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Playing God

Chapter 23

Plans Gone Awry

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Pairings: Light x OC

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After putting on his clothes for the day, he noticed he had a bit of extra time from waking up earlier to the nightmare which he wasn't going to linger on throughout the day…hopefully. He sat down at his desk and began to ponder about what Misa had said last night. He hadn't had time to think about it after she left since his attention had been so focused on Kuro, but now he had plenty of time to give it all some thought. He turned on his computer and waited for it to boot up.

For Shinigami to die, they have to use their death note to save the life of a human. A human who they are falling in love with. Ideally, I can kill Rem first. Someone I was controlling would attack Misa forcing Rem to save her, but...No. It would never work. If Misa's life was put in danger, Rem would immediately suspect me and I'd be the one who gets killed. Huh, as things stand, she's a bigger nuisance than L is. [1]

As the computer finally booted up, he clicked on the Internet and began to search around for Amane Misa. Perhaps, he could find some useful information about her. He sighed and closed his eyes. Misa was turning out to be the worst thing to happen to Kira. When he opened his eyes, something on the screen caught his attention. He straightened up and clicked the link. What he found shocked him.

Ah, sh-she's famous?

The link he had clicked on brought him to a Yoshida Productions website titled Model Misa's Website. There was a picture of Misa and different things about her such as her birthday and home town. Even miscellaneous things like height and weight. Below, were some examples of her modeling pictures. He cursed and placed his hand over his mouth in a thinking position. He backed out of the site and looked through more of them. He shook his head in disbelief.

Teen magazines…fashion magazines…she's all over the place! She's even appeared on a late night TV show. She's this well-known? What the hell is she thinking…?! This is bad…according to fan sites, it's already known that her parents were killed by a burglar…Anyone could figure out that Kira punished that criminal…What will happen if it becomes known that she's met me…?!

He cleared his internet history, just a small pre-caution, and turned the computer off. He stood and gave a good stretch before pushing in his chair and going down the steps to get some breakfast. Ryuk followed behind him silently, probably contemplating how he could be on Kira's team yet not tell him L's name.

What should I do? No, more importantly, I need to think of how I can use Misa's eyes to help me kill L. If I can eliminate him...

"Good morning, Light!"

He was awoken from his reverie by Sayu's loud voice. He stepped down from the last step and ran his fingers through his hair.

"Good morning." said his mother as she placed breakfast on the table.

He sat down next to his sister who was already happily eating away.

"Mom, Sayu, could you do me a big favor and keep Misa a secret from Dad for now?"

"All right." replied his mother busy with breakfast.

Light decided to specify.

"Actually, it's not just Dad. You can't tell anyone else about her, either. You see, Misa's an up and coming model so people can't know about us."

"What? Is she really? I thought she was pretty, but I had no idea! That's pretty impressive even for you, Light. I'll keep it a secret for 50 bucks!" Sayu exclaimed.

"Oh, stop it." said Sachiko and Light gave a smug smile. [2]

Her morning commute wasn't crowded, but it wasn't exactly secluded either. There was a moderate number of people on the streets this morning. She strolled down the sidewalk until she came upon Chiba Keizai University. She had taken her entrance exams a short while ago and had scored pretty high. Back when she lived with the foster home her grades were phenomenal, but she supposed she wasn't trying as hard anymore since she had no one to impress other than herself. She hadn't been at the top of her class, but she wasn't at the very bottom either. She was more of a higher than average, but not that high student which suited her just fine. Her scores had been high enough to get her into the college she wanted and that was all that mattered.

The school was pretty big for a private school and since it only consisted of a Department of Economics, she was surprised to see it had so many people. The school wasn't cheap either and she was glad she had gotten a scholarship. Her measly part-time job as a waiter downtown would so not cover the bills for her apartment, food, and this school's tuition. She stood in front of the steps to the university and breathed in. This is what she had always dreamed of as a small girl. Growing up and making her parents proud by being independent and getting a good education. She looked up at the sky and imagined her mother smiling down at her from above. As for her father, she could only hope he was still alive, but he'd be proud too. She would live the life her father wanted for her and maybe even for himself before he joined the gang.

She sighed and repressed those memories. Now, was not the time. It was time for her to begin college. She put on a smile and walked up the steps of the university. Oddly, the thought that crossed her mind was not what she was going to do now, but what Light could possibly be doing now.

