Playing God

Chapter 1

Kira's Goddess

Author's Note: Hi guys and welcome to my new fic Playing God. I have planned this fic out a bit more than I did with Crawling In My Skin so I hope this does just as well as Crawling In My Skin did. Not sure how many chapters this will be, but I'm guessing between 25 and 30. Not sure yet so, yeah sit back and let the show begin.

Pairings: Light x OC

Warnings: an OC, OOCness, cussing, and violence

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Gently, the small droplets of rain hit her coat as she walked down the sidewalk to her apartment. She sighed in content as the light drizzle gradually began to pick up. She had no umbrella only a coat, but that's all she needed. She loved the rain and felt like the rain was pure. It was just so clear and refreshing. She would never tell anyone, but she thought that the rain washed away impurities from your soul. That one rain drop could melt away all the evil in that one spot it hit.

It made sense to her. After it rained, the world looked so new and genuine, how could you disagree. Though she did feel a bit stupid for thinking this. Water couldn't take away your evil. You couldn't take away your evil unless you were killed. When you died all the evil washed from your body and the world became a better place because of your death. Who could do such a thing though, she had thought. Who could slay people and then take away their evil?

Kira could, that's who. She had found out about Kira just a few weeks back when she had noticed mysterious heart attacks all in the news. Soon she saw that people believed Kira was killing these people to create a better world. She had always wanted a better world; a world ruled by peace and not violence. So, this to her was a dream come true. Finally, someone was taking matters into their own hands and creating a just world.

Honestly, she strived to know how Kira killed and she also strived to become his goddess. Kira was often thought of as God so, if she was to help Kira in his quest for a more just world, she would be his goddess. She would be his right hand man and help in making this world a better place. She would reign over the world as one of the supreme rulers, but alas that was merely a childish fantasy. [1] She would probably never know how Kira killed and she would never reign by his side.

This time she sighed in longing as she walked down the slippery sidewalk. It was clearly pouring now and people scrambled to get inside and find shelter, but she continued down in but a simple coat that didn't even button. The sidewalk was now clearly abandoned and she felt a bit free being the only one on the street. She was what most considered a loner because she really hated working in groups or with more than one other person. Rain beat down on her aching body from the work she had done earlier and soothed her muscles.

Just as she was enjoying her walk home she didn't feel any concrete underneath her and instead felt some papery. Before she knew however, she was flat on her face. She winced as her skin made contact with the concrete below and slowly she began to feel warmth on her cheek. Her nose throbbed with pain. She sat up on her knees and lifted her hand up to her cheek. A hiss escaped her mouth as she gingerly touch the cut on her cheek. It was a pretty fair cut, that when traced she felt it extend from the corner of her nose to the corner of her mouth. Cursing under her breath, she turned around to see what had tripped her. Turning her head to look over her shoulder she saw a black notebook. Obviously some college student had carried too many books and dropped the notebook on their way home. [2]

Curiosity overtook her as she reached over and grabbed the book. It was just a plain black notebook, but as she held it she knew something was up. The book just screamed trouble. Not one to fear a book, she flipped it over to see the title. There in scribbled white kanji was デスノート. [3] Being of Japanese heritage she easily read it out as Deathnote. A book of death? Warily, she opened up the cover to reveal a rules page. What she saw shocked her to no end.

1. The human whose name is written in this note shall die.

2. This note will not take effect unless the writer has the person's face in their mind when writing his/her name. Therefore, people sharing the same name will not be affected.

3. If the cause of death is written within the next 40 seconds of writing the person's name, it will happen.

4. If the cause of death is not specified, the person will simply die of a heart attack.

5. After writing the cause of death, details of the death should be written in the next 6 minutes and 40 seconds. [4]

Instantly, she knew what she held in her hands. This is how Kira kills! This is my ticket to becoming a goddess. My ticket to creating a just world. I mustn't let anyone see me carrying this around. Checking to make sure no one or any cameras had seen her pick up the notebook, she then slipped it into the inside of her jacket and sprinted off toward her apartment building.

Stepping in front of the entrance of the 30 story orange building, she took a gulp of breath and straightened her hair. She couldn't just rush in with any explanation and though her gut wanted her to rush in and head upstairs to look at the Deathnote, she had enough self-control to not do that. She pushed the door open and stepped into the lobby. It too was a bright orange and had a few lounge chairs here and there.

To the right was a desk with a sleeping doorman, which she knew as Hotaru, and to the left was a spiraling staircase. There was an elevator too, but it was in desperate need of repair. She carefully approached the desk and gave a small, "Hotaru?"

The man made a small mumble, but showed no intention of waking.

"Hotaru." she said with a bit more volume in her voice.

Still he refused to wake.

"Hotaru!" she practically yelled.

Finally Hotaru woke, but with a scream. He lifted his head up from his crossed arms violently and in the process, his head connected with her already bruised nose. She gave a yelp of pain and covered her nose with both of her palms, creating a small shield to protect her nose from further harm. Hotaru blinked and saw he had hurt his friend. He instantly began to fuss over her and when he saw her cut cheek, he just began to make a scene.

"Kuro, are you okay?" Hotaru almost squealed. [5]

"I'm fine, Hotaru. Jeez. I slipped outside and got cut."

"I told you, you should be more careful out in the rain, but no you won't listen to me."

"Never have, never will." Kuro said with a smirk.

Hotaru huffed and crossed his arms as Kuro chuckled at him. Hotaru always was a bit childish. He walked back over to the desk and had a frown on his face.

"You know Kuro I worry about you. I mean you always seem to be in trouble and c'mon! Your name is Kuro Shi for Kami's sake!" [6]

"You worry too much, Hotaru. I'm fine. Now I need to go up to my room and get started on my studies."

"Ah, yes. You spend so much of your time on your studies to get into college." said Hotaru with a smile.

Kuro returned the smile and headed up the stairs to her apartment. She had some reading to do and it didn't involve studying.

[1] That some serious childish fantasy.

[2] Yeah, it's just some plain notebook. Right.

[3] This is kanji, but it is from Google Translate so, sorry if it is incorrect.

[4] These are the actual rules for the book or so I believe. They are from Wikipedia.

[5] Glad to finally learn her name?

[6] Kuro Shi translated into English means black death also according to Google Translate, this is why Hotaru is fussing over it.

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