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Nikola stared at Lily as she bounced happily about Helen's office. Helen had only moments ago explained that she was to be in hers and Nikola's wedding. Of course this meant explaining that Lily was going to also have a mom and dad now.

"I be flower girl!" Lily repeated over and over as she twirled about.

Nikola laughed at the horribly cute sentence. He would have corrected her but he didn't have the heart to make her sad, or to discipline her. This was why Helen was the authority figure, but it seemed that even Helen could not correct Lily. His eyes traveled to Helen as she giggled.

"Lily," Helen managed after a moment. "Henry and Erika are ready to go get ice cream, are you?"

Lily's eyes lit up and she nodded.

"What does that mean?" Helen teased, yet corrected.

"I ready to get ice cream." Lily turned to Helen pouting playfully.

"Good girl. Give me hugs." Helen said as Henry opened the door.

Lily's arms flung around Helen's neck. "I loves you."

"I love you too, have fun and listen to them." Helen planted a kiss on her forehead before releasing her.

Lily climbed on Nikola's lap and hugged him. "Bye princess." Nikola returned the hug and looked at Henry. "Oh Heinrich, try not to lose my angel."

Henry picked Lily up from Nikola and stuck his tongue out at the snarky vampire. He had never meant to lose her the first time. Lily wrapped her arms and legs around Henry. "Bye bye." Lily waved turning to Helen and Nikola.

Helen smiled as the trio left. Her attention soon turned on Nikola and she tossed a piece of crumbled paper at him. Nikola swatted it away from him and gave her a puzzled look.

"What was that for?" He complained childishly.

"Don't lose my angel! Nikola that was un-necessary!" Helen scolded him.

"So is your clothing but you still wear them." Nikola winked at her dodging another air borne object.

"Honestly Nikola you are-"

"Handsome, charming, sexy, desir-"

"Incorrigible!" Helen rose from her desk.

"Ouch…no need to be so mean about it." Nikola sniffled. "And I would like to say I am only incorrigibly in love with you."

Helen exhaled with a laugh. "I love you Nikola." Helen sat on his lap and tucked her arms behind his neck. "Incorrigible and all."

"I love you more though." Nikola stated.

"Oh do you." Helen voice was playful.

"I have loved you since the moment I met you." There was no playful tone in his voice as he spoke.

"Oh Niko…" Helen's cupped his face with her hands kissing him.

Nikola pulled her closer, and then pulled away. He needed her to know about his feelings for her. He never wanted her to question them. His blue eyes met hers. "You are the reason I live, not just because you saved my life, but because you made me want to be a better person…in my own ways."

"Nikola, I am sorry I was blind to you before." Helen laid her head on his chest. "But we are together now."

"Could you handle that being forever?" Nikola asked stroking her hair.

"I could always send you away for a few weeks." Helen giggled nuzzling her nose to his neck.

"You would miss me too much." Nikola grunted at the soft tingle he felt.

"Oh would I?" Helen kissed along his neck. "I have a conference now." Helen smirked as she stood and left Nikola there speechless.

"You are a minx!" He growled before slumping in his chair annoyed.


Helen used her conference as an excuse to go looking for a dress. She decided that if she were to get married this would be the first and last time so she might as well do it the right way. Helen didn't want her staff to know how far she was going to go with her wedding plans. She didn't want to admit to Will that she was starting to see how right he was about having balance. Helen looked at a dress from the window of a local dress shop. It was beautiful; it was strapless with a sweetheart neckline with an empire waist. The dress was made to be a mermaid style dress that lost its tight form at the knees. The trim along the neckline and around the knee area was burgundy.

Helen pursued her lips together and pushed the door to the shop open. She was greeted by a young clerk and the two began to talk. Helen pointed at the dress in the window. The clerk smiled and walked to the rack next to it going through the sizes. Helen felt excited as the clerk handed her the dress and proceeded to walk her to the fitting room.

The woman insisted on helping Helen get into the dress, and after several minutes Helen was glad she allowed the woman to aid her. Helen was lead into the lobby area where there were several mirrors giving the person in the middle of the room a near 360 view. Helen's hands fell over the silk fabric that clung to her curves. It was the first time in a really long time that she wore something that made her feel like a real woman. She felt beautiful and elegant, and for once it wasn't because of Nikola's affection towards her.

Helen turned to the woman. "I love it."

The woman could only smile. "Would you like a veil?"

"No, actually I think this will be it." Helen stared at her reflection in the mirror for a second longer.

"Are you sure?" The woman asked doing what all sales people were taught to do.

"Yes, for now." Helen assured the woman and walked back to the fitting room.


It had been a week and slowly Helen had done little things to get her wedding in order. Nikola had taken care of getting his tux and making sure that the others had been fitted as well. Nikola was prepared for the big lavished event, though he would have liked a small intimate wedding. Nothing was small with Helen, one of the many reasons he loved her. Still if it were just a few people she knew and the children that would have been perfect.

