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Chapter 7: Hogosha's Group Lesson! Affinities of the Soul and History of the Ninja World! (A/N, Part 1 XD)

The rest of the day was rather uneventful for Hogosha. Aside from the occasional attempted glompings and several ladies asking for autographs (which he politely declined), he was starting to get used to being back in Konoha. Of course, he didn't particularly care about the village, but Naruto did, so he decided to give them the benefit of the doubt. If things got… less than tolerable… well, a few dead bodies might wise them up.

Besides, it wasn't like they'd be stupid enough to try and force him to do anything, right?

"Hey, Demon lover!"

Hogosha stopped and blinked for a second.

'I stand corrected.' He turned to see a mob of about fifteen people, most drunk off their ass. The one that called him out had a surprisingly high-quality katana, longer than others, making it an uchigatana. 'Idiot probably grabbed it off a battlefield. Doesn't even upkeep it,' he thought, noticing the minor chips and dried blood in the blade.

"We heard that you decided to take in that Uzumaki." The leader said.

"What of it?"

"By the Council, you are ordered to kill the Demon." The leader said, him and the rest of the mob with arrogant grins.

A tick mark formed beneath his headband, but his expression remained the same. "Oh? The Council's Order? Very well." Hogosha said as he calmly walked past them. It wasn't until he was twenty feet away that the mob leader saw his uchigatana was no longer in his hand.

"Huh? Where's my sword?"

"In much more capable hands," the mob heard Hogosha say, but none of them could move for some reason. Hogosha glanced over the blade while the sheath was awkwardly held in the crux of his shoulder. "It's rather pitiful that someone like you attained it. I'd say you should be humbled that I take it off your hands…" he started slipping the uchigatana into the sheath, "but those are wasted words to a dead man." He quickly put the last inch of the blade in with a quick chink.

The group suddenly felt pain for an instant, and then there was only cold. They started feeling lighter, but couldn't move. They realised that they were bleeding profusely and they all fell to the ground… in little pieces.

'Feh, worthless fools.' He thought in disdain, then held a twisted grin on his face. 'I wonder if I should have the Inuzuka dogs come clean this up… nah, not even I'm that cruel to the animals. Tsume'd throw a hissy fit over making her clan sick.' He laughed at that, simply walking away as it nothing happened. Several people looked at the display in fear. Such… madness and malice was beyond their understanding. None even came close to the flesh pile, fearing his return.

(Several Blocks Away)

Hogosha stopped in an empty street, the uchigatana still in its sheath. "All right, I know you're all there, so get down here to save me the trouble." No sooner than he said that, six ANBU surrounded him. "I take it this isn't a social visit."

"Kurohi Hogosha." One ANBU said, a bird mask covering his face. "You are under arrest."

"Oh please, spare me the drivel." He scoffed. "The dumbass was stupid enough to break the Third's Law in my presence. That alone warranted his pathetic demise, the same for those other idiots."

"We have rules for these matters, Hogosha-sama." A female ANBU with a dog mask stated.

"Oh, you mean the courts? Hardly a fair system." Hogosha grit through his teeth. "They're run by bigot civilians and would hardly give them a slap on the wrist, if that." He started to walk away again. "If you want to try and stop me, feel free. I'm sure the hospital has a few beds open. If not, then I'll be on my way."

The ANBU didn't move as he walked past, not out of the previous situation, but because they were smart enough to back down. ANBU didn't get to be there out of idiocy, and no one was stupid enough to face a Sannin in a bad mood, especially the last of the Second Generation.

(Namikaze/Uzumaki/Kurohi Residence)

Hogosha entered his home and placed his scrolls to the side. The uchigatana was already sealed into the large scroll along with the rest of his arsenal. He planned to have them all worked on by a weapons smith he trusted. Of course, he could fix it on his own, but doing D-ranks didn't necessarily need weapons, even against that demon cat…

The blunet shuddered at the old mission to catch the daimyo's wife's cat Tora. Biggest - pain in the ass - EVER! But that honestly went unsaid.

Regardless, Hogosha tried not to dwell on the thoughts of his past. 'Some things are best left forgotten,' he mused in his mind. 'No matter how much I am cursed to relive it.'

(You truly wish to be rid of that day, don't you?)he heard Yatagarasu say.

'You know my situation better than anyone else, Yataga,' he thought as he sat on his bed. 'Take a wild guess…'

(Try and rest, Boy. I'll try and keep your hauntings quick.)

Hogosha sighed and laid down. He closed his eyes as sleep took over him.

His body twitched erratically and his screams echoed inside his mind.

(The Next Day)

Like yesterday, Hogosha was in the kitchen, this time sipping some coffee. He hated the stuff with a passion, but it was the best thing he had to take his mind off his nightmares. He casually drank the beverage, wincing at the horrid taste that passed across his tongue.

'Bleck, I will never get used to this stuff.' He thought.

(I rather enjoy it. It really keeps up the senses.) Yatagarasu said calmly.

'So you've told me over the years. How can you even taste it?'

(I believe you said yourself that the mind has infinite possibilities.) the Tengu smiled. (Also, you have a small food court in the taste center of your brain. I simply take the time to indulge myself a little.)

Hogosha stared blankly into space at the answer. He would have mused upon it more, but he heard Naruto running through the halls. "Well, might as well get the day rolling." He said as he dumped the rest of the coffee down the drain.

Today, Naruto was wearing the blue jacket, bringing out the brightness of his hair. His red ponytail swayed in the wind. Other than his jacket, he wore the same thing as yesterday. He smiled at Hogosha.

"So what are we going to do today, Hogosha-sensei?" he asked excitedly.

Hogosha smiled back at him. "I think today we'll get started on missions. Sound good to you?"

Naruto practically whooped as he jumped in the air and rushed out to the front yard. Hogosha chuckled at his antics. So similar to Kushina and Minato, yet his own unique brand.

"Might as well get started… hmm… I wonder what we'll do for lunch…"

(Could you pick up a few sandwiches? You're running low in here and that fish teriyaki yesterday was a tad undercooked.)

