Playing God

Chapter 20

Secrets Revealed

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Light seemed to come out the trance first. He peered at all of the people in the room and his eyes burned with a passion to protect them. He was a God after all and a God takes care of his people, but takes even better care of his men. Deciding to take control of the situation, he shifted through the tension in the room and cleared his throat to get everyone's attention. Red, blue, black, and onyx eyes all turned to face him. Theirs too burned with newfound passion.

"Misa has cornered us. Her visit was unexpected and Remu's protectiveness of the girl has just made it harder to kill her. But!" he said the last word louder to make a point and also went as far as to raise his index finger in the air.

"But, this will not stop us. I am Kira and you all are Kira's loyal subjects. How can we allow some girl to just take away everything we've worked for? Sacrificed for? Lived for? We can't. I will see to it personally that this girl will fall. I can only hope you will help me with this endeavor."

Light left that question out in the air. He studied their faces and smirked. Each one held their own exultant grin. Each of their burning flames of passion had been ignited once more, allowing the flames to grow bigger and taller than ever before. Light looked to Kuro and saw a smirk plastered on her face. Light elegantly raised a brow and the girl stepped forward so she was face to face with him.

"As the supporters of Kira, we will do anything for our God."

That made him do a double-take. Something in his mind screamed that he had heard that phrase before. A piece of a faded memory was threatening to pull to the surface of his mind, but he just couldn't remember it. It frustrated him to no end and eventually he gave up. He would remember it in due time. [1]

He looked back over to the others and saw them all nod their heads. He smirked as well.

"Then, prepare to serve your God."

Kuro smiled at this, but then her eyes seemed to open up a bit more in what seemed like shock. It was the only clue to her astonishment though as the rest of her face stayed the same. Suddenly, she dropped to her knees by Light's feet and everyone immediately thought the worst had befallen their teammate.

"Kuro!" Usuki yelled as he went to help the girl up.

Isamu and Ryuk also ran to Kuro's side, but before any of them could reach her, she held back her hand at them, telling them to stop. All of them halted in their charge and stared down at her. Light could see a few wet streaks sliding down her cheeks and tiny sobs escaped her. Her shoulders shook as she bowed her head.

"Kuro…" he said, but she shushed him.

"I'm so sorry, my Lord." she said between sobs and gasps for air.

Light assumed the worst and he thought Kuro had told someone that he was Kira and given the whole thing away. Perhaps she was wearing a wire at this moment and both L and the police would burst in any moment to take him away. Panic wrapped around his heart. How could he have trusted this girl so much? Perchance it was her way with words and how all the equality and god talk had made her seem like the best choice for his goddess. Maybe the whole thing had been a giant mistake that could mean the end of his new world. Maybe…

He took in a sharp breath and put on his best poker face. Let the girl speak. You're panicking. That is not a thing a good God would do. He took his own advice and looked down at the sobbing mess that was Kuro.

"What are you sorry for?" he asked impassively.

He watched for her to get a grip on herself and then she spoke.

"This whole time I've talked about equality and telling each other everything when I have not been following that policy. I have kept something from you that I must share."

You will not be my downfall.

"What must you share?"

Another round of sobs escaped her.

"I must tell you of my past."

"Kuro, you don't have t-" started Usuki, but Kuro sent him a glare through tear-filled eyes.

"It endangers Kira. It is important information to share."

Usuki went speechless for a moment before he nodded his head.

What are you hiding?

Kuro wiped away her tears and composed herself, however she continued to bow by Light's feet. Then, she began.

"My past…is difficult to explain. There are still many questions that don't have answers; however I will try to tell you as much as I can. I was born to a nice family. A happy mother and a hard-working father. Back then, times for great. I was happy and my parents were happy to finally have the child they had always wanted. I was no boy and couldn't help continue the family line, but I was a child and for that they were grateful. Still, in their spare time they prayed to Kami to bless them with a son. "

"They tried over and over, but without a son after a year they gave up and said they would try again later. Years pasted and I was now eight. My mother had become greatly ill. She complained of intense headaches and often couldn't keep her balance. She grew confused with everyday tasks and her vision blurred on more than one occasion. My parents blew these symptoms off as just growing older, but oh how wrong they were."

At this the tears leaked out again and Kuro whimpered a little before continuing her tale.

"Finally, my mother had a seizure and when they took her to the hospital they discovered she had a brain tumor. Because she hadn't treated it, it was too far along for them to do anything about it and a few months later she died. Myself and my father were both stricken with grief; however my father took the loss of his beloved greatly. Instead of the hard-working, joy-filled father I used to know, he became a reclusive slacker and soon lost his job."

