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Chapter 2: Lessons and the test of will! One punch makes it!

The class blinked at the man, now known as Hogosha, staring in awe and curiosity.

"Um… sir?" a girl asked.

"Yes, miss?" Hogosha inquired to the questioner. 'here it comes…'

"You wouldn't be the Kurohi Hogosha, author of the Kokoro Ninja series, would you?"

"Why yes I am." 'three… two… one… aaaaand -'

"!" the squeal was done by all but one of the girls in the class, who simply had a blush on her face. The guys, on the other hand, covered their ears in pain, especially the one in the black parka, him and his dog. The squealing stopped when the windows on the side of the wall shattered, startling everyone.

Hogosha sighed. "I expected as much from that…" he pulled out the earplugs, now hearing the groans from the male populace, "If your shinobi talent is half as good as your volume, then there might be hope for you yet."

"Um… Hogosha-san?" the quiet girl asked.

"Yes, Miss…"

"H-Hinata. Hyuga Hinata." Hinata stated.

"Ah, Hitomi's girl. You look just like her." Hogosha smiled, causing the girl to flinch slightly, something he took note of for later. "Now you were saying?"

"A-ano… wh-what do y-you mean by apprentice? Aren't you just a writer?"

Hogosha blinked at that… "you're kidding me, right?" Hinata flinched again.

"S-s-sorry -"

"No, don't be; but I ask all of you, how many of you have heard of the Second Sannin or the Konoha Primary?"

The class was quiet except for a cricket that seemed to come from… Shino? The Aburame raised his hand.


"Sir, we have not heard of the 'Konoha Primary' or the 'Second Sannin', unless you are referring to Jiraiya-sama or Tsunade-sama." Shino stated.

"Sweet Shinto deities, what have they taught you kids? Never mind, I'll find out later. The Konoha Primary and the Second Sannin are the same team. My team." Hogosha created two clones and had both of them henge. When the smoke cleared, there were two people standing, one was a woman with long red hair in a yellowish battle kimono, and the other was…


The blond transformed clone simply smiled at them and chuckled. "Namikaze Minato, Konoha's Kiiroi Senkou, the Yellow Flash. My specialty was speed."

The redhead grinned a very familiar grin the class knew all too well. "Uzumaki Kushina! Konoha's Akai Shi, the Red Death and top Kunoichi of the village! My Specialty was stealth, Dattebane!"

Hogosha stepped forward. "Kurohi Hogosha, Konoha's Aoi Gekido, the Blue Fury. My specialty was my strength and power."

The class was in awe at the sight and what they heard, especially our favorite knucklehead, staring at the redhead woman.


"Oi! Are you saying that you were teamed up with the Fourth and some No-name redhead?" Kiba shouted.

The Kushina clone glared at the Inuzuka. "I have a name, ya mutt pup! Too busy chasing your own tail to remember it? Baaaaka!"

"What was that?"

The Minato clone sighed as he looked at the scene before him. "Shikaku-san would say this would be bothersome. At least Tsume-san was more polite."

"All right, you two, that's enough of that." Hogosha said as he called back the clones, hearing what was almost a whisper 'kaa-chan?'.

Hogosha looked at Naruto, a sense of longing in his eyes. Hinata seemed to worry for him as well. He sighed at the scene of confused faces.

"Yes, I was teammates with the Fourth, he was my best friend, and Kushina was a VERY close second." He looked towards the monument in remorse. 'I'll set things right, my friends. I promise…'

He looked back to the students. They seemed to see him in a new light, even under confusion.

One girl stood up and said, "but why weren't we told about the Yondaime's team? That's serious stuff!"

Hogosha glanced at the girl. "their names alone were obvious." The class was silent for a bit, until Hogosha broke it. "Meet me in Training Ground 11, we'll see who becomes my apprentice there."

He jumped out the window, an orange blur following quickly. The class blinked and then noticed the message on the board left by Hogosha.

You've got ten minutes.

Suffice to say, the rest bolted out, save for one lazy genin, who simply got up and jumped out last.

(With Hogosha)


Hogosha looked back to see Naruto keeping up at pace, the rest of the class was a good distance away.

"Yeah, kid?"

"Who was that lady? Was she my mom?" Naruto asked bluntly.