"Yeah, Yeah. Freaking birdbrain."

(I heard that!)

'Good. You were supposed to.'

(Tetsurugi Shop)

Our two resident demon carriers entered the weapons shop to see a girl with her dark brown hair in buns resting her head on the counter, she had a few small bruises that appeared to be from training. What kind of training, Hogosha wasn't sure, but he could at least tell it was honest training. He looked at the sleeping girl's hairstyle.

'Hmm… kinda reminds me of Mito-sama…' he then got a wide grin on his face. 'Ohohohoho this is gonna be good.'

He crept quietly over to her, having Naruto stand back, he grabbed two handfuls of senbon from a nearby display. Being as quiet as possible, he started arranging the senbon in her hair buns.

After about thirty seconds, Hogosha was about to set the last senbon in place when Naruto - being bored for the last ten seconds – accidentally knocked over a couple shelves of weapons over, sending them clattering to the floor.

"Bakayaro!" Hogosha shouted in a raspy whisper, becoming on edge. "Third rule of infiltration: NEVER make a sound!"

"Sorry!" Naruto squeaked out in panic.

Both looked at the girl at the counter. She had not woken up from the clamor, the senbon were sticking out from her buns rather hilariously. Just one more and the prank would be stable, otherwise they'd all just slip out. As careful as possible, Hogosha slipped behind the counter and, ever so subtly, slipped the last senbon through both hair buns. When it was in, he carefully pressed inward on the other senbon, piercing through like knitting needles skewering a yarn ball.

Hogosha returned from behind the counter and sighed in relief. This relief was short-lived as a kunai hit him in the face.

"Hogosha-sensei!" Naruto yelled as he saw his sensei's head be forced back. The bun-haired girl's head shot up, her arm extended out of reflex.

"Eh?" she looked forward with her dark brown eyes and saw a rather tall man being forced back and a short blond around her age. She then noticed the kunai seemingly imbedded in the man's unseen face. He mind immediately went into panic mode. "O-Oh God! I'm sorry!"

"Don't shweat it, kid." A voice said, his words lisped a bit, as he brought his head up, and both genin saw the kunai being clenched intensely between his teeth. "You jusht caught me by shurprishe, ish all. You've got a hell of a – ah damn it! I cub mah tunge." He stammered out as he released the kunai from his steel-tight jaw, sticking out his tongue which now had a stream of blood dripping out of it. "Houl awn, dis 'ill onwy taeke a sehcohn." He quickly put a hand to his mouth, a small amount of green chakra forming at his fingers. After a few seconds, he took his hand away and after rolling his tongue a few times to make sure everything was in order, he spoke again. "Ah, that's better. Now, Miss…"

"Tenten." The brunette said.

"Miss Tenten. I have some business for a mass weapons review and refinishing. Is Hagane available?"

At the mention of weapons refinishing, Tenten's eyes got bright. "Just a sec. Daaaad! Big order customer!"

"I'm coming, sweetie!" a voice called from the back. A few seconds later, an average sized older man appeared. He had dark brown hair and eyes and wore the clothes of a smith. He looked up at Hogosha and blinked. "Tenten-chan, when you said we had a big order, I didn't think you meant the customer."

Hogosha closed his eyes, irritated. "Oh, ha-ha. Real funny, Hagane. Make jokes at the tall guy. You're a real riot."

The man, Hagane, smiled. "Can't help it, Hogosha-sama. You're a big target." He laughed at his own joke. "Alright, alright, enough of the pleasantries. On to business. Your order?" he asked, his tone becoming serious.

Hogosha pulled off the large scroll from his back and set it on the counter. "Total upkeep, don't sweat the small stuff."

Hagane looked at the scroll in surprise, but kept his composure and unraveled it a good foot out. The inside of the scroll was covered in seals of varying sizes. Both Hagane and Tenten were in awe, although Tenten's look was more excitement.

"Are…are all of these weapons?" Tenten asked excitedly.

"Yup. All from my travels." Hogosha stated.

"Is the entire scroll like this?" Hagane asked, his tone unwavering.

"Of course. I brought all the weapons I ever use."

"Is there any weapon you haven't wielded?"

"Just two." Hogosha stated plainly. "One for sentimental reasons, the other…" he shuddered slightly, as if even mentioning it was taboo.

Hagane got the hint and avoided divulging further. He rolled up the scroll and set it behind the counter. "This will be very pricey, you realize. I can't say for sure the estimation."

"I can pay for it. At your rate of upkeep, those will take you… three, four weeks tops."

Tenten was surprised, her father was known for his speed and quality of their weapons, and this guy had enough to keep them busy for almost a month? How many weapons did this guy have!?

Hagane sighed, and then looked at Hogosha straight in the eye. "Three of the best."

Hogosha blinked, and then glared. "One."

"Two, and that's as low as I'll go."

Hogosha grit his teeth, but relented. "Fine, two of them, but out of MY choosing, Deal?" he held out his hand, which Hagane took in a firm grasp.


Naruto and Tenten looked confused at the exchange.

"Uh… sensei? What are you doing?"

"Dad, what's that about?"

It was Hogosha that answered. "Along with the payment, Hagane has the right to choose two weapons from my stock."

"In exchange, all later purchases from here on by Hogosha and his students are half off. As we agreed upon all those years ago." Hagane finished.

Tenten's eyes got wide at that. "W-wait, you're just going to give two of them to us?"

Hogosha only folded his arms. "That was the deal. I'm a man of my word, as is your father, right, Hagane?"

Hagane nodded. "I promise they'll all be done by the end of the month."

Hogosha bowed and left the weapons establishment, Naruto following in tow.

Tenten looked at her father, "Are you really going to be able to get all them done, Dad?"

Hagane smiled at his daughter. "Tenten-chan, Hogosha has done much for this village, maintaining his weapons is the least I can do. Just… make sure you don't put any of these in your hair." he said as he lifted the scroll and carried it to the back room.

