Playing God

Chapter 19

A Team is Born

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Pairings: Light x OC

Warnings: Major spoilers, cussing, violence, an OC, and OOCness

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Kuro smirked and leaned her frame back on Light's desk. She crossed her arms over her chest and her brown eyes narrowed.

"Who was your guest?" she retaliated.

Light inhaled a bit too sharply and he inwardly cursed.

She saw Misa? This can't end well.

"You weren't supposed to know about her. I didn't even know about her until today."

"I wasn't supposed to know about her?! Well then, when were you playing on telling me about her?! You think you can just ke-" Kuro began her statement plain out furious, but she composed herself. [1]

"We are supposed to be God and Goddess. We do not keep secrets from each other. We do not argue, we mend. We are this world's saviors. We cannot afford to mindlessly argue all day." she said as she took in a deep breath.

God and Goddess. Those words have been swirling in my head all night. To hear…it makes this whole thing real. Not some game or petty prank, but an actual revolution. We will renew this world and be worthy of those titles in due time, but we'll never get there like this.

Light sighed.

"You are right. We must not fight for the sake of the new world and for the good-hearted people who will live in it."

Kuro nodded in agreement.

"Allow me to apologize for my outburst, My God." said Kuro as she bowed to show her respect.

"You are forgiven."

Kuro stood back up and she smiled.

"Now, about our guests. To be equal, I shall tell you about my guest and then you can tell me about yours."

There's that word again. Equal. It seemed so taboo from the start, but now I can see how being equal would best suit the needs of the new world.

Light threw the apple he held in his hand in the air and Ryuk greedily caught it and began to consume his delicious treat. Isamu chuckled.

"Still have those cravings, ne?"

Ryuk replied between bits of apple, "Of course. I cannot live without apples."

Isamu shook his head at his friend's quirky behavior or at least quirky for a shinigami. Isamu remembered the first time Ryuk had eaten an apple in front of him.

"What the hell is that?!" screamed Isamu as he looked at the red object in the palm of Ryuk's hand.

"This?" asked Ryuk as he practically shoved the sphere in his face.

Isamu flinched away from the object and his eyes grew wide.

"Yes, that!"

"It's an apple."


"Yeah, an apple. They come from the human world. They're really delicious. Nothing like those sand bags up here."

Isamu looked up at Ryuk with a confused look.

"The human world? Why were you down there?"

"I decided to visit and collect more apples."

"Are they really that delicious?"

"They're the best!"

"Can…can I try one?"


Ryuk reached behind me and Isamu noticed he had a sack full of these apples. Ryuk picked one of them up and shined it for Isamu before handing it over. Isamu stared the fruit down and thought about not trying it until he turned around and saw Ryuk eating two at a time. Hesitantly, Isamu took a small bite. The fruit was juicy and it had a very tangy flavor. The peel tasted a bit strange with hardly any taste, but altogether they weren't that bad. Isamu began to eat the apple a bit faster, but not as fast as Ryuk.

"So, do you like them?" asked Ryuk as he watched Isamu take careful bites.

"It's pretty good, but how can you eat so many?!"

"Skill and passion." [2]

Isamu shrugged off the playful memoir of the past and paid closer attention to the present.

Kuro extended her hand out to the side in an elegant fashion as if to show off some something valuable.

"This is Hayashi, Usuki. He is a Japanese detective and a great worshipper of Kira. I thought he would be of use to keep an ear on the police force or to assist in jobs that find otherwise be difficult for us to accomplish. He has been my best friend since we were small children." said Kuro before her eyes grew blank and she looked up to Light with total devotion in her blank expression.

"If he does not meet your standards or becomes a liability, I will kill him."

Usuki flinched a little at the starkness of Kuro's statement, but he knew she had to show Kira that she was loyal to him even if that meant killing her best friend. He was putting his life on the line here. If he did betray Kira, at least Kuro might have some mercy for him as she killed him.

"I already am a part of L's task force, but he could help to see what the ordinary police think of Kira and L's actions. The problem is how do I know if he is loyal to me?" asked Light as he looked over Usuki.

Kuro too looked over to the male and pleaded with her eyes to say something God worthy. Usuki took in a breath and stared up at Light with those same blank eyes that Kuro had used.