'Oh yeah, DEFINITELY your son, Kushina' Hogosha thought, and said "you realize that I let loose an A-rank secret in there, I'll only tell you more if you earn the right to be my apprentice." 'not that it matters. You and the Hyuga girl are the only ones with the potential I like. This test will be rigged to see you two do well.'

Naruto seemed surprised at the fact that it was a secret, but that steeled his resolve. "Just you wait and see, sensei! I'll clear your test in no time!"

Hogosha inwardly grinned like a madman at that. "We'll see, kid. We'll see…"

They came to the training grounds and didn't wait long for the rest of the class to show up, well, except for the Nara. Hogosha sighed and knew the kid was just like his old man, right down to finding a troublesome woman later in life, he had to chuckle as he remembered Shikaku complaining about Yoshino when she was pregnant. THAT was a troublesome affair in its minority. He then noticed ANBU in the trees and figured to play along with it.

"All right let's see here…" he started mock counting the class. "30 kids? Hmm… I'll need one more." He threw a kunai into the trees, and then pulled back on the ninja wire attached, bringing out one of the ANBU, this one having the kanji for 'root' on his mask. "heh, still got it. Ok, ROOT boy, get Danzou to hand over a kid around genin age, and his little plans stay hidden for the moment."

The ROOT agent said nothing, only disappearing.

Hogosha glimpsed at the class. They had that confused look again. "What? I need a replacement kid for the one I take on as an apprentice. The teams have to be stable." 'honestly, these kids are not looking like ninja… note to self: tear down educational infrastructure and rework it from the ground up.'

The ROOT agent returned with a black haired boy with pure white skin, as though he hadn't been in the sun for years, and he has a small smile on his face.

"Danzou-sama sends his regards." The ROOT agent said, and he disappeared.

Hogosha scoffed at that and turned his gaze to the boy. "what's your name, kid?" the boy just smiled.

"Sai." He said.

"Alright, Sai, go stand with your peers over there."

"Yes, sir. Would standing next to the dickless duck suffice?" this was met with screeches of indignation from the fangirls.

Hogosha blinked, then let out a laugh. "that'll do nicely." 'I like this kid already.'

As Sai stood next to Sasuke – who was brooding as usual – Hogosha decided to start.

"Ok, first off, I'll better introduce myself. Your senseis will do the same for you later on. My name is Kurohi Hogosha. I am known by many other titles, which several of you will know from talking with your parents later tonight. My likes are writing my books, training, and fighting. My dislikes are arrogance and blind fanaticism. My hobbies include writing, singing, and developing new jutsu. My dreams for the future is to train the greatest shinobi of all time and be proud of that shinobi and to bring forth eternal peace for the world." Hogosha smiled at them. "Oh, I almost forgot. I also despise the Uchiha for taking away my chances of happiness."

The said Uchiha glared intently at the blue-haired man, who simply ignored him and the fangirls' raving.

"Now, the test has a simple rule: One Punch. You are all to face against me using every tactic you know. You have to make physical contact at least once, that person will be my apprentice. Read-" he was cut off as a blond blur jumped at him.

Naruto leaped at Hogosha, hoping to finish this quick, only for Hogosha to dodge and grab his arm. This was met with a screech.

"Naruto-baka! Hogosha-sensei hasn't even started yet!"

Hogosha ignored the pink girl and grinned. "a preemptive strike trying to catch me off guard… not bad, kid. Seems you're more ready for the ninja life than the others are."

Naruto grinned at that.

"However, this also shows overconfidence in ability, we'd have to work on that later." Hogosha said as he flung Naruto back to the group. "Next?"


Hogosha looked to see two drilling forms coming at him. He leapt back and seemed to look in disappointment. "Seriously? Only ten rotations a second? Come on, Inuzuka! Your parents spin faster in the bed sheets!"

Kiba had the decency to blush while looking appalled "Why you -!" he leaped at Hogosha, who simply stepped out of the way and did a quick chop to the neck.

"Lie down. Stay. Good dog." He then saw Akamaru growling at him. "Relax, pup, he's still conscious. He just won't be able to move for a while."

"Grrr… darn it!" Kiba yelled indignantly.