"Huh? My hair?" Tenten was confused at her father's statement. Why would she have weapons in her hair? It'd be impractical in battle. She went to touch her hair buns, but felt something stick out. She quickly looked at her reflection in one of the well-polished blades to see several senbon poking through her hair…

(With Naruto and Hogosha)

"Three, two, aaaand one." Hogosha counted down as they made their way to the Missions Office.

"WHAT THE HELL!?" a loud yell was heard from the way they came. Hogosha chuckled and Naruto was laughing outright.

"Ah, the sounds of a well-executed prank." Hogosha mused. Naruto was sharing in his enthusiasm, but something was obviously bugging him.

"Hey sensei, why did you leave all your weapons with them if we're going on a mission?"

Hogosha didn't look at his student as they continued walking as he spoke. "I didn't feel it necessary to carry them on D-Rank missions."

"EH!? But why boring missions!?" Naruto whined.

"Naruto, D-Ranks have a reason behind them. They are necessary for development in certain areas. We'll discuss this more on the missions." He said as they entered the mission room. Hiruzen and Iruka were already waiting for the teams.

"Ah, Naruto, Hogosha. Glad you could make it. You're the first ones here." The Sandaime said.

"Hehe," Naruto folded his hands behind his head. "Come on, Jiji, you think I'd miss my first mission?"

"Naruto, show some respect!" Iruka berated.

"That IS respect, buddy." Hogosha stated to the facially scarred chunin. "His mother was the same with the old man, right?" he looked to Sarutobi, who twitched slightly.

Naruto looked at the Sandaime with wide eyes. "Really, Jiji? My mom talked that way to you?"

The old Hokage sighed, knowing that there was no way out of this, how very Hogosha to put him in this situation. "Yes, Kushina very well did, she claimed that there would be equal respect between Hokages past, present, and future." He tipped the hat over his eyes and said, "Kami knows what chaos she's causing in the next life…"

Hogosha's smile faltered as he too shifted his hat over his eyes, Naruto tilted his head down as well. There was a moment of silence between the three. Iruka decided to continue with the reason they were there.

"Er… Hogosha-sama, you came for a mission?" he asked warily.

Hogosha's hat flipped back and a relaxed expression was on his face. "Ah, thank you… Iruka, was it? Now, what missions are there… oh right!" he quickly turned to his charge. "Naruto, what element did you say you were?"

The question was met with Naruto's confused face. "What are you talking about, Hogosha-sensei?"

Hogosha froze, but you could faintly see a pulsing blood vessel on this head. He slowly turned to Iruka, who involuntarily twitched under the older man's gaze.

"Iruka-kun." He stated, not questioned.

"H-hai?" the scarred chunin stammered.

"You did go over elemental jutsu in your classes, correct?"

"O-only the theory, Sasuke was the only one who could use an elemental jutsu." He was able to say before a fist smashed through the desk before him. He flinched back and slowly looked up to see Hogosha glowering at him inches away.

"Naruto said you were his favorite teacher, the best he had." He growled out. "I can clearly see that his assumption only refers to your treatment of him." He pulled his hand back and looked at Sarutobi. "Hiruzen. Gather the graduated teams of the year and get me a classroom. No missions for them today."

Hiruzen's eyes went wide. "and why would you say that?"

"Because it is clear that the Academy system has diminished greatly over the past decade. It's time for a crash course." Hogosha stated, then took a moment to think. "Bring in the Academy teachers and the team senseis. They should learn how to really teach as well."

(A classroom – now under the possession of the Legendary Teacher)

Hogosha sat behind the front desk as he did when he introduced himself to this generation. Arms folded, feet propped up, hat covering his face, glancing around through the wicker of his hat. He saw Iruka sitting alongside a fairly large man with brown hair and a small goatee in standard uniform with a Leaf hitai-ite in a bandanna, and a woman with curly black hair and glasses obscuring her eyes; she was wearing a pink kimono over wire mesh armor. There were other members of the staff, but nothing too significant.

Team 10 was there, Shikamaru had his head already on the desk, snoozing away. Chouji was munching from an unmarked bag of chips; Hogosha guessed he figured out a way to use the marinade as a flavoring for homemade chips. Pretty smart too. Ino was surprisingly alert and watching Hogosha intently, if with a bit of anxiety showing. Asuma was mimicking his old sensei's posture, sitting with his students.

Team 8 was sitting as well, Kiba was fidgety, like he wanted to move… or attack something. 'Tsume probably told him about my "involvement" in Dokuga's leaving… greaaaat.' Hogosha thought cynically. Shino was sitting so quietly you could barely notice he was there. Such a testament to Aburame stealth, it was. Hinata was glancing around worriedly, obviously over Naruto, who decided to disappear again, so no surprise there.

Even Team 7 showed up… well, most of them.

Sasuke was trying to set Hogosha's hat on fire by glaring at him, as futile as it was. Sakura, whose arm was still in the cast, was staring with admiration at the Avenger – Hogosha had to look away before he heaved his breakfast. Sai was sitting just as stiffly and quietly as Shino, still with that small smile on his face. Kakashi… well…

A knock was heard at the door.

"Enter." Hogosha said.

The door slid open revealing a shadow clone of Hogosha dragging a bound Kakashi. The clone threw the package into the classroom before dispersing.

"Late for class, Hatake? So unbecoming." Hogosha chided.

Kakashi only eye-smiled as he undid the bindings. "Sorry, I was about to come here, but -"

"Save it." Hogosha interrupted. "I don't need to hear your lame excuses. Go sit down."

"But I -"

"That wasn't a request. Now." Hogosha grunted, lifting his hat to emphasize the glare. Kakashi quickly moved to the back of the room and took a seat. Hogosha took off his hat and stood up. "Now that everyone is here, we can begin."

"A-ano… Hogosha-sensei?" a timid voice squeaked.

"Yes, Hinata?"

"Wh-where is Naruto-kun?" she asked.

