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Summary: When friction spikes between her and Dallas, the "perfection" of Clare Edwards begins to crumble down.../Eclare/

Rated M: Language/Theme/Plot/

This takes place after Asher's assault on Clare...

Warnings: Jake/Eli friendship, Eclare/Jatie, Becky/Eli differences that include Religion (In no way am I trying to intend faithful people to their religions with Eli and Becky's dispute)

Love The Way You Lie


"Becky, I swear to Go-," she shot me a glare, her blonde hair flipping in my face, nearly blinding me, "Don't you dare use the lords name in vein!"

I bit back my bottom lip, trying to contain myself from lashing out on her. I've only been around this girl for nearly a week, and she has driven me up a metaphorical wall. Even though Clare keeps me balanced by our late night talks on the phone after rehearsal, and our hand holding sessions during lunch, I can't help but feel frustrated towards 'little miss sunshine'.

Sometimes I call her that to piss her off, and most of the time I do it to annoy her.

"You're the bright light bulb of the bunch who emailed everyone to meet up an hour later than they had to be! I gave you one task to do, and you fail at that! This is another reason why I should be the only director of this play," she laughed, "Relax Elijah, it was a mistake. You need to forgive, that's what Jesus did. He died-."

I cut her off, "That has nothing to do with an email that you screwed up! Stop bringing Jesus, God, and religion into everything. I understand and respect your religion, but you do not have to flaunt it in my face."

"You're going to go to hell," she whispered in my ear viciously.

"Thanks, I'll pick you up when I'm on my way," I spat, shaking my head towards the empty stage before me.

I slammed my clipboard-which contained the script that Becky didn't make copies of for the cast-onto the table, and took a seat. I could feel the buzz in my right side pocket, and smile, knowing it was most likely Clare.

"I don't get it," Becky muttered, as I pulled my phone out, "Get what?"

How's rehearsal going? I'm picking out a few books at the store downtown then I'll meet you back at school.

We can go to the Dot for Fondue couples night? ;)


"You see what you do Becky. If you would've sent out the right time, I would've been able to go to couples fondue night at the Dot with my girlfriend. But no, I have to be here, later than I have to be," I quickly sent Clare a text back, apologizing for my future absence tonight.

I knew my responsibility as director was to like to stay late for rehearsals, but being that this was unplanned, I didn't like this-not one bit.

"How do you get a good enough girl like Clare?"

My eyes scanned her tense jaw, and laughed, "My relationship is none of your business. Go climb a tree; save a cat or something. I'll handle rehearsal tonight alone."

"That's not fair, Principal Simpson-," my lip twitched, interrupting her meaningless plea, "Is Simpson here? Listen, I'm trying to be nice to you but just because Simpson says you need to be a part of this play, doesn't mean I'm not the senior in this situation. At Degrassi, plays are my thing. Which means, I get the say before you do."

"God says we're all equal," a dry chuckle forced through my lips, "My girlfriend is a Christian, but that doesn't mean she preaches every two seconds about how right she is. I respect her religion, and she respects my beliefs. I don't look at her like the cross around her neck is burning an imprint in her skin because I look her way."

I parted my lips, letting out a frustrated sigh," I'm trying to be nice to you Becky, I really am...but no amount of bipolar medication to calm myself down can cure your ability to intensify my anxiety."

"I prayed for you."

I looked up at the ceiling, and begged, "Kill me now."

"Suicide is a sin."

"You're making this extremely hard for me not to wrap my hands around your-."

I slid my thumb over the keypad to open my phone, and saw a picture of Clare, wearing the shirt I bought for her that had 'Tunnels' lyrics on it. Our new Song. She was pouting like a child, and the text on the bottom read;

I'll miss you tonight :( But I know rehearsal means a lot to you.

Good luck, break a leg!

Not literally, I wouldn't want that...

-Clare ;)

P.S. I convinced Jake to buy me some fondue when he was there with Katie, so we can split some strawberries during lunch tomorrow!

Clare Edwards is the only thing keeping me from "killing" Becky...


"Did you hear that Simpson is going to cut the newspaper because they need more money to support the hockey team?" My hand slipped in force, shoving the stick with a piece of fruit covered in fondue attached to the end into Eli's mouth.


I gasped, watching Eli hang his head, with his hand over his heart. I patted him on the back, apologizing repeatedly, "You okay?"

"Yeah," he teased, "Next time I'll just feed myself."

My hand gripped loosely onto a napkin, and wiped it gently over Eli's smirked lips, "Sorry about that, I really am. Now Katie, what were you saying about Simpson?"

"He's highly considering taking away the Chess and Jesus Club, along with the newspaper to support the hockey team," Katie bit into her apple slices, before sliding one into Jake's mouth.

"They can't do that, can they?" I looked at Eli, who shrugged his shoulders, "He's the principle, he can do anything he wants."

"That's not fair," my palms began to sweat at the thought of losing the only thing I can hold onto after the Asher incident, besides Eli. I had the internship in my hands, but even that, was ruined.

Writing in the newspaper keeps me occupied when Eli has rehearsal, or needs to practice lines with Tristan and Dave. He's at the school until seven some nights, and then has to do homework-which leaves me all alone. Not that I'm complaining, because Eli and I do spend a countless amount of time together, but without writing for the newspaper, then I'd really have nothing to keep myself busy with.