"See? Now who's next?" Hogosha saw a shadow moving across the ground. "Nice try." He said as he leapt away. "Kagemane no Jutsu (Shadow Possession Jutsu)… Fail!"

Shikamaru merely scoffed. Meanwhile, two white lions that appeared to be made of ink charged at Hogosha.

"Ninpou: Choujuu Giga!" the voice of Sai said.

Hogosha glimpsed at the boy and dodged the lions. He smirked at Sai. "Seems like you kids are finally taking me seriously… good. So Sai, can you take as much as you dish out?"

Sai smiled, but there was confusion until Hogosha pulled out a small scroll and ink brush. He opened the scroll and did a few quick strokes.

Hogosha smiled similar to Sai, as if mocking him. "Ninpou: Choujuu Giga!"

A flare of chakra brought life to the drawing, as it grew to become a giant serpentine dragon. The lions charged at Hogosha, but the dragon wrapped itself around them, squeezing the chakra-based life from them.

"Heh, counter an opponent's move, little can be done against it."

Sai didn't say anything, just smiled.

'Ok, the kid's starting to creep me out.' Hogosha thought, but then he heard a rumbling sound.

"Nikudan Sensha (Human Bullet Tank)!"

'Oh crap. I forgot about the Akimichi!' "Doton: Ishi Keisha no Jutsu (Earth Release: Stone Ramp Jutsu)!"

As the human boulder charged at him, a ramp formed in between them and sent the boy skyward. Hogosha leapt after him and was soon situated above him, still in his inflated state.

"Heh, sorry big guy, good try though. Combi-Ninpou: Akimichi Meteor!" Hogosha hit with a heavy dropkick, slamming Chouji into the ground, causing a large crater.

"Uggghhh… I'm hungry…" Chouji groaned, deflating himself.

"You gotta work on your calorie intake, kid. But other than that, nice try."

"ORAAAAAA!" a loud voice roared. Hogosha looked up and saw Naruto in the air. Naruto then did a familiar hand sign. "Kage Bunshin no Jutsu!" suddenly, there were dozens of him coming down at Hogosha, who looked surprised, then he had a small smile on his face.

"Hehe, so it's gonna be like that, eh? He really is your son, Kushina." He said to himself. He looked at the swarm of orange in front of him.

"Come on…" he whispered. "Come on." He said a bit louder. "Come on!" he shouted. "COME ON COME ON COME ON!" he roared with a maniacal grin on his face. He moved his arms so one was in front and one was behind, both in a chopping position. "Rasenken! TATSUMAKI!" Hogosha jumped into the air, spinning so fast the surrounding air warped into a large cyclone. The shadow clones and some of the other new genin got caught in the torrent and were launched into disarray.

The original landed a bit of a way's off. "Damn it! I almost had him!"

Hogosha landed with a large smirk on his face. "Shadow clones? You really hold up to being the Number One Unpredictable Maverick, don't you, Uzumaki?"

Naruto glared in anger, "just wait for it! I'll pound you and be your apprentice! Then you have to tell me about Kushina!"

Hogosha's grin only grew. "Then show me what you got! Naruto!"

Naruto's scowl and grin nearly matched him as he brought his hands together in a normal seal. "Orioke no Jutsu!"


As the smoke cleared, a tall leggy pigtailed blonde appeared with the residual smoke covering her decency. "Please let Naruto be your apprentice?"

Hogosha blinked and did a mock sigh. "you'll have to do better than that, kid."

The girl scowled and changed back to Naruto. "Why didn't that work? What are you, gay?"

Hogosha merely chuckled. "no, kid. I just like girls that are more… Dynamic."

Naruto looked confused. "Dynamic?"

Hogosha nodded. "Dynamic."


"Dynamic." Hogosha brought his hands into the same seal. "Orioke no Jutsu!"


As the smoke cleared, there was a blue-haired woman with much larger breasts and hips and backside than Naruto's Sexy form. She was clothed in an almost too tight string bikini, it didn't help that the transformation had her pulling the top slightly, as if daring someone to snap it open. The look on her face was lustful and eager. The genin boys - aside from Naruto (in shock), Shino (no one knows), and Sasuke (brooding) - and a couple girls looked and were launched back by nosebleeds screaming out only one thing before fainting:


Hogosha released the transformation, swearing he heard an echo from town saying the same thing. He almost didn't notice a slight swell of Killing intent. It was so puny, but it was there, and seemed to be directed at… Naruto?