Hogosha smiled at her and the rest of the class. "He's here, haven't you noticed?" the students and teachers looked around unable to find the orange ninja. Hogosha only chuckled. "To be unable to find an ally – or worse, an enemy – can and will spell disaster in the field. Take notes, teachers, I may have to give you a pop quiz later on." He paused to allow his students to take pens and paper out. "Good. Naruto, come on out!"

A blue, yellow and red blur fell from the ceiling and landed in front of Hogosha's desk, putting the older shinobi on guard.

"Thanks for letting me drop in, sensei." The being said. He turned to the class and they were staring blankly at –

"NARUTO!?" most of his former classmates exclaimed. The exceptions were Sasuke, who only twitched in surprise, Shino, Sai – both were rather stoic and silent on the matter -, and Hinata, knowing about his appearance, yet almost fainting anyway.

The Uzumaki looked at the class and bared his wide grin. "What? You were expecting the old man?"

Hogosha chuckled at that. "I don't think they were expecting you at all, kid. Take your seat and let's get started." He said as he turned to the chalkboard and started writing.

"Hogosha-sensei, what exactly are we working on?" Ino asked.

"It has come to my attention that your progress as shinobi has been stunted to the point of a slow crawl, where it should be a long sprint. Understood? Excellent."

"Hey! Just because Naruto-baka is too stupid to know what's what doesn't mean the res- gakk!" Sakura started to rant before she started choking. After a few rough coughs, a piece of chalk coated in saliva landed on her desk.

"What my student has gone through is not because of poor student skills, but the lack of good teachings. I've seen it too much in my time, and I will not have some stupid brat tell me otherwise." Hogosha stated, not looking away from the board. "First question, Haruno, since you decided to speak out of turn: list all of the jutsu you know."

"Transformation, substitution, and clone jutsu." The pink-haired girl stated proudly.

"And?" the blunet urged her to continue.

"Er… that's all…" she said, starting to get nervous.

"Then you're dead before you exit the gates."

This set a dead chill throughout the classroom.

"The Henge, Kawamiri, and Bunshin - or easier said the Basic Three – are techniques that must be perfected by the end of your first year at the Academy."

This not only shocked the genin, but the teachers as well.

"This system is in place so that if and when we are attacked, all can strike up arms. Primitive? Yes. Effective? Absolutely."

"But Konoha has always had more ninja, who would be crazy enough to attack us?" blurted out one of the no-name teachers.

"Quite a few, actually." Hogosha said offhandedly. "And from my experience, Quality of shinobi beats quantity every time."

He then stared at the entire class. "You will all meet here once every two weeks unless you are outside of the village, otherwise, it is mandatory. When here, the only ranks are teacher and student, where I am the teacher and you all are my students; everything else is moot. If you dislike my methods and complain, you are exempt from my classes permanently. You may hate me for what I put you through, but you'll sure as hell thank me when you come across your first combat situation. Any questions?"

When silence followed, he continued.

"Alright then. What do you know about elemental jutsu?"

Immediately Sakura's hand shot up.

"Yes, Haruno?"

"Elemental ninjutsu utilizes the five elements as weapons for each ninja." Sakura said haughtily.

"And how did this happen?" Hogosha questioned.

"Er… sir? We've always been able to do it," Sakura urged.

"Then your answer is completely… wrong." the blunet deadpanned.

You could feel the room get twenty degrees colder as Sakura froze up.

"Wh-what? It can't be wrong! I can't be wrong!" the pinkette started stammering.

The rest of the class was surprised at this development as well. Sakura never got a question wrong.

"Well, you are. So keep that gaping maw of yours shut so you can learn something useful for once." Hogosha said without emotion as he turned back to the board.

Sakura went practically catatonic and the chunin teachers were murmuring to themselves.

"But Hogosha-sensei, that's what we've been taught for years." Ino said, trying to help her friend/rival.

"Then your teachers will have to be going under the microscope on their reviews. Now then…" he then turned back to the class. "Someone tell me the five basic elements." Immediately, a hand shot up. "Someone other than Haruno." The hand went down and a few others went up. He pointed to the man next to Iruka, "Yes, you, Mr.…"

"Funeno Daikoku, sir, and the five elements are Fire, Earth, Lightning, Water, and Wind." Daikoku said.

"Very good. I noticed that you listed them off as their country's ranking on power, so I'll give you a bonus point for doing so." Hogosha said casually. "The 'Big Five', as they are known, are significant as to the common element the people who are chakra-sensitive are in tune to. Now, as it is clear that you do not know, I'll tell you exactly how we were able to gain the ability to use the elements."

The class was all at attention.

"Before the Ninja era, there was a time when it was simply countries that controlled the elements, utilizing styles that could move the elements at will. You could say it was Ninjutsu in the form of Taijutsu. For countless generations, a balance was provided by the warrior that could control all the elements, known simply as the Avatar. Roughly one thousand years ago, the Last Avatar was born.

"He was known as the Rikudou Sennin, the Last Avatar; the First Ninja.

"The time was in Peril, the world was under attack by a race that, under the guise of salvation, promoted only destruction. Using the Rikudou Sennin's own mother - a woman by the name of Izanami - as a conduit, the destroyers then used their power to twist the spirit of the moon, Yue, into an enormous mindless beast with ten tails.

"The planet's surface was never the same in the battles with the Rikudou Sennin and the Juubi, as it was called. The countries were physically merged and warped into what we know as the world we know today."

Hogosha paused to look at the genin, chunin, and jonin, almost all were hanging onto every word.

"To stop the Juubi, Izanagi – Izanami's husband and Rikudou-sama's father – sealed his beloved to the Spirit realm. Izanami, in her last views of light, believed her love had forsaken her and vowed her vengeance, and in doing so, created the Demon Realm of Yomi.

"Without Izanami directing the Juubi, Rikudou-sama was able to seal it's soul, mind, and chakra away within himself.

"The aftermath of the war was too great. Most of the elemental taijutsu practitioners were killed in the onslaught of the Juubi. The Moon itself was destroyed, and as a last resort, the destroyers sent the sun to the coldest reaches, so the survivors would have no chance. The Destroyers never took into account the resilience of humans. The Rikudou Sennin had three elder siblings that took it upon themselves to restore the world.