"Times were hard. My father couldn't bring himself to get a job and often times we starved. I went around the neighborhood looking for random jobs and sometimes helping around the local stores. I was often rewarded with a bit of cash or a nice lunch, but that was not enough to sustain a grown man's and an adolescent's hunger or needs. My father allowed the bills to stack up and we were close to losing our home when suddenly everything changed."

Usuki made a small choked noise and Light glanced at him. He seemed to be reliving his past as well as tears threatened to spill from him as well.

"My father came home one day, all happy and joyful. He paid the bills and stocked our fridge with food. He bought me anything my little heart desired. Back then, I thought nothing of it. I assumed he had finally gotten over the grief of losing my mother and had gotten a job. Never did I question it. Then one day, my father came home with a few men. I thought they were his work friends and happily served them lunch like any good daughter would, but as I did, I swore I saw one of them carrying a gun. Soon after that, those men started coming over every day. One day I overheard their conversations."

"They were discussing a plan to rob a bank. Suddenly, it all clicked. My father had joined a gang. I'm still not entirely sure why he did it. I never got to ask him that question. The next day, the gang came over again, but this time they took me along with them. They taught me how to shoot a gun and how to fight. My father seemed…so proud of him. I just don't understand it. Before I knew it, they had me being a lookout and a distraction for them on their heists. I hated it while my father laughed it up. Finally, the police out two and two together and stormed our house."

"I was the only one home. My father left that morning to go with the gang and instead of returning around 4pm like he usually did, he didn't come home at all. The police barged in at two in the morning. They took me to the department and told me what I already knew. My father had joined a notorious gang lead by a man by the mysterious name Jericho. They had fled the country after being compromised and they had no idea where my father was."

"The next part of my life went like a whirlwind. I was fourteen, and the police put me with a foster family. They already had six other kids with them and didn't pay much attention to me no matter how hard I tried to impress them with my grades, after school activates, and community services. However, the other kids were all troubled and they cared more about which store one of them had just robbed than my 100% grades in school. I became reclusive just as my father had. The only one I talked to was Usuki."

"I was the oldest kid in that foster home by two years. After four years of being isolated, confused, and scared I was forced out into the real world because of my age. I didn't even say good-bye to my foster parents. I just packed up my things and left. I don't even think I knew they're full names. In my attempts to impress them, I already had two jobs and still had the best grades in the school. I had plenty of money saved up as I hardly ever went out in public to spend it all on some piece of shit. I got an apartment at the Juro Apartment Complex and met Hotaru who quickly became my second friend. Life was going good then. I had helped Usuki get away from his abusive father, and he ended up finishing school early. He became a detective and when I was nineteen, he left for a year long case in the Bahamas. That was a year ago."

"This affects us because recently, Jericho's men have returned to Japan and are after me. I've already been approached twice. Once to try and get me to join them and secondly to kill me. To them, I'm a liability. I know they're names and faces and what they do. They're only logical options are to get me to join them or to kill me. Fortunately, with both times I managed to kill them. The police don't suspect anything with about me. I have kept you safe, but I'm afraid sooner or later they will get to me. Please forgive me, my Lord for not telling you this sooner." [2]

Kuro bowed her head and tears slipped down her cheeks. Usuki looked through the window and seemed to be lost in his own world. Obviously, Kuro's tell had brought back some buried memories for the both of them. Light sighed in relief on the inside though. He had panicked for nothing. Kuro hadn't compromised him. She had merely forgotten to tell him a detail of her life that could compromise him, however something bothered him. Why had she started sobbing? Perhaps, the memories were too much for her, but while she had told her story her sobs had quieted.

Had she been crying because she had broken their pact of equality? Was she that devoted to him? It shouldn't surprise me that much, but he wasn't used to this. Was this what it was like to be a God? To affect people so deeply that they couldn't breathe without you? He liked the sound of that. The control that came with affected people's lives on such a scale. He gave him so much power. Oh, how he couldn't wait to be a true God that was worshipped by all.

He shook himself out of his fantasy. There was no time for that now. He needed to prove himself as a God to his most trusted subjects. He kneeled down on one knee and placed a firm hand on her shoulder. Kuro looked up with water in her blue eyes. He squeezed her shoulder ever so slightly.

"You are forgiven. Although, I wished you would have told me this sooner I know it was hard for you. You also showed some courage by taking on the gang by yourself. Stand tall my Goddess. You need not cry. In times of need, we are always here for you. The populous shall help the elite and the elite will help the Gods. Now, wipe your tears and stand proud."

She sniffled and looked up at her God.

"I am…your Goddess?"

Light smiled.

"Was there ever any doubt that you weren't?" [3]

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