"Don't worry you guys. Simpson said he'd get rid of the used condoms sticking the ceiling of the boys bathroom on the third floor-," Eli interrupted Jake, eagerly pointing out, "But he never did!"

Jake dug into his homemade chicken sandwich, while speaking with a full mouth, "It's kind of cool though, like a trademark."

Eli laced his fingers with mine beneath the table, assuring me of their playful jokes. He knew I wasn't a big fan of the dirty jokes he and Jake exchanged, but I did approve of their unexpected friendship.

"Want a bite?" Jake asked, pushing the bitten sandwich towards Eli, who nodded, taking it gratefully, "Thanks dude. Papa Martin makes the best fried chicken! Ain't no thang but a chicken wang ma man!"

"You can't even talk to you two when you're hungry," Katie commented playfully, rolling her eyes and offering an arm, "Come on Clare, let's go for a walk. I need to use the bathroom."


I quickly stood up, walking side by side with Katie back into the school, "The hockey team is filled with a bunch of jerks, as you may know. Dallas is the main one-kind of like a lion. Without him, the team is nothing."

"What do you suggest we do?"

"We want the newspaper to keep going at its successful pace, no?" I nodded at Katie's words, taking everything in. I now took into realization that we weren't headed to the bathroom, but nearing the side of the school where the Gym is.

"Eli is good at scheming, right?"

My lips curled into a grin, knowing that if you needed a good plan for revenge, or anything dealing with getting even or defeating, you go to Eli.

"Yes, but he's over that Katie. He has been doing so well ever since we got back together for the second time. Eli does have his moments with Becky, but he usually pushes through those problems with my help. I'm not going to be the reason for his plummet downwards," she nodded, fully understanding the reason behind my explanation.

"We need to do whatever it takes to eliminate Dallas from the equation," her voice was filled with determination, as we both stood by the doorway of the Gym, watching the hockey team doing a drill of suicides.

I stared at the team, watching the sweat dripping down their faces and cringing at their rough, labored breaths.

The only time I've seen a boy as sweaty as that, was when Jake and Eli came inside the house from chopping down a tree with Glen on a camping trip a few weekends ago. My mom had said that we needed some mother-daughter bonding time, and Glen recommended that he and Jake need some father-son time as well. Eli, of course, was staying for dinner during the discussion. By this point in time, Eli and Jake had formed an alliance over their bond of obsessively playing Xbox video games. So, bringing along Eli for the trip wasn't even debated, for he was going no matter what.

"They're so gross," I whispered to Katie, who nodded, "Picking dirty, sweaty boys who have only been here for less than a semester over a newspaper that has been running since the first year of Degrassi history...so not going to happen on my watch."

"Yeah, but-."

I was cut off by one of the boys who stopped running, to scream and wave at us, "HEY LADIES! CARE TO PULL UP A CHAIR?"

"Is that...?" Katie nodded, "No thanks Dallas, we have better things to do...like write for the newspaper."

Dallas, along with two other redheaded teens behind him approached us, before telling the coach they need a break. The closer the entire team got to us, the more intimidated I got. Being the coward that I am, ever since the Asher occurrence, had began to panic.

I fear the feeling of being overcrowded with discomfort. Having too many people breathing heavily around us frightened me, making my heart thump in my chest to a point where my lungs were closing in.

"You're the chicks from the newspaper, right? I can't wait to read the next edition, all about you guys being shut down for us," Dallas announced smugly, earning snickers from his team.

"What are you crying over? Now you've realized that you'll really have no life after the newspaper goes down the drain," he targeted me, and even though I was beginning to cry for a different reason, he was partially right. I will have no life after the one true thing I hold close to me-writing-is gone.

My lips parted, and I tried to respond, to make a good comeback in order to show him whose boss. But my throat went as dry as a desert, and no words were even close to coming out.

A little whimper came from my lips, as the hockey team laughed, pointing and saying words I've never even heard. All I knew was that they were all surrounding me, laughing at me, and mocking...me.

"Leave her alone," I heard Katie defend me, but Dallas just spat back at her, but I could barely hear it.

I was having another panic attack...

"HEY! WHAT'S GOING ON HERE?" Two voices-two, familiar, masculine voices boomed the hallway.

My eyes glared at the floor, shame coming over me. I couldn't even stand up for myself against a stupid hockey team. Jake stood in front of Katie, separating one of the boys, who was getting too close to Katie. I saw black skinny jeans, and immediately knew Eli was in front of me as well.

"Nothings going on here, your little hoe just broke out in tears over a newspaper," Dallas snorted at Eli, before bumping fists with the boy that Jake was staring down.

"Oh look at you, harassing two girls...how do you feel about yourself? Better?" Eli asked, tapping Dallas' shoulder.

My heart thumped rapidly against my skin, the heat rushing to my cheeks from the public embarrassment. All eyes were on us, and the crowd kept on getting bigger...and bigger...and bigger.

"Eli," I whispered, tugging my hand at the bottom of his denim jacket, "I-I have to get out of here. I-I can't-I can't-I need to get out, now. I need air."

"Let me know how typing out that articles go!" Dallas called out, as Eli wrapped his arm around my shoulder, pushing me out of the way with him. I craned my head to see Dallas one last time, watching him flash me a hip-thrust, "Here's a good photo-op!"

I could hear Eli's voice asking frantic questions, but the last thing I thought about before he slipped me into the passenger seat of Bullfrogs car, was that Dallas was going to pay...one way or another.


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