"The eldest, the sister, Omikami Amaterasu, a practitioner of Wind and Fire, became the new Sun and brought new light and warmth to the world.

"The second, the elder brother, Mikoto Tsukuyomi, a practitioner of Earth and Water, became the Spirit of the Moon after Rikudou-sama used the body of the Juubi as the Moon's physical form.

"The third, the younger brother, Takehaya Susano-O, a practitioner of Lightning, Water, and Wind, became one with the earthly elements and became the Storms and Seas.

"Before his death, Rikudou-sama used the last of his power as the Avatar to break the cycle of reincarnation and to allow the survivors of the war to utilize his teachings of Nindo.

"And that," Hogosha sat back at his desk, legs up and crossed, "is how elemental jutsu – and the Ninja World – came to be. Sure, there's more to the story, but that could be discussed with a later lesson."

The class was surprised and in awe, well for those that listened. Shikamaru passed out asleep not even ten seconds in, Kakashi was just reading his Icha-Icha, Sasuke… he didn't listen to anything that wasn't going to help him kill his brother, especially from some denouncer.

Hogosha clapped and rubbed his hands together. "Right then. Now what are the ways that one can realize their elements?"

Iruka tentatively raised his hand. "The most used one is by chakra paper, while others are usually passed down by family."

Hogosha nodded. "This is correct. The more primitive version is one's personality traits can allude to one's element. Take me for example: what element do you think is most represented by me?"

The genin thought about it, recalling their post-exam.

"Earth?" Chouji asked.

"Lightning?" Hinata guessed.

"Water?" Sai said.

Hogosha smirked at them. "I'm actually a primary Wind. My elemental ranking is Wind, Earth, Water, Lightning, and Fire. Wind is constantly flowing, encompassing everything. It can be a light breeze or a roaring cyclone. Wind is not about power, but it is the most versatile of elements. It's easily adaptable, and most people can't adapt very quickly to a situation. In fact, in the entire village, only three ninja are primarily Wind; myself, Asuma over there, and Shimura Danzou, the Old Man's rival."

"Who?" several people asked. Sai's eyes were wide as he was wondering how much Hogosha knew about his master.

"Just a cunning old war hawk that won't submit to his place in life. I respect that about him. I hate the bastard's guts, but I respect him." Hogosha shrugged it off. "Now then, let's get to the other elements:

"Earth is durable and sound, able to take pressure and strike back hard. Downside is that they are stubborn as hell.

"Water is like Wind: fluid and moving. It can be contained, but it can also burst under enough pressure. Water, unlike wind, follows where the river takes them, down paths that branch out in front of them and they cannot change where they go.

"Lightning is quick, erratic, and uncontrollable. People who can use it are quick to strike and quicker with their emotions.

"Fire…" Hogosha paused in his lecture and sighed. "Fire has a split in its personality. There is the warmth and passion that burns a flame of invigoration. The second version – I call it Uchiha Fire – is burning rage. Anger, hatred, every negative emotion eats away inside them, making them what they are… an embodiment of arrogance and spite." He glared at Sasuke, who was glaring back, although hardly at the Sannin's level.

"Sir, surely there must be an exception, an Uchiha that didn't hold such traits." One of the instructors said.

"Nope. In fact, any member that was considered 'different' was killed on a mission, be it friendly fire or a contract with the enemy, and then forgotten. To keep it simple, all 'Good' Uchiha, were dead and buried, like under a rock."

Kakashi twitched at the remark, something Hogosha noticed and filed away in his mind for later, Yatagrasu was already grumbling about the storage cabinet filling up again.

"Now, let's see what elements you genin have potential for." The blue-haired teacher said as he pulled out a small disc with five squares of paper on it. Each piece on the disc was tinted differently, one was reddish, one was yellowish, another was bluish, one was greenish, and the last was brownish. "The standard method only shows your strongest affinity. This update I devised back in Kusa. Depending of your potential, the papers are affected differently; Wind will split the green paper, the brown paper will crumble with Earth, the red paper will burn with Fire, the blue paper will be soaked with Water, and Lightning will cause the yellow paper to crinkle together. The extent of the chakra will be determined by me as will the elements you will wield in your lifetime."

"Hogosha-sensei, we were told everyone only has potential for one element affinity." Sakura blurted out, trying to regain her standing.

Hogosha looked at the girl sadly. "Then you had better get your money back on the crap fed to you, because that is the biggest piece of idiocy ever spewed. Your senseis can use multiple elements. Take Asuma, my best of Konoha. Asuma, what are your elemental affinities?"

Asuma stood up and said "Wind as my primary, Fire as my secondary. My dad has Fire as his primary and Earth as his second." He finished with a small sense of pride. Kurenai was surprised at his enthusiasm, but chalked it up to showing respect to his former teacher.

"Excellent, Asuma. You see, Haruno, shinobi are able to employ any element that corresponds with his or her true self. Asuma is able to adjust to any situation and bite back with exploding force." Hogosha said to the class as a whole as he continued. "Miss Kurenai is a genjutsu specialist, which utilizes Water to manipulate one's vision and Lightning for neural stimulation, but is stubborn and passionate, meaning she can also use Earth and Fire. Hatake… he's a Lighting, Earth, and Water user, meaning he's a stubborn fool that's quick to assume and flows the direction he's set - no matter how misguided - but his track record show that that quickness is worthless."

Kakashi snapped his book shut to glare at the Sannin, who appeared to hardly register it. Asuma and Kurenai got a bit on edge at the tension that was emanating in the room.

"Hogosha-san -" Kakashi began.

"That's Hogosha-sensei to you, Hatake." Hogosha quipped.

"Hogosha-sensei…" Kakashi growled through his teeth behind his mask. "I believe you are severely overestimating the others and underestimating me."

"Oh really?" the blunet challenged. "Then tell me, out of the 'one thousand jutsu' you know, how many have you actually used? Or even can use?"

"More than you think." The silver-haired man said.