"NARUTOOO! LOOK WHAT YOU MADE SENSEI DO, SHANNAROOO!" the pink-haired girl threw back her fist in rage.

'Shit! That punch looks to kill him!' Hogosha did a quick substitution with Naruto and placed a paper seal array in his palm. 'Let's see how like a backlash seal, little girl.'

Sakura's fist met his palm, but her arm collapsed slightly and she screamed out in pain at the sickening cracks she heard and felt. Hogosha was startled at this development.

'What? There's no way she has that much strength. Not unless she was a…' "Girl, what's your name?"

"H-Haruno S-Sakura…" she whimpered from the pain.

"And your parents?"

"Kizashi a-and Meb-buki." She cried in agony after that.

Hogosha made a shadow clone and had it take her to the hospital. As it left, he was thinking. 'Haruno Kizashi… the Hokage candidate? I know he had endurance, but I don't remember him or Mebuki having that strength… wait, doesn't Kizashi have a sister?' as he was thinking, he was almost unaware of the voice to his side.

"You hurt my friend! You'll pay for that! Shintenshin no Jutsu (Mind Body Switch Jutsu)!"

'Crap! Yamanaka are always tricky, especially females! Gotta send her to the mindscape quick!' Hogosha focused his mind just as he felt the presence of Ino entering.


Ino soon found herself in a large temple that looked to be carved into a mountain.

'Whoa! If this is sensei's mind, he's got some good taste!' Ino was in awe until she heard screams from deeper inside. "What was that? Was that Sensei?" she started running through the temple, not knowing she was being watched…

As she went deeper inside, she saw black and white feathers strewn around, and dried blood splattered across the tiled floor, black flame torches eerily lighting her path. The screams grew louder and she could also hear crying. She came to an open room holding a black flame pyre and a person. Ino took a better look and saw it was Hogosha, but much different.

His body was riddled with self-inflicted wounds, many still bleeding, his hair was matted and torn, his eyes wet and red from who know how many tears shed. Ino looked in worry at the proud man she saw seconds before. She then heard his sobs.

"Dad… Aniki… Lee-sensei… Kushina… Minato… I'm sorry… I couldn't save you… I couldn't save anyone… it's all my fault… you're all dead because I… because…bec-" Hogosha started screaming again. Crying out to no one, yet everyone at the same time.

Ino stood there in fear and trauma, and then she heard the flapping of wings and the rattling of chains. She turned to see a large being in shadow, apparently looking at her in irritancy.

"You shouldn't be here, child," it said as he raised an arm that held a sword. Ino panicked and screamed as she cancelled the jutsu.

(Training Ground 11)

Ino was back in her body, screaming her head off. Looking around, she saw Hogosha glaring at her.

"S-Sensei! I-I'm sorry about entering your mind and seeing… that!" she stammered, fearing his reaction.

Hogosha kept glaring at her. "I'll have to speak to your father about this."

Ino quieted herself. "Y-yes, sir…" she looked at the ground, slightly humbled.

Hogosha turned away, trying to compose himself. 'Damn it! Of all the things she had to see, why THEM? No matter, there's still the kunoichi, and the Aburame, Naruto, and that bastard Uchiha.' He looked around and saw most of the kunoichi in one place. 'hello, amusing reactions…' he started flashing through hand seals. "Raiton: Shifuku Yorokobi no Jutsu (Lightning Style: Blissful Pleasure Jutsu)!" Hogosha slammed his hands on the ground and sent the electric current through the ground to the group of Kunoichi, one jumping away at the last instant. Said instant was overcome by the moans and groans of overstimulation via nerve clusters. The girls' brains went blank as they passed out from the pleasure received.

The girl that got away landed only to feel the lesser feedback, surprisingly moaning louder than the others, she still stood, even shakily, but made no move to attack.

Hogosha had a small smile on his face, 'heh, Jiraiya-sensei was right again. It IS always the quiet ones. And for a Hyuga… hoho boy, Jiraiya would be proud of him… if he wasn't so clueless… again, I'll have to fix that later. Now where is he, or that bas-'

"Katon: Goukakyuu no Jutsu (Fire Style: Grand Fireball Jutsu)!"

