything was gone, even the dove that he nursed back to health after stumbling upon it in the park had left.(Well not everything, as for as his furniture went) How he loved that dove. He allowed his shoulders to rest against the wall as he slowly sank to the ground. Alone he could cry with being judged, and there was no need for his snarky, or witty comebacks. But as dangerous and at times crude; he knew that alone was not safe. Here he would sit alone for hours thinking of another dove, Helen. He could remember everything about her. Every moment of heartbreak because of that idiot Druitt, and every insufferable moment she sat cuddled up with James. Now he was being forced to help fix something stupid he did. How could he face her again only to have to watch her leave in the arms of James?

A soft knocking broke his thoughts and forced back the tears that were so close to falling. Nikola rose to his feet and brushed off his pants before making his way to the door.

"Hello Helen." Nikola said with a toothy smile.

The auburn haired woman stared at him un- amused. "Of all the stupid things you could have done…How could you?"

"It's not question of how but of why, actually." Nikola corrected through his smile.

Helen only glared at his tongue in cheek reply. Her blue eyes forced on the vampire in a mixed emotion of anger and fear of losing her friend. Having to fake his own death and hide for God knows how long how was she supposed to encourage his antics?

"Are the others here as well?" Nikola asked not really caring if two of them would have turned up missing, or dead.

"Nigel is, and James will be there waiting." Helen replied staring at vampire again. "Do you know where you will go?"

Nikola shrugged. "It won't matter much; I suppose if I stay quiet for long enough." His heart felt like it was about to explode from the pressure that seemed to be on it. Damn her and her concern. How could she just waltz in here and be so damn beautiful and amazing and completely blind to his feelings for her.

Helen hugged him tightly. "Please be safe Nikola." Helen whispered in his ear. She lingered a moment longer before pulling away. "Good-bye Nikola." She said to him and headed back to the hallway.

"Helen" Nikola called out from the doorway as he followed her. Helen stopped and pivoted to look back at him. "When I do see you again you have to tell me how my funeral went."

Helen's face lit up with a smile of relief. "Of course." She replied before turning back towards her destination, soon stepping into the elevator.

"Helen" Nikola said again as the doors shut before he could finish. "I love you."

Present Day

Nikola paced his room, with a glass of wine attached to his hand. Helen had done it again…she used her stunning good looks and brains to get him to help her in some crazy mission and then acted as if nothing happened. He of course played it off acting like it didn't bother him. Why couldn't she be normal and just ask him instead of appealing to his weakness. She literally drove him insane.

It wasn't necessarily a bad thing; she inspired some of his best work. Not that he would ever admit it, not after the last time he admitted something to her. She treated him like the words had poison to them. Nikola sighed. Why couldn't he just get over her? He finished his glass and placed it on the small table by the bed.

Nikola ran his hand through his hair. 'John, and James, but never me.' He thought bitterly. He couldn't help but to hate them and to want them to suffer like he did. James had a taste of the pain, when Helen went back to John. It however was nowhere near what Nikola went through. Pushed into the background, and expected to pick up all the broken pieces.

Buzz…Buzz…Buzz… Was the sound that interrupted his thoughts as his attention soon focused on his phone. He picked the phone up rolling his eyes; she always had the worse timing to call. Nikola waited a few seconds before answering.

"Hello Helen, do you miss me already?" He said pushing his vile thoughts away.

There was a giggle at his words that melted his heart. "You wish." happened to be the words that slapped him back to reality. "Henry is gone to London for the week with Erika and I need your help with the system."

"Fine…I'll be there in a few." Nikola said with a low groan.

"Thank you." Helen said before hanging up.

Nikola slipped the phone into his pocket and sighed. She really did have the worst timing.

Nikola sat at Henry's desk running system updates and backing up a few files Helen had asked him to see too. He couldn't help but to take notes on a few… a lot things the 'wonder wolf' needed to correct. His eyes darted up from the computer screen as the door opened; Helen lingered in the doorway before proceeding further into the lab. Nikola took notice to the dress; it was a dress she had worn in Vienna. It was simple and black; it hugged her body nicely and displayed her perfect long legs.

The weather was always unpredictable for Vienna in spring. Her simple black dress clung to her tightly as the rain poured down. He couldn't help but smile as she repeated that he should have grabbed the umbrella like she had told him to. He didn't mind the rain or the fact that she would be cuddling to him in the cab for warmth. He watched her as she check for any running make-up.

"You look beautiful Helen." Nikola assured her smiling warmly at her. And it was true. The water droplets that still kissed her skin shimmered from the approaching. 'Druitt is truly a moron' he thought to himself as he flagged the cab down.

Nikola opened the door for Helen, who quickly slipped into the car giving the directions to the driver. Nikola's jacket had been wrapped around Helen's shoulders but it was still cold to her. She moved closer to Nikola once he was settled in the cab. His arms wrapped around her sharing his body heat with her.

"Nikola are you okay?" Helen asked leaning over his shoulder checking his progress.

"Yes; why?" Nikola said wondering how she had closed the distance between them so quickly.

"You seemed to be miles away." Her hand squeezed his shoulder lightly. He was miles away late; his thoughts wandered so much, and had been for a while.

He blamed her kissing him. That had to be it; there was no other solution. He wasn't sure where he stood in her life anymore. Was he just a friend, or had that kiss meant something. He didn't know and it was nerve racking to thinking about it.

"I was…" He admitted looking up at her. "I have been thinking about the past, and how so much has changed." He watched her facial expression soften as she took a seat next to him. "I mean in Oxford we were so close."

"Nikola you are my best friend." Helen said a feeling remorse hit her. They had lost touch some. With all that had happened in the last few years she had noticed that she was distancing herself from those around her.

Nikola gave her a smile; it was the fact that there was witty comeback or banter that worried her. He was acting like he did in Oxford when something was weighing on his mind. "Nikola talk to me."

"I thought I was." He said with a raised eyebrow.

"I mean about what is on your mind Nikola." Helen sighed giving him a knowing look.

"You don't want that." He warned.


Nikola's hands covered his face; how could he tell what was on his mind without the bitterness and anger he felt hurting her.'

"Helen, I can't." He said after a long silence.

Helen sighed looking down at her feet. "Fine, but if you change your mind…"

"I know." He said cutting her sentence off. Helen stood and patted his back as she headed back for the door. "Your dress," Nikola said looking at her as she turned to face him. "You wore it in Vienna when we got caught in the rain."

Helen smiled at him. "You remember that."

Nikola rolled his eyes mockingly at her. "Of course I remember how you cuddled to me in the cab."

"Ah." She shook her head; he never ceased to amuse her with his antics. She walked out leaving Nikola alone again.