"Yeah, yeah, keep telling yourself that, Hatake no Sukeipugouto (Hatake of the Sacrificial Lamb)."

The room was filled with a cold silence at the name, with confusion in all parties but the teacher. Hogosha merely ignored it as he continued setting up.

"Now then, let's get started." Hogosha said, rubbing his hands together. "When I call your name, come up to the desk, place your fingertips on the slips and focus your chakra into them. They will react depending on your affinities; the stronger the affinity is, the stronger the reaction. Academy Teachers, this will be done as soon as they can mold chakra. Akimichi Chouji, step down here please."

The pleasantly plump boy set his chips down and briskly walked to the front of Hogosha's desk, brushing his hand of the crumbs from his snacking.

Hogosha set a disc with the paper slips on it in front of Chouji. "Now Chouji, please demonstrate."

Chouji nodded and placed his fingertips on each slip of paper. Immediately, one of the slips crumbled but the red slip was glowing instead of burning. Chouji was confused and worried that he didn't do it right. Hogosha was merely intrigued.

"Heh, well what do you know." Hogosha chuckled, "First one up and there's a unique adaptation."

"Uh… sensei?" Chouji asked confused.

"Oh, right. Chouji, your main element is Earth, which, with enough training, you can use to reshape the environment to suit your objectives. Just like back in the exercise the day before, remember?"

Chouji nodded.

"Your secondary is a unique Fire, but instead of expelling flames, your type is more of an insulating heat. Using it right, you could burn or even melt stuff before you touch it."

Chouji - and most of the rest of the class - was in awe at the explanation.

"Start thinking of ways to utilize and branch out on this, Chouji. Nara Shikamaru, get down here and get this over with so you can sleep for the rest of the class."

The said Nara yawned as he got up and sauntered lazily down past his best friend as he reached the front desk as Hogosha reset the disc. "It's troublesome that you know me well enough already, Hogosha-sensei."

"I know your father." The older man remarked. "Nara men are lethargic by nature. So I'll let you get going." He gestured to the disc. Shikamaru placed his fingers on the slips, the red burning until there was only a scrap left and brown crumbling slightly. Hogosha looked amused by the outcome. "heh, Fire and Earth, passion and density, both can be used to manipulate the landscape for your shadows."

Shikamaru shrugged at his explanation and went back to his seat, his head hitting the desk before he fully sat down.

"Yup… juuuust like Shikaku. It's almost scary, really… Yamanaka Ino, front and center."

The blonde girl stood up and went directly to the desk as ordered. Hogosha gestured to the disc and she complied. Unlike her teammates, the blue and yellow slips reacted.

"Interesting. Water and Lightning, a good combination for your family, Ino."

"How so, sensei?" Ino asked.

"Water makes up two-thirds of the body, and an old art allows one to control that; these days, it's been simplified and refined to medical jutsu. The brain continuously sends out electrical synapses, ones that could be warped by Lightning. By your quality potential, I'd say you could make a Suna puppetmaster jealous with a few sparks and movements, given enough training."

Ino's eyes went wide at the explanation, and an underlying giggle was heard throughout the room.

Hogosha smirked as he noticed a few if the kunoichi teachers have thoughts of using such a technique.

"Let's take our minds out of the gutter, shall we? Inuzuka Kiba, here boy!" Hogosha whistled as he clapped his hands encouragingly.

The dog nin leaped from his position and bounded onto the front desk, Kiba begrudgingly following behind. The Inuzuka heir fixed a glare at the blue-haired Sannin, who took it as if it was nothing while he pet Akamaru.

"New dog, same trick, kid. Proceed." Hogosha said. Kiba growled as he slammed his fingers onto the disc. Like Shikamaru and Chouji, the brown and red slips activated, as did the blue slip. "Hmm… Earth, Water, and Fire. You're a stubborn piece of work driven by a single direction in life you're passionate about… at this time, it's about Dokuga, isn't it?"

Kiba's glare intensified. "You -!"

"Have absolutely nothing to do with your old man leaving you guys. That was all your mom. Go sit down."

"But you -"

"SIT!" Hogosha ordered, his voice showing authority and dominance of the situation. Kiba stiffened and did as he was told. "Stay. Aburame Shino, get your buzz butt down here."

If that had any effect on the Aburame, it didn't show. Although there were a few chuckles around the room. As Shino approached the desk, Hogosha heard insects buzzing about.

"Hey, Shino, how's Shibi?" he asked casually.

"My Father is doing well, thank you. He thanks you for the scroll and has not even gone through a fraction of the specimens."

The blunet smirked. "I'd hope not. There are some trippy bugs in there that'll go all territorial with others. Certain environmental conditions need to be met, diets worked on; the whole spiel. Now, let's see what you have in store for yourself."

Shino nodded and placed his fingers on the slips. The yellow slip crinkled and the brown slip crumbled. "…It would seem that I have Lightning and Earth affinities."

"Correct, Shino. Quick in actions but steady in planning. Just be sure that when you use a Raiton jutsu, all of your allies are clear. I don't want the future of the Aburame to be a Human bug-zapper."

The Aburame heir only nodded as he went back to his seat.

"Hyuga Hinata, please come forward."

"H-hai!" the meek heiress stammered as she stood up and stumbled to the stairwell. She almost fell if Naruto hadn't caught her, his arms wrapping around her, her hair flowing around as if to envelop him in a modest hug. "N-n-Naruto-kun!?"

"Careful, Hinata. We don't want you to hurt yourself." Naruto said with his distinct smile.

"G-g-gomen…" she mumbled, her face turning a brighter shade of red than ever before. At this, Naruto was confused at her reaction.

"Eh? Hinata, are you feeling ok?" Naruto was worried that something was wrong.

As this was taking place, a handful of people noticed the exchange with different reactions.

Ino was analyzing Hinata's hair, trying to find the reason for this sudden yet appealing change in her style of choice and if she could get the same results. Chouji glimpsed at the two on the steps, but then went back to stuffing his face, albeit slowly as he tried to think of ideas for his elements. Shikamaru slept along, but you could tell there was a small smirk at his lips.