Hogosha jumped out of the way, almost getting singed from the Uchiha's attack. 'Well, there's the answer to THAT question. Damn it! He almost had me. I'm getting old and I'm only 36!'

Sasuke glared at Hogosha, "You'll pay for insulting my clan." Hogosha just glared back.

"I've already lost enough to you traitors. It's a pity your brother didn't ask me to kill them instead."

Sasuke glared with unkempt fury. "Where is he? Tell me so I can kill him!"

Hogosha smirked. "Even if I did know, I wouldn't tell some avenger that'll get himself killed for some worthless clan."

Sasuke's rage was boiling over as he charged towards Hogosha. "the Uchiha Clan is the Strongest! You couldn't possibly understand, you weak pathetic scum!"

Resisting the tick mark growing behind his headband, Hogosha gave the rebuttal as he kicked him away. "If your clan was the strongest, then why were none Hokage?"

"Because the fools see compassion as a trait instead of power! They all died because they were weak! Especially the Yondaime!"

That tore it. Hogosha wasn't gonna hold back against the duck. He started dashing towards Sasuke when the bastard got a full force punch from our beloved knucklehead, and boy did he look mad.

"Don't you EVER say that about the Hokage, Teme! They are the strongest in the village, and are respected because they care!" Naruto roared, eyes gleaming slightly red.

"Who cares what you say, dobe! Not your redhead whore of a mother."


"ENOUGH! BOTH OF YOU!" Hogosha got in between them. As much as he wanted to see the fight, Naruto's safety took priority at the moment, and he couldn't take on the Uchiha… yet. "ANBU," he called. Three appeared in front of him. "Take Uchiha to his residence and make sure he stays there." They nodded and grabbed him.

"Let go of me! We're not done!"

"Actually, we are. While the rest of the class was focusing on me, Naruto, unknowingly, finished the objective."

"Huh? I did?"

"Like I said, unknowingly." Hogosha flared a chakra pulse, waking up the rest of the genin. "Ok, can anyone tell me what the point of the exercise was?"

"We were pitted against a strong opponent, knowing that we had an objective to complete, we believed what you said about the test, but no one completed it." Shino stated.

"You're half-right, Aburame-san. You were facing me, one of Konoha's strongest shinobi, and a good amount of you were making an effort. The objective was there, but you had to figure it out from what I said."

That got the kids thinking. He said they had to get a least one punch in…

"Figure it out yet? I said you had to make physical contact once. I never specified who you had to hit."

"You did, we just didn't catch it at the time. How troublesome." Shikamaru grumbled.

"Care to tell the rest of the class, Nara-san?" Hogosha stated.

"You said you hated the Uchiha for ruining your chance at happiness; that alone should have been a clue."

"Correct. And I noticed that of the kunoichi here, only three or four of you could fulfill the objective."

"A-ano, why is that, Sensei?" Hinata asked.

"Isn't it obvious? Most of the girls in our class are fangirls for Uchiha." Shikamaru said.

"And a fangirl would never hit their idol, even one as pathetic as he is." Hogosha stated plainly.

"Sasuke-kun is not pathetic!" shouted a fangirl.

"Oh no? Tell me, who here thinks the Hokage is weak?"

No hands raised, although Sasuke was struggling to break free from the ANBU.

"Your little idol stated that he was, and the others, significantly the Yondaime."

The gasps were palpable.

"The exercise was, in a broader sense, what would happen if there was a betrayal in the ranks during a mission. Usually it's someone closed off and antisocial. When this occurs, the opposing forces ally themselves to take on a common threat. That will be all for this lesson. Your jonin instructors are waiting for you." Hogosha gave a small whistle, and nine jonin appeared. "Kakashi's late again? He should know that I'm back in town by now, and he knows I expect punctuality. Oh, and Naruto?"

Naruto looked over at Hogosha, his eyes betraying his feelings from what Sasuke said.

"Go to your apartment, I'll be there later on, I have a few errands to run. And congratulations, my new apprentice." Hogosha smiled at the boy's foxlike grin.