"I am willing to put everything on the line for Kira. If that means sacrificing my life, then so be it. I would do anything for you, Kami-sama." said Usuki as he bowed.

Kami-sama…I quite like that one as well. [3]

"We'll see how you do, but for now you are one of Kira's men."

Kuro and Usuki both let out the breaths that hadn't realized they'd been holding in.

"Now, who was your guest?" asked Kuro through somewhat gritted teeth.

"Ah, yes. The girl you saw was Amane, Misa. She is the second Kira." said Light letting the information sink in.

"That doesn't surprise me. She's a blond. The Second Kira is very stupid. It all adds up." said Kuro as she gave a small chuckle.

Light couldn't stop the tiny half smile that appeared on his face. He hoped they didn't notice, but Kuro was very observant and she applauded herself on the inside. I made God laugh! What an accomplishment! [4]

"Despite that fact, she has a Deathnote and knows about Kira. She saw my face and she knows my name. I can't kill her though because that crazy shinigami, Remu, will kill me if I lay a finger on her."

"What are we going to do?"

"First off, do not let her see you. I must keep you a secret from everyone. L knows nothing of you. You could be my secret weapon in this whole thing. However, if Misa knows of your existence or your relationship to Kira or that you also own a Deathnote you become a liability. You know what happens to liabilities." said Light in a sullen tone.

Kuro looked down at her feet before nodding her head.

"However, even if she sees you with me, she will kill you herself. You heard her threat right?"

"Yeah, she's crazy. A stupid and obsessive worshipper is not one we need to get close to."

"I'm trying to stay as far away as possible from her, but she is making that difficult."

"I can tell."

The room suddenly grew deathly silent. Ryuk had even stopped gobbling his apple. The tension in the air was deadly. Everyone knew that Misa's involvement in their new world could potentially destroy it. The girl was too unstable emotionally and too impulsive mentally. She could go off at any minute and tell L that Light Yagami was Kira just because he had been hanging around another girl. If she saw Kuro, then the situation would become dire.

One of them would have to go and with Remu on Misa's side, it was quite obvious that Kuro would be the one to go. Everyone seemed to come to this conclusion and no one really wanted to speak. How could they? Kuro was right there in the room. How could they discuss the possibility of her death? Sure, Light and Kuro had threatened death to one another before, but this was different somehow. Perhaps because it was Misa doing the killing and she could be very unpredictable. It seemed as if the reality of what they were risking had just crashed down on top of all of them.

It was a heavy burden to carry on your shoulders. The power to kill was a strong one and many people could not handle this tremendous amount of power. They each suffered and died because of it, but Light was the first one who seemed to be able to handle it. He justified his murderous spree by only killing the sinners of the world and then becoming the world's god. In the beginning, he had doubted himself, but now after going months without being discovered, he was renewed with confidence and pride. He had momentarily forgotten the harsh reality that came with killing all these people even if they did deserve it. For just a moment, he began to doubt himself again. Could he really sacrifice himself or Kuro? He had grown to like her a bit and she was no sinner. She was a devoted worshipper. She did not deserve to die because of some naïve girl's jealousy.

Suddenly, his strength returned to him. He had to make sure Misa never found out about Kuro. That would be his new goal and he would accomplish that.

Kuro had been the true second one who seemed to be able to handle the enormous power the shinigami had given to her. She had never even doubted herself once. From moment one, she believed she could become Kira's Goddess. Never once did she think that wouldn't happen because with the Deathnote, her dream became a reality in her mind and she set out to make it real. She had almost accomplished it too, but with this Misa character suddenly appearing, her whole plan had been shoved aside.

Misa now threatened the life of her God and of herself. She never considered the fact that she would die. She had come to Light's house that first night with such arrogance that she would come out alive. Not once had she thought that her God would kill her. Maybe that arrogance had saved her, but at the same time it became a liability. She was still human and she could still die. If she continued to have this sense of arrogance that she could not die, surely the opposite would transpire.

For the first time, she thought about what would happen if Misa were to kill her. Surely, nobody, but Usuki and Hotaru would even notice she was gone. Her mother had long since been dead and her father was nowhere to be found at the moment. She had no other relatives that she knew of. She truly felt empty inside. Only two people would care if she left this world. Two people. She could only hope that Light would care a little bit if she passed away. Certainly, he would feel a bit bad about having her killed or had he delved too far into his shell and not be affected at all by her death?