"Ah, on page number 246..." [3]

Light wasn't paying much attention to the professor or Takada, his so-called girlfriend. He was too busy thinking about the video Misa was going to send in later today.

Misa's final message should arrive today. Although before it ever gets to the TV station, it will be rerouted to the task force headquarters. I have to go down there at some point so I can see L's reaction firsthand.


He was once again removed from his inner thoughts.


"I thought you and I were seeing each other. That is, we're more than just friends, aren't we?"

"Yeah. We are."

"Exactly. And that's the reason why I'm sitting next to you in class. Wouldn't you agree?"


"But you don't look like you're enjoying being with me. I mean, you haven't even looked at me once."

"That's not true at all. I guess I was just thinking about how everyone's gonna be talking about us now to think that I'm actually going out with Miss Takada, the famous Miss Todai. I mean, you are the most beautiful woman in this school."

Ryuk decided to make his presence known with a small chuckle.


Takada coughed a small pink hue came onto her face.

"Why do you even care about stuff like that. Besides, I hate being called Miss Todai or whatever. It's embarrassing!"

"Yeah, you're right."

He wanted to roll his eyes.

What do you know? She actually likes all the attention.

"We should forget about all that stuff and just go at our own pace."


"…And housing through the 1990s." finished the professor, but they weren't listening from the start. [4]

As the professor asked them to flip to a new page, Light's mind wandered elsewhere. A lot had happened in the last few days. Kuro was now his Goddess for one thing. He didn't know why he had chosen to tell her this. Yes, he realized he needed a Goddess, now more than ever. And yes, Kuro seemed to be the only girl who could fit the role. Misa was too idiotic and only driven by the fact Kira had killed the man who killed her parents. She had no real desire to rule over a new world and bring justice to it. No, she was just selfish.

Suddenly, he held something touch his hand below the table. He looked out of the corner of his eye to see Takada blushing slightly. He took a quick peek at his hand under the table and saw Takada's hand clutching his own. He looked back down at the book and gave her a reassuring squeeze to let her know it was okay to do this. He began to think things over again and his mind focused on something Kuro had said last night.

What if in the future you find a more suitable Goddess? Some other girl to replace me.

He looked at Takada from the corner of his vision and then turned back to the book.

Was Takada that girl?

Takada was prideful and attention seeking. She thought she was superior and probably wouldn't take orders from him unless he charmed or manipulated her in some way. She probably wouldn't stand for equality and demand to have other powers that were better than his own. She herself would become a sinner and justice wouldn't rule over the new world. She would. She would be more like a dictator than a Goddess.

No, Takada was not his Goddess.

Yet, speaking of powers, what were Kuro's powers or responsibilities? She would help him rein over the new world. She would carry out some of the judgments like she was already doing. She of course would have the pleasure of carrying his child to become his heir. That was really all there was to it since she wanted equality. She would be there to help him in times of need and offer comfort and an heir. He wondered why she would want this power.

Did she truly believe in bringing justice to this world or was she like Takada and just pursue attention? He would like to believe in her sense of justice and good, but there was a rational part of him that knew Kuro could also be dangerous. What he she was just stringing him along or manipulating him? What if she was working with L? He shook his head. Only time would tell if she truly believed in this new world. Just as he thought he was done thinking about the whole Kira situation another voice filled his head.

If I see you with another girl, I'll kill her.


If she saw him with Takada, he wasn't sure what would happen. Misa would definitely be anger and perhaps kill her on the spot no matter where they were or what kind of effect that would have on them, Kira, and their new world. Misa was relying totally on her emotions and that's what gets most idiots killed. He took in a deep breath and rubbed his head. All this thinking about all the different possibilities and what was going to happen was giving him a headache.

"Are you alright?" asked Takada and he nodded.

"Just thinking."

He looked up at the clock at the front of the room. This class was coming to an end. Misa still plagued his thoughts and so did Kuro. How would she react to Takada? Would she even care? Probably not. He could just imagine what she would say.

"I understand what you're doing. You have to be seen around other girls so L doesn't suspect you of being Kira. It's all for the new world, right?"

Yes, all for the new world.

"What are you smirking at?"

He hadn't realized he'd been doing anything. He straightened out his face.