He looked at the calendar on Will's office wall. Two week till the big day. Nikola rolled his eyes as Will rushed in. "I just got off the phone with Magnus. We have to go!"

"What?" Nikola heart started to race. "Is she okay? What's wrong?"

"We have to take the jet, Henry has the coordinates." Will spoke very quickly.

"Who is flying us?"

"I am." Will said hurrying from his office.

"What about Lily?"

"The Big Guy will take care of her."


Helen smiled as she read over the text message from Henry. Her plan was right on track. Biggie had left on a plane with Lily and Abby as well as the tuxedos. Helen looked at Erika who was sitting next to her. She had been such a big help with pulling this off. Nikola was going to be so furious with her, but in the end it was worth it. He loved New York and he was not a fan of having many people attending the wedding, but he was going to do it for her.

Helen watched as the time passed. They would soon be here. She would be Mrs. Nikola Tesla…although she'd like to keep it Magnus. It was another surprise she had for Nikola. When she was engaged to John taking his last name was never a question. She was not established then, and her last name didn't matter. Now it did, but she wanted Nikola to know she was serious about him and how much she cared for him.

She rose from her seat and looked out the window. Nikola was standing arguing with Will, and Henry. Oh boy she was in for it. Helen turned to the knocking on the door. Erika answered it and allowed Lily into the room.

Abby followed holding the tuxedos. "The Big Guy stopped to visit an old friend."

Helen nodded and picked Lily up. "Hello beautiful."

Lily hugged Helen tightly wrapping her arms and legs around her. "Hi mommy." She whispered in her ear.

"So what is the plan?" Abby asked placing the tuxedos down and closing the door.

"There is a part of the beach that is closed off and the wedding will take place there, and Coney Island is right there. I have a friend who will reopen it for us once they close and clean up." Helen answered putting Lily down.

There was another knock. Helen walked to the door motioning for the others to stay quiet. "This is not funny Helen." Nikola said as the door opened.

"What?" Helen asked trying not to smile at him.

"I was worried something happened to you and here you are in New York perfectly fine…"Nikola cocked his head to the side. "Why are you in New York?"

"Vacation." Helen bit her lip. "Let's go to the room."

"This is not yours?" Nikola asked puzzled.

"No, our room is over there." She pointed to the suite at the end of the hall.

Nikola sighed and walked with her. Helen opened the door and proceeded into the large suite. "Nice, now what is the real occasion for us being here?"

"Well in two weeks we are going to be married and I'm afraid that we won't get a very long honeymoon."

"Ah so who's room was that?"

"That was Frankie's wife. You remember him, the New York accountant that handles the stocks for me." Helen lied smoothly.

"Oh. Well what do you have planned for tonight?" Nikola asked thinking of places to take Helen.

"I'm not sure, give me a second." Helen looked at her wrist. "I must have dropped my bracelet in the other room. Order some wine I'll be right back."

Helen hurried to Erika's room and motioned for the boys to take Nikola his tux. Without a word they obeyed her and Helen sighed in relief.

"Should I text Biggie?" Abby asked pulling her dress from the closet.

"No, he was picking up an old friend of his to be his date." Helen said sitting in a chair as Erika started to fix her hair for her.


Nikola felt so betrayed, but at the same time very lucky. The sun was setting and the warm glow danced on the water. There were not a lot of people in front of him. He smiled a little; Helen planned this because she knew he didn't want a huge crowd even after he agreed to it. A soft violin began to play; Will and Abby were first down the red carpet leading to the archway Nikola stood before, followed by Henry and Erika. Lily walked by her-self tossing white rose peddles to each side of her.

Nikola smiled at Lily as she took her place next to Erika. Nikola looked back at the carpet as Helen and Biggie proceeded to make their way down the aisle. Kate took her bouquet and returned to her seat with Garrison. Nikola's heart dropped and he felt dizzy at the sight of Helen. He took her hand and stared into her blue eyes. This woman was his, this moment he dreamed of for so long was now finally happening.

The sun gave its last rays of light as the pair said 'I do' and sealed it with a kiss. Nikola held to Helen as he broke the kiss. "I love you, Nikola." Helen softly said.

"I know, and I love you too." Nikola whispered back.

"I want to take your last name." Helen said as she buried her face in his neck.

Nikola could only smile at the words. He stroked her hair and presented to the crowd his wife. The night passed and the group had gathered at Coney Island. The lights and music made for a festive time. Nikola sat by Helen as the 'children' were off riding rides with Lily. Helen laid her head on Nikola.

"What are you thinking?" She asked kissing lightly at his neck.

"I have the perfect family now." He answered pulling her closer to his body.