Playing God

Chapter 17

The Past Meets The Present

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Pairings: Light x OC

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Light led Misa into his room and shut the door. He made sure it has good and locked before he turned to the girl in question. She gave what appeared to be a flirtatious smile and Light almost rolled his eyes, but he needed this girl on his side.

"Have a seat." he said gesturing towards his office chair. [1]

Misa looked behind her and saw the chair.

"Oh, um, thank you." she said taking a seat.

Light sat on his bed and stared her down before beginning his interrogation.

"How did you find me?" he asked first.

Better start off with something simple.

Misa's eyes suddenly widened and she smiled.

"Huh! I knew it! You never made the Shinigami eye deal. When you have the Shinigami eyes like I do, you can see most people's name and lifespan just by looking at them. However, you can't see the lifespan of any person who possesses the death note."

Light blinked and glared at Ryuk out of the corner of his eye.

Damn shinigami. Not telling me everything.

"Huh." Light said faking nonchalance.

"No kidding. I had to admit even I wasn't aware of that little detail" said Ryuk from beside the bed.

Tsk. You're not forgiven Ryuk.

"Well, now you've managed to find me. But you are careless. What if you have been caught by the police, then they know everything about Kira." said Light.

"It's all right. Because the police didn't catch me. And if I will do as you say from now on, they'll never be able to. So we are safe. After all don't you need someone to see L's name? If you want, I could be your eyes. So..."

Light wasn't convinced.

"Yeah? So what?"

"Would you please make me your girlfriend?" [2]

Kuro almost broke through the window when that…that bitch said that. Girlfriend? Girlfriend?! You're too stupid to even be in Kira's presence! You little, arrogant idiot! Kuro's rage could not be contained at this point and she desperately wanted to scream, but that would surely give away her cover and Misa didn't need to know she even existed.

"Huh? Girlfriend?" Light asked stunned. [3]

"Yes." said Misa as if her request was justified.

"Hahaha." Ryuk let out a chuckle.

If she finds out I'm manipulating her and gets hurt, she'll probably kill me. But still...

"Impossible. The date you and I were in Aoyama, there were three times the usual number of surveillance cameras around. Anyone who's in Aoyama on the 22nd would definitely be caught on camera. That includes me. If you and I were seen together, it wouldn't look very good. In fact even being here together right now is a problem. I wish you understand that."

Misa looked heartbroken and she went to pull something out of her purse.

"But look. These are pictures of me when I went to Aoyama that day."

Light stared at the pictures Misa clutched in her hands. If that was Misa on that day, Light couldn't tell. Misa wore a short, brown wig that completely covered her blond hair. She also wore glasses and was dressed in a school uniform. Anyone who saw her that day would think she was just a high school student. The disguise made Light remember the other female in his life who had disguised herself.

"I want to become your Goddess."

"As Goddess I would of course have equal power to you. I will not stand to be some mindless slave that you force to do your bidding like the Second Kira. No, I require a partnership. Equality."

"Simple. I will kill you, Light Yagami."

"I still have many things to discuss with you."

Light shivered a little. He still had that Kira to deal with tonight as well. That girl was very different from Misa. Smarter and more careful. She had also wanted to become Light's girlfriend per say, but she worded it differently. Kuro had said Goddess which showed that she respected Kira's title as God, but this Misa girl seemed to not even acknowledge that fact. Maybe in her videos, but not now…

"Well I'm sure no one would recognize her from this." Ryuk said pulling Light out of his trance.

"And what about your fingerprints? All those tapes you sent to the TV station, they all had the same fingerprints on them."

"Yep, but those aren't my fingerprints. It's not like I do these things without thinking about them first. Up until recently I lived in the Kansai region. And I had this friend who was into the occult. I suggested that we distribute this fake poltergeist video I had made to bunch of different TV shows. Sort of, it was a prank., and she agreed to help me with it. I had her take care of all of the dubbing so my fingerprints wouldn't be on the tapes. Then I took them from her, added the Kira graphic and recorded the message with that voice effect." said Misa with a smile on her face the whole time.

That's smart, but not that smart.

"Then the friend you made the tapes with, where is she now?" he asked.

"Why are you doing this to me? If you want me to kill her, just say so." said Misa as she went for her Deathnote.

She's unstable. She'll hinder the Kira goal, not help it. I can't believe I'm saying this, but I'd rather have Kuro help me.


"If you really still can't trust me, then here, I'll even let you hold onto my death note. But, you'd just be holding it. So I'd still be the right of owner of it and that means I get to keep my shinigami eyes. Isn't that right, Remu?" said Misa forcing her Deathnote into Light's hand.

Light looked up to see what he assumed was Remu. This shinigami reminded him of Isamu, but he began to wonder if any other shinigami had those same deep, calculating onyx eyes. Remu's were a dull yellow a bit like Ryuk's, but not as sharp. Remu also had webbing across his torso and wore no clothes unlike Isamu and Ryuk. [4]

"Yes, that's right." answered Remu to Misa's question.

"Now there's no way I could've possibly killed you and if I become a burden to you, then you can just kill me, OK?" she said confidently as if she was in control.

So, I can kill you now? But all joking aside, why would she go this far?

