Playing God

Chapter 13


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Pairings: Light x OC

Warnings: Major spoilers, cussing, violence, an OC, and OOCness

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Light sat in class like usual, completely ignoring the teacher, and instead thinking about the strange girl that had visited him last night.

"I want to become your Goddess."

"As Goddess I would of course have equal power to you. I will not stand to be some mindless slave that you force to do your bidding like the Second Kira. No, I require a partnership. Equality."

"Simple. I will kill you, Light Yagami."

"There's no need for questions. I'll tell you everything, so we may be equal."

"Since, we're being honest; I should show you my real face since I have seen yours."

"I'm afraid not, my Lord."

"Oh and one thing. My real name is Kuro Shi. K-U-R-O S-H-I. If I know your name then, it is only fair that you know mine. For equality's sake."

"Well that does seem fair as well since I know yours. I live in Chiba, Japan. My street is Todorokicho near the Chiba Keizai University. I live in the Juro apartment complex. Floor 8, Room 234."

"I still have many things to discuss with you."

She's coming back over tonight. I wonder what she wishes to discuss with me. Light just couldn't stop thinking about Kuro. Her brash nature and the way she kept saying equality. She truly wished to be equals in this. The bell rang and Light stood and headed towards the hotel where L was staying. L had received some other information from the Second Kira and L had asked that Light be there to see it. He walked up to the luxurious looking hotel and said thank you to the doorman as he walked in. Standing in the lobby was of course Matsuda who gave Light a stupid grin before escorting Light to the elevator.

They waited in comfortable silence for the elevator to ding and for the doors to open. Finally, the ding came and the two stepped out and headed down the long corridor to Room 521. Matsuda knocked softly and Soichiro opened the door for them. They stepped inside the room and were greeted by the rest of the Kira Task Force, L, and Watari. L sat in a large plush chair, well more like crouched, and Watari stood by his side with a tray full of treats.

"Soichiro, if you please." said L.

"Right." answered Soichiro and he grabbed a small notebook from the table that sat in front of L. [1]

"Light, there's another message from the second Kira. It was sent to Sakura TV and we intercepted it. I'm told it's a video and a journal this time.
Anyway, I figured I should tell you." explained Soichiro.

A journal? What is that idiot up to now? Why can't he just wait? Light's eyes only calculated though and showed no sign of his internal rage at this Second Kira. He's an idiot. The Second Kira is even worse than Kuro. Soichiro handed Light the journal and Light flipped through the pages and read the mindless entries.

"Hmm. 2006? These entries are from last year." Light noticed.

"Please take a look at the entry he made on the 30th." said L.

Light skimmed the page and looked down at one of the last entries.

"Hmm. Confirmed our shinigami at the Tokyo dome. This is probably supposed to mean that he plans to do this on May 30th. If this were aired on TV, his intention would be obvious to anyone who sees it." deduced Light.

Ryuk chuckled behind Light as he thought this over. Besides, he can't see my shinigami unless he touches my death note. How does he plan to do that? Huh? Light looked above the entry on the 30th and turned his attention to the entry dated on the 22nd.

May 22nd. "My friend and I showed off our notebooks in Aoyama." If by notebook he's referring to our death notes, that's something that could only be understood by me. And as for the police, they'll be distracted by the May 30th entry. "We confirmed our shinigami at the baseball game at the Tokyo dome." It must've been intended for them. I'm almost positive that the real message from this diary is the one regarding Aoyama. But if that's the case...

L noticed how Light was thinking hard over something.

"What do you think? Is it real?" he asked.

I have to be careful not to say too much. Better to wait and hear his opinion first.

"At this point and time, all I can say for sure is he must be stupid." Light said arrogantly.

"Yeah. I agree. I mean it's completely obvious he wants to meet Kira at the home game." added Matsuda.

"Doesn't he understand what would happen if we aired this message?
It will create the media panic and the game would have to be cancelled." said Soichiro thinking about how the citizens would take this journal.

"To be honest, is it so stupid? I'm not even sure how to deal with this whole situation any more. If we make the diary public, then we are forced to make some kind of televised announcements canceling the game on the 30th.
But if we don't broadcast it, we can't be sure the second Kira won't do anything." L said as he tried to think of how to go about this whole thing.