Hogosha, Kurenai, Asuma, and Iruka smiled at the two potential lovebirds. Kurenai feeling like a mother to Hinata, Asuma was reminded a bit of his times with Kurenai when they were their age, Iruka felt a bit of pride for the boy he had come to know as his student and, on some level, a surrogate brother, Hogosha was glad that his student reacted by instinct, but the kid was still pretty dense, he figured it'd take something drastic for any real action at this rate, but… he didn't want anything life-threatening to occur. For now though, he was content with the situation, but he had to continue.

"Hinata~, if you would please descend from your oh-so realistic delusions, come up here please. Naruto, you can go after her turn."

"Hai, Hogo-sensei –Ow!" our favorite blond remarked and reacted to a piece of chalk hitting his face.

"That's Hogosha-sensei, kid." The blunet master reiterated as he gestured Hinata to his desk.

The shy blunette stopped in front of the young-ish Sannin, and taking a deep breath to steady her nerves, she placed her hand on the slips of paper. The reaction was well. The blue slip became soaked, the yellow paper crinkled, and for the first time, the green paper split into two pieces.

Hogosha was surprised at this, but Hinata seemed despaired, something he could immediately tell was the problem.

"Hm, Water, Lightning, and Wind. You are a free spirit that chooses to follow a single path, and is apt at quick reflexes, despite certain… impasses…" he saw her lower her head in disappointment. He sighed and continued, "Hinata, I would like to speak to you after class about this little development. Please be here."

"H…hai, Hogosha-sensei." She mumbled dejectedly.

Concern was in place on Kurenai's face yet again, but that predicament is for later.

Naruto glanced at Hinata as she passed him, curious at her less than enthusiastic reaction. He looked to his sensei, who merely motioned to speak about it later. Naruto shrugged on the matter, placing his hand on the slips.

But before he could even touch them, the red slip bust into a stream of blue and red flame, surprising everyone. After regaining his composure, Hogosha looked at the dish to see that all the slips reacted, not just the fire paper.

The green slip was so shredded, you could barely see the pieces floating in the water forming from the drenched blue slip, most of it breaking up into the water. The yellow slip was crinkled into a tiny ball, although it was larger than the remaining blue paper. The brown slip remained in the bottom of the shallow disc, taking on a muddy film texture keeping it from diluting. The red slip was now a red ring, the corners and center burned away. Hogosha let out a low whistle.

"Wow, I sure know how to pick students! Wind, Water, Lightning, Earth, and Fire in that order; and you didn't even touch the papers!" Hogosha started laughing.

"What does that mean, Sensei?" Naruto asked, confused as hell.

"It means, Naruto, that you can learn more jutsu than the others, and can fight against any adversary thrown at you. You chakra potential is higher than mine!"

Everyone's eyes were wide at that, and one's eyes were filled with building anger.

Sasuke stood up at his desk and stomped to the front, shoving Naruto out of his way. Both master and student glared at the last Uchiha. "If the dobe has that much power, you should have chosen me."

"Go Sasuke-kun!" squealed the pink-haired idiot, gaining a bit of his residual confidence after her extended self-humiliation.

Hogosha only glared at the avenger. He was really tempted to beat the living ego out of him and let him rot on a deserted island, but he figured the council would bitch about it and decided to tolerate the bastard a little longer. "And you should learn to respect your superiors, Uchiha. You can start by kissing my feet."

Sasuke's glare only intensified, his teeth grinding against each other, while the rest of the class had mixed reactions. The teachers present were a little shocked at the arrogance Sasuke showed to a legendary ninja, but even more at Hogosha's disrespect to the Last Uchiha. Iruka sighed, as he had figured this would happen, considering Hogosha's reaction to their discussion earlier. Kurenai was a little surprised at the disrespect Sasuke showed, but wrote it off with the Uchiha's superiority complex. Asuma grinned at his sensei holding all the cards; after Wukon's assassination, he never liked the Uchiha, but to stop himself from becoming missing nin by going after them himself and betraying his father, he went and joined the Twelve Ninja Guardians. The male genin present laughed at seeing the Uchiha taken down a peg, even Hinata giggled a bit at his expense. Ino looked worried, considering she still had feelings for Sasuke, but not as drastic as they were before. As for the remaining members of Team 7, their reaction was more negative. Kakashi glared at the blunet Sannin, while Sakura…

"SHUT UP, HOGOSHA-SENSEI! Sasuke-kun is the strongest here, he deserves your respect!" Sakura screeched.

"When I ask for opinions, Haruno, you may give them," Hogosha countered, settling a glare on her. "Otherwise, keep that worthless gob of yours tighter than a priestess's anus."

The verbal jab made Sakura flush as pink as her hair and sent the rest of the room into a raucous laughter. The Haruno glared as Naruto as he was coming back up the steps, as if he was the cause of her current situation. "Naruto-baka, can't you tell your sensei otherwise?"

Naruto flushed a bit in embarrassment. "ahehe… Gomen, Sakura-chan, but Hogosha-sensei is who he is, I can't stop him."

Sakura's face held an unkempt fury. "THEN WHAT GOOD ARE YOU!? Useless worthless bastard…"

Her words stung Naruto's heart, but he endured as Hogosha taught him the day before. He simply sat back down and waited for the end of class.

Hogosha set the new disc in between him and the Uchiha, staring him down in a condescending manner. The Avenger never took his eyes off him as he proceeded to prove him wrong. After a moment, Sasuke removed his hand and stepped away while folding his arms in superiority. The Sannin glanced at the disc and a smirk grew on his face. The smirk became a chuckle, then into full-blown laughter that escalated to hysterical proportions. The Uchiha's irate nature hated the Sannin's obvious mocking.