"But you might have removed several pages from your death note. You could've be hiding them somewhere for all I know." said Light putting Misa over the edge.

"Why are you so suspicious of me? I already told you. I don't care even if all you do was to use me. Believe me." Misa said frustrated that her idol would not trust her.

"How can you say that?"

Misa sighed.

"Exactly one year ago, my parents were killed in a robbery. I was home with them at that time, it happened right in front of me. I wanted that man to pay for what he did. But the trial dragged on forever. Opinion started disserving that he was being falsely accused. And it happened. Kira punished him for what he did to my parents. And that's why Kira means everything. Kira means everything to me. All I...all I wanted was a chance to meet you one day so I could thank you for what you did." she said with a few tears in her eyes.

So all these were rational moves. They were just to means for her to meet Kira. Still she got around the surveillance cameras with ease. And managed not to leave her fingerprints on the evidence. She is not as stupid as I thought. And she has promised to obey me from now on.

However, Light thought back to Kuro. She had no other reason to want to meet Kira other than to satisfy some deep thrill. She had no emotions attached to him. She would prove to be a better Goddess than Misa.

There I go using her word again. However, I need to keep Misa around for a while or at least until I can kill her.

" I understand. I can't be your boyfriend, but I can act like it. The length you went to meet me to be of help to me, those eyes of yours that you sacrificed half your life to get, would become my weapon." he said holding her hands in his own.

Her eyes turned dreamy.

"Thank you so much. I'll try my hardest to make you love me. I promise." said Misa.


I'll arrange for her to meet L, she'll tell me his name, and then I'll eliminate L and the entire task force. And when that's done, I'll kill her, too.

" So, you'll just pretend? All right. I guess it's a good start. Well now that we've talked about that, could you show me your Shinigami? I really wanna see him." she said with a sparkle in her eyes.

I need her to trust me, I guess I have to.

"Yeah, sure. Could you please turn around?" Light asked.

"All right." said Misa closing her eyes and turning to face Remu.

Light tore out a scrap of paper from the Deathnote and barely scraped it across Misa's palm.

"You can turn back, now."


"Hey, there. How's it going?" asked Ryuk with a lopsided grin on his face.

"Oh, look at that! You are a completely different type of Shinigami than Remu, aren't you? I already know your name. It's Ryuk, right? Nice to meet you." said Misa happily. [5]

Remu. Long time no see.

"I'm telling the Shinigami King this instant! You can't just "accidently" drop your Deathnote into the human world for your own sick entertainment!" screeched Remu as she made her way away from Ryuk.

Ryuk needed to think of something and needed to think of something fast. Remu couldn't tell the Shinigami King on him or his whole plan would be exposed.

"Remu, wait!" yelled Ryuk as he flew over to her.

"I will not listen to you, Ryuk! This is against the law and you are not an exception to that law."

"It'll only be a little while and besides it could be really fun."

"I don't want any part of this. Now, if you'll excuse me." she said turning around to start walking again when Isamu appeared in front of her.

"Remu." he said calmly.

"Isamu." she hissed.

These two did not get along well at all. Put them both in a room about five feet apart and it was on. Ryuk wasn't quite sure why they hated each other, they just did. Maybe it was their personalities or maybe something deeper…

"I suggest you just forget all about Ryuk's plan or things may get…ugly."

"I'm not scared of you. You're one of the scrawniest shinigami I've ever seen!"

That was true. Isamu only came up to Ryuk and Remu's shoulder and he had a very lithe frame. He really was just skin and bone.

"But I know what you are scared of, Remu." said Isamu that mischievous glint back in his eyes.

"Enlighten me then, Isamu. What am I scared of?"

Isamu smirked.

"You are scared of losing that pathetic little human girl, Misa Amane. I guess when Gelus died and you took his Deathnote, he also gave you his love for Misa." said Isamu with a triumphant smirk.

"What does she have anything to do with this?" asked Remu as if Misa didn't matter, but you could clearly tell that she did care about the girl.

"If you tell the Shinigami King, I'll kill the girl. It won't affect me in any way except give me more years to my life."

Remu tried to think of something to outsmart Isamu, but she had been cornered. She cursed Isamu up and down before stomping off, utterly defeated.

Ryuk placed a hand on Isamu's shoulder.


"No problem."

That had been a little bit before he dropped his Deathnote and he still felt uneasy about Remu.

"Yeah. Same here." said Ryuk glaring at Remu. [6]

"Oh, and by the way, Light, darling, do you know how to kill a Shinigami?" asked Misa.

Remu physically flinched at Misa's words, but no one but Ryuk noticed.

"Did you just call me "darling"?" asked Light shocked to say the least.

"Fine. Then do you mind if I call you "knight" instead? 'Cause you are like my knight in shining armor, you know."

"Let's just stick with Light." [7]

"Is Kira in there?" whispered Usuki from the ground.

Kuro fumed on the inside. How could Kira be so stupid? He should've killed her. We need to talk about this. Calling him darling and knight. He is God and should be treated as such, you little shit. [8]

Kuro held her index finger over her lips to tell Usuki to be quiet. He obeyed, but sat down assuming this may take some time.

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