"Won't canceling the game make him angry? There's no telling what he'll do." Light said thinking about how the Second Kira would respond to having the game cancelled.

"Frankly, that's not a big concern. From what we witnessed, it's safe to say the second Kira admires the real one. He gave his word to the Kira we invented that he'd refrain from killing aimlessly. I'm inclined to believe that.
I say we make it public and we air an announcement cancelling the game.
At the same time we'll announce that on May 30th we're going to set check points on all roads leading to the Tokyo dome. And finally we'll send a response from our invented Kira - something like "I understand and I agreed to meet you there"." L explained his plan.

Soichiro looked skeptical.

"Ryuzaki. You don't honestly expect him to go there if we set up check points around the dome, do you?" he said doubt filling his voice.

"I don't think that Kira will even consider it, but it's possible the other one might. It all depends on how stupid he really is. However, assuming he's not actually an idiot we think he is, there could be another message hidden in this diary; one that is not so obvious. If there is a message here written in some code that only people who have this Shinigami power can understand, there'll be no way for me to decipher it. Still, it would only make sense for us to look into all the places that they're mentioned in the journal. On the 22nd he's meeting a friend in Aoyama, 24th meeting another friend in Shibuya. We have to be prepared for the possibility that all of our efforts would be fruitless. Let's keep an eye out for people with notebooks in Aoyama, and people in clothing stores in Shibuya." said L as if the whole plan was so simple to understand.

Light scowled. It's as I thought. If this phony Kira slips up and gets apprehended, at the very least I have to obtain his notebook. And in the worst case, I may end up having to kill everyone there.

"All we can do is place more surveillance cameras in Aoyama and Shibuya, in the hopes that we might capture something. We should also arrange to have undercover officers on both locations on these days." L continued.

"I should probably go to Aoyama and Shibuya, since I blend in with the crowd there, you know." offered Matsuda.

"I'll go too." said Light determined to go.

Soichiro looked over at his son with concern written all over his face.

"But Light..."

"I'll be all right. Don't worry. Aoyama and Shibuya are places I go anyway.
Not to mention, out of all of us, I'll probably look the most natural hanging out with Matsuda there. Besides, the Second Kira will be there looking for Kira, not for the police." said Light and Soichiro nodded signaling that he understood. [2]

Kuro ran up the stairs of her apartment building and only gave Hotaru a small hi, as she past. Her face showed only joy as she ran and when she got to the door, she dropped her keys in excitement. She would be going to meet Kira again tonight and she couldn't wait. Kira finally showed her that he would take a Goddess, although he probably only did it, so he wasn't killed then and there, but that didn't matter.

She opened the door to her apartment and rushed into her bedroom to only throw herself onto the floor to retrieve the Deathnote from the wooden box. Isamu lazily strolled in and flopped himself down on her bed and rested his hands behind his head. He watched as Kuro frantically opened the box and took out the Deathnote and then slid the box back under the bed. She ran over to her desk and slammed herself down into the office chair and began writing names that appeared on the news which she had kept on from this morning.

I'm getting tired from just looking at her. How does she do it? Isamu sighed and rested his eyes. He knew shinigami didn't need sleep, but there was nothing better to do, so why not? All that was left in the room was the small sound of pen meeting paper, the muffled voices of the news anchors, and the sound intakes of breath from the shinigami.

"Okay. We'll talk more about our trips tomorrow." Light told Matsuda as he got in the car out in front of the hotel. [3]

"Sounds good, Light. See you tomorrow. Careful getting home." called Matsuda as the car sped away.

Matsuda's phone began to ring and he sighed. And it never fails. The second I'm out the door my phone starts ringing.


"It's Ryuzaki. When you two are working together, I want you to keep a closer eye on Light in the entire time. And please keep this between you and me." came L's voice over the phone.

"Oh, sure. Yeah, I understand." said Matsuda and he the line went dead.

I guess he's so prone to investigate Light to the probability that he is Kira, which is zero. [4]

[1] This quote begins the part of the story where the parts in quotation marks are from a transcript of the show. I would like to keep this story as close to canon as possible so, that is why I used a transcript.

[2] This ends the quotes from the transcript.

[3] This quote begins another set of quotes from the transcript.

[4] This ends the quotes from the transcript.

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