No, she could not let these thoughts come to the surface. She could become the Goddess of this new world. She would become Goddess of this new world. Yes, she could die, but they were all risking their lives in this. It was just something she had to deal with and all she could do was hope that she wouldn't die or hope that those two people and her God would care if she did pass on. She had to continue what she had started and she would see it through to the bitter end.

Usuki wasn't risking that much here. He had no family and no wife or children to speak of. Kuro was his only friend and the only other people he really talked to were his police buddies, but they were more of the acquaintance type. The only real thing he was putting on the line was his life, but he did that every day in his line of work. Any moment a gangster or thug from the past could randomly reappear and take his life. He had learned to deal with the stress and burden of this thought years ago.

Risking his life for Kira was really no different.

However, he worried about Kuro and Light. He didn't know what Light had gone through, but Kuro had to deal with this thought or had she? Her difficult past may have provided her with numerous situations where she could have ended up dead. Perhaps she was desensitized to the thought of dying like he was. Even before he joined the force he had to deal with his drunken and abusive father. Back then, he was positive he wouldn't live to be a teen, but Kuro had saved him and to that he owed her everything. It was also one of the reasons why he agreed to being a part of Kira's team.

Don't get him wrong, he loved the idea of Kira's justice, but with Kuro also on Kira's side it just strengthened his devotion to Kira.

Kuro was an important person in his life and to think that blond bimbo could just take her life away in an instant was mind-numbing. He could not let his best friend in the entire world die. He would protect her even if it meant sacrificing himself.

Ryuk for once regretted dropping his Deathnote into the human world. Never before had the Deathnote affected so many people in so many horrendous ways. Usually, the owners just killed themselves after killing a few people they hated, but Light had taken the Deathnote to a whole other level. He had killed hundreds maybe even thousands with that simple notebook. Sure it was fun to watch the events play out, but he had grown an attachment to this small band of people. Maybe not an attachment like Remu's obsessiveness with Misa, but pretty close. He wasn't sure what he would do if any of them died. Light gave him apples constantly, they joked around with each other, and they could have somewhat intellectual conversations if he paid enough attention to Light's ramblings.

Kuro was amusement to him and she seemed nice enough. He betted she would give him apples as well if he asked. He had just met this Usuki character, but he seemed well off too. The only one he had a problem with was Misa. She had blindly stumbled her way into their team and was ruining everything. His humans seemed stressed upon believe after what had happened with the girl. He didn't like to see his humans like this.

For one they were not very amusing when they were stressed. They were mostly just plain grumpy and mad at the world. Secondly, when his humans were stressed; he was stressed. Finally, stressed humans tended to make bad decisions and in this situation a bad decision could mean someone's life. All in all, having stressed humans was just horrible.

Since Misa had caused them all to become stressed, it was pretty clear why he hated her at the moment. He also hated Remu since if she wasn't here, Light or Kuro could have easily killed Misa and have been done with it. He wished he could help so, he made a vow. He would find some way to help his humans either get rid of this problem or help them with a future problem.

Isamu realized just how serious this all was. Ryuk sometimes thought of it all as a game, but from his silence Isamu could tell that he knew it was more than just some game. They were practically selling their souls to the devil himself. Even worse though, was that they all had a possibility of dying here. He had begun to care for Light and Usuki as friends a little while back, but Kuro was his best friend besides Ryuk. He could have intelligent conversations with her and she understood most of his problems even if they dealt with the shinigami realm. They had become so close that he was willing to give up his life for her. He was just some measly shinigami forced to live in the burden of death while she was a human and very much alive. She had the chance to live a good and full life, something that he didn't have. He promised himself that if anything were to happen to Kuro, he would personally blame himself for not being there. He vowed to protect her no matter what the cost.

Each stood there in that tension filled room and made a promise to do something for the team. They all sensed each other's renewed confidence. They all knew that they had promised themselves something, however what they didn't know was that they were becoming a team ever so slowly.

[1] We see a bit of angry Kuro~

[2] I couldn't resist expanding on that comment

[3] Light likes anything with the word God

[4] It's so amazing~

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