"Nothing, just thinking." he said with a charming smile and Takada scowled.

"I believe you think too much." she said as the bell rang.

She picked up her stuff and stood as Light did the same. They walked out of the classroom arm in arm.

So, that beauty's really is his girlfriend.

Mogi had been sitting in the back of classroom the whole time, silently watching the main Kira suspect and the famous Miss Todai. L had wanted him to watch Light just to make sure he didn't do any suspicious behavior. So far though, Light was acting like any normal college student. He was doing well in his classes and was now dating the most popular girl in school. As the bell rang, he too stood and left to follow them to their next class.

"Also I will share my power with others who I feel are worthy, and I will encourage them to do the same. Together, we'll make this world a better place."

Misa stopped the recording there and sighed. She didn't like the sound of what she had ended the video with. Sure, Light said it was just to throw L off, but it didn't settle well with her. What if Light was sharing his Deathnote with someone else? Some other girl. She'd kill her right on the spot. The only girl Light needed to be around was her and that was final. Suddenly, she was filled with a need to see Light. Just to make sure he was doing alright without her and maybe to make sure he wasn't with some girl. Her mind was decided as she took the tape out and packaged it. She was going to see Light today even if he said he didn't want to see her for two weeks. He had to miss her by now.

"Looks like we're seeing Light today, Remu!"

"Hello." Light greeted as he made his way into the task force room. [5]

L didn't take his eyes off the tea cup he was holding. He swirled it with a spoon, probably trying to dissolve the endless amount of sugar cubes he put in it.

"Oh, come in. Your timing couldn't be better, actually. We just received a new video message from the second Kira."

Light pretended to be surprised.

"Huh? Wow, that didn't take long."

"Yes. I believe it's the last one. Well, take a look at this."

L picked up the remote to the small TV that sat in front of the coffee table. He pressed play and Light recognized the faded and quite sloppy looking black letters that spelled Kira. The screen shook a bit which proved it was a very poor attempt at a video, but all of the second Kira's videos had been like this, so it made no difference. The only thing that mattered about it was how much it pissed him off. Misa really didn't take this seriously.

"I decided to stop searching for Kira. And I'd like to thank the police department for their advice. However, I still plan to help Kira in his mission. And I hope that, in time, he'll come to see me as an ally. I will start by punishing criminals that Kira has yet to judge. Also I will share my power with others who I feel are worthy, and I will encourage them to do the same. Together, we'll make this world a better place."

Light was a bit impressed by the video. Misa had actually followed his instructions. Now, only time would tell if she would follow his other instructions and stay away from him for two weeks. L swirled his tea once more and then spoke.

"After watching this, I can only think that Kira and the second Kira have managed to make contact."

He was astonished at L's deduction skills once more. He thought he had covered all angles here? How did L think that the two Kiras had met?

"What makes you say that?"

L finally turned to look at him.

"Oh, Come on. Didn't you sense it? I was sure you'd come to the same conclusion I did after watching this once through. First consider how determined he was to meet Kira, so why the sudden change of heart? Now he wants to punish criminals that Kira hasn't? All he wants out of all this was Kira to see him as an ally? The biggest question, why didn't he do this to begin with? I'm guessing it's because he never thought that beforehand. He probably met Kira and was told which criminals he'd be allowed to judge. I suspect the purpose of this message is to hide the fact that they met."

"I see. What I found really strange is that unlike Kira, it would be so careless."

L turned back to his tea.

"That's true. But I would believe that Kira made a mistake this time. Or this is way letting us know they made contact. It would be an effective means of provoking us. The idea of their union is very threatening. However, this is also one less reason to suspect that Light is Kira."

Maybe something good has come out of this video.

"Ryuzaki, what do you mean by that?" asked Soichiro seeming excited to learn that his son may not be such a prime suspect anymore.

"If Light is Kira, I don't think this is the message he would have had the second Kira send us. It doesn't fit. He would made the second Kira go through with this plan to have me appear on TV, then deny they had ever made contact, letting the second Kira shoulder the blame for my death. He'd make him say something like..."Although I agree not to go through with this, I have come to realize that it was not Kira's true intention that I stop. I'm positive that the real Kira would want L to die. There's no way he'd make me stop." "

Light shook his head.


"Yes, Light?"

"I think you are mistaken. I would never do that if I were Kira."

L released his grip on his teaspoon and turned to face Light.

"Why not?"

"Well, if you are L and I'm Kira, then I'd already know your personality pretty well. L would never agree to appear on TV no matter what threat he was facing. And he wouldn't allow someone else to die in his place. The L I know would find some way to escape the situation."

"So, you figured it out?"

Soichiro looked at Light in utter disbelief.

"Look, Light. You've got to stop that. I don't like hearing you say, "If I were Kira," even hypothetically."

"Oh, I'm sorry, Dad. I just wanted to let Ryuzaki know exactly what I thought of his plan. I posed that scenario because I wanna help solve this case. It's the only chance I have to clear my name. Besides, the only reason I feel comfortable saying things like that is because I'm not really Kira."

L looked down at his tea.

"That's a good point. You are not Kira. That is, it will be a problem if you were Kira."

L paused and looked up.

"Because...I feel you are the first friend that I've ever had."

Ryuk had stayed quiet up till now, simply watching the somewhat bickering going on. However, L's statement shocked him.


Light too stood in shock and disbelief.

"Y-yeah. I know what you mean. The two of us have a lot in common."

L nodded and took a quick sip of his tea. It seemed to displease him and he continued to stir it.

"Thank you."

"And I have missed having you around at school. We should play tennis again, soon."

"Yes, we should." [6]

"There is one more thing, I'd like to discuss with you about the video, Light."

"What is it, Ryuzaki?"

"When the Second Kira says share our powers, do you believe there could possibly be a Third Kira or a secret true Second Kira that has not made his presence known?"


He almost lost it there. He really did. But, he had more control than that. He knew to hide his emotions until he was safe in his own room. He plastered a confused look on his face.

"Why would you think that?"

"Criminals that have been jailed or are committing crimes at that very second are dying more than usual. It could be Kira or the Second Kira, but a part of me suspects that it could be someone else. This person perhaps isn't sure who to kill because of Kira and the Second Kira and hasn't met with either of them so; they are simply staying behind the lines. Waiting for something."

"I don't know about that, L. Perhaps you're just a bit paranoid. This is the first time we've heard either of the Kiras mentioning sharing the power. I believe it's just Kira and the Second Kira causing these spikes."

L took a sip of tea.

"Perhaps, but I will continue to follow this pattern."

"A friend! He is your friend? That's a good thing, isn't it, Light?" asked Ryuk as they both walked home from the task force meeting. [7]

Light ignored him and focused on the inner turmoil he was having. Nothing seemed to be going his way today.

That damn Ryuzaki had no problem figuring out Kira and the second Kira had made contact each other. I've got to eliminate him right away.

"I see." said Ryuk.

He recognized the face of concentration Light was making. L's deductions had hit too close to home today. They needed to be more careful.

"The way things are progressing, I can't afford to be seen with Misa."

Ryuk wasn't sure who Light was talking to. Perhaps himself or maybe he was responding.

They walked for a few minutes in silence when a voice they hadn't expected to hear in two weeks filled their ears.


Shit! Speak of the devil and he shall come I suppose.

The perky blond ran from across the street. Light stared her down the whole way over.

"Sorry, but I just couldn't wait for two weeks like you said. Actually I was just on my way to your house and I spotted you."

Mm. This is the first time in my life that I've been provoked to hit a woman.

"I..I just wanted to see you so badly." she whined.

"Well, you might as well come over." Light said as he wrapped an arm around her shoulder and discreetly checked the street for passer-bys with lingering eyes.


Another girlfriend? [8]

Mogi watched from the shadows of an alley as Light greeted another female. This one was a petite blond dressed in a very provocative way. She appeared overjoyed from seeing Light. They talked for a moment and then Light wrapped an arm around her and led her home. He swore he had seen the girl somewhere, but he wasn't sure.

Still, this didn't seem to be odd behavior. Light was a very popular guy and obviously had many girls admiring him. He seemed normal for him to have more than one girlfriend. Cheating, especially when you were in college, wasn't a very odd behavior, but Mogi still felt he needed to inform L of this new development. Just to see what he thought of the whole thing.

Kuro stumbled into her apartment absolutely exhausted. The first day of college had been pretty intense. She had to run around the building hunting for her classrooms, learn the dos and don'ts for multiple classes, try and fail to make friends, and appear normal all day long. It had taken a lot out of her. She dropped her bag by the door and went into the kitchen to grab a drink. She was too young for alcohol and she really didn't see the point of getting drunk, so instead of a beer which usually calmed people down, she made coffee. She made it café au lait style with plenty of warm milk.

She grabbed the warm mug and sat down in her office chair in her study. She took a nice, long sip and sighed in content. She turned on the evening news and stared down at the Deathnote which she had gotten out while waiting for the milk in her coffee to warm. She grabbed a pen from the cup on her desk and flipped open to the first blank page.

Then, she began to judge the sinners of this world as she happily drank away her worries about college with the coffee.

Walking down the street with a perky, unaware, and famous girl was not easy to do. He tried to take the less crowded streets, but everywhere he went he swore people were staring. Maybe it was just paranoia, but he didn't care. If there was even a chance someone saw them together then this whole thing would be ruined. He got them across town fast and they soon arrived on his doorstep. He unlocked the door and walked in with Misa to be greeted by Sayu.

"Great to see you, Misa! I saw you in a whole bunch of magazines!" [9]

"Please, come on in." said Sachiko.

"Hum, sorry to drop by like this." Misa said as she slightly bowed her head.

"Could you make her some tea, Mom?" asked Light and Sachiko nodded.

"Rem." said Light as they were now safe inside his room.


"You are Misa's ally, aren't you?"

"Yes. I'd seen her many times from the Shinigami realm and then certain events made me develop feelings for her."

At this, Ryuk's eyes widened just a bit. Not enough for anyone to notice, but enough to his yellow eyes right down to the pupils. Remu had developed feelings for the young girl, had she? Didn't that mean, by her own logic, she could be killed if she tried to stop Misa's killer? Ryuk looked at Light through the corner of his eye to try and get his attention, but he was too busy concentrating on whatever he was going to say to Remu. Surely, he made the connection? A genius like him had to, but just in case, he stored the information away. Maybe he would mention it to Light after the girls left.

"So, if Misa is happy, does that mean you'll be happy as well?"

"I suppose you could say that. I definitely don't want her to suffer."

"As you know, Misa loves me."

"Oh, Light." swooned the aforementioned girl.


At the call of her name, almost like a pet, she came to Light's side. He wrapped an arm around her and hugged her to his chest.

"Yes?" she asked as she looked up at him.

"If I was happy, would that make you happy, too?"



Ryuk couldn't help the chuckle that escaped him. No one noticed him however, as they were to interested in Light's words.

"Then, could you ask Rem to kill L?"


Ryuk was now confused. Where was Light going with this? Surely, she wouldn't…Or would she? Ryuk didn't know Remu all that well or how deep these so called feelings for Misa went. Perhaps, Remu would do it…

Light finally acknowledged the other shinigami in the room and went on with his explanation of his plan.

"Rem said your happiness was important. But what do you think would happen if L caught one of us? It means our happiness would be ruined."

"Hahaha. It's true that the Shinigami are forbidden to give other person's name to anyone. But then again, there's no rule that prevents Rem from killing anyone."

Light nodded at Ryuk's explanation.

"That's right. And if you agreed to kill L, it would only make me love Misa that much more. Plus I'd be grateful to you. Most importantly, the two of us will be happy together."

Remu hesitated and Misa took this as an opportunity to persuade the shinigami.

"Rem, I want Light to love me. And I know we could be happy together. It's all I have ever wanted."

That's a shame.

Light pushed down the smirk as the thought entered his head. Now was the time to win Remu over with his plan, although he seriously doubted the shinigami would agree. This was just a long-shot. If it actually worked…he was a better persuader than he thought.

"Fine. As you wish, Light Yagami, but I do not like you. This will not kill me even if it ends up lengthening your life. I will kill L for you. It really makes no difference. He's just another human to me."

Ryuk and Light both almost sputtered in shock, but Misa's eyes lit up.

"Hooray! Oh, Rem! Thank you so much! I knew I can count on you."

Ryuk leaned back on the desk behind him and shook his head in disbelief. Remu didn't acknowledge him though. They weren't exactly on good terms.

Light's eyes widened enough for anyone to notice, but no one did. He shook his head and stared down at the floor.

L will die...That's all it took. [10]

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