"In al-hahahaHA-all my years… *snort* I never tho-heeheehee-thought I'd see an Uchi-heeheehahahahaHAHA so pathetic to not ha-HAHAHAHA-have a Fire element… IT'S HILARIOUS!" he started banging on his desk to stifle his mirth. "The most hate-filled Uchiha in all my years and he can't even do Katon! It's so brilliantly ironically HILARIOUS! AHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAA!" His giggles took control of him as he fell to the ground.

The Last Uchiha was enraged. How DARE this…this… dobe-supporter say he couldn't use Katon when he dodged one just the other day!

"Err… Hogosha-sensei?" one of the jutsu instructors said. "Sasuke-san has done Katon before, why are you saying otherwise?"

Hogosha's hand shot up in the gesture to wait a moment as his chortles dwindled. His hand still in the air to make gestures, he said, "Tell me, Uchiha, you didn't get the fireball technique down quickly, did you."

Sasuke was now shocked at such a deduction.

"Your silence states my assumption to be correct." His hand went down as he flipped to his feet. "From your expression, it took you longer than you wished or expected… a month? Two? Doesn't matter. It took you long because your body was adapting to a way it is not supposed to. You're a Lightning: quick with emotions, quick with actions, and probably too damn erratic as well." He turned to the class. "All right, class. Tell me the ways fires start, specifically."

"Uh… heating something up?"

"Spontaneous combustion?"

"A spark." said the kunoichi next to Iruka.

"And that is the answer I was looking for… I'm sorry, your name, please?"

"Suzume, Hogosha-sensei."

"Very well. There may be certain conditions to some where they may be able to use an element outside their ability, but any significant adaptation is hard to come by."

"Then I'll just gain them all!" Sasuke growled.

"Idiot." Hogosha growled. "As much as I'd like to see your species die out, the rest of the class needs to know if they attempt it."

"I'm an Uchiha! Nothing is beyond me!" the avenger barked.

Hogosha ignored the outburst. "It is said to truly gain an element outside your nature, you must find its purest source and endure being immersed in it for twenty-four hours straight, OR you must speak with a demon of that nature and come to a mutual understanding. The latter described was a ritual a clan from the east used to keep peace between our world and the Demon Realm.

"The only reason Uchiha here can use it is because Fire and Lightning are derived from the same fighting style. Before Rikudou-sama's era began, a previous Avatar dealt with two such practitioners – father and daughter, actually – in their attempts to kill him. A spark of Lightning ignites the air, making it appear to be a Katon, but obviously, it's a poor imitation at best."

That did it. Sasuke had had enough of this fool. "I'll show you a poor imitation! Katon: Goukakyuu no Jutsu!"

The class was in shock that Sasuke would blatantly attack a superi- oh wait, it's Sasuke, so no surprise. They were just shocked that Hogosha didn't do anything to stop the attack, simply letting it engulf him. Asuma was surprised that he didn't dodge it, Kurenai was just as stunned. Kakashi… he merely giggled at a line in his beloved porn, oblivious to the situation below, or simply not caring.

"HOGOSHA-SENSEI!" yelled Naruto, in direct panic at what he sees. His panic was soon rage at the Uchiha's next words.

"Feh, worthless fool."

If Naruto didn't have a reason to not like Sasuke, he did now. He quickly leapt from his seat and lunged at the avenger, screaming "TEME!" and blindsiding him with a kick that sent him across the room.

Sasuke steadily got up and glared as red-tailed blond. "that's twice you've hit me from behind, coward."

"And I've got plenty more where that came from!" Naruto yelled, ready to wail on him again.

"As much as I'd love seeing an Uchiha get mangled, can I continue my lesson?" a voice said from the flames. The flames steadily dispersed – or more accurately, absorbed into Hogosha's body – and showed the 6'7" Sannin without a scratch or a singe. He looked perfectly fine! "Besides, I didn't bring any popcorn to enjoy it." He jokes the class looks at him in blatant astonishment.

"I-impossible! You should be nothing but ashes now!" Sasuke stammered.

Hogosha merely chuckled. "And I probably would be, if not for the fact that I am completely immune to fire's negative effects." He snapped his fingers, causing a flame to start flickering, only this flame was…

"Black?" one of the teachers asked in astonishment.

"Correct. In the past, I was immersed in the essence of the Shadowed Son of Amaterasu… quit thinking dirty! The after-effect is that I am able to utilize them as one would normal Katon, and – as you saw – invulnerability to all manner of flames."

"You stole them from my clan!" Sasuke yelled.

"No, your kind merely made a contribution." Hogosha said with a smirk. "Itachi made a much more… pleasing offer." The class stiffened and Sasuke grabbed a kunai. "Oh, too soon?"

"I'LL KILL YOU!" Sasuke lunged at Hogosha in a blind rage –

- Only for Hogosha to backhand him through the classroom window.

"Sasuke-kun!" Sakura shrieked as she rushed down the steps.

"Leave the bastard be, Haruno." Hogosha stated with no nonsense in his voice.

"But Sasuke-kun -"

"Attempted to kill a superior for stating the truth. Obviously he couldn't handle it."

"You provoked him!" she screeched.

"And he should have taken it like a man," Hogosha countered, "but then again, he's not much of one, is he?"

Sakura screamed and stomped out of the classroom, slamming the door, obviously going to help her 'Sasuke-kun'. The class was silent for a bit until Hogosha sighed.

"Damn, stubborn as fuck and drowning in her own fantasies, total rapids case… damn. Sai, front and center."

The alabaster-skinned boy walked down and stood in front of the remains of Hogosha's desk. He smiled that slightly creepy smile of his. Hogosha sighed.

"First, kid, start showing a bit more emotion around people. Not enough for your 'boss' to notice, but just so you can be seen as a bit more normal." Hogosha whispered so no one else in the room could hear. He raised his voice at the next part. "Now, due to the Uchiha's… outburst, I'll have to do your elemental affiliation the old-fashioned way." He folded his hands and cracked his knuckles as he stretched his arms. "You ready?" Sai nodded and stuck his hand out. Hogosha set his own hand upon it. "Now, tell me what you feel. Physically."

Sai closed his eyes and concentrated. "…I feel… cold, wet, like my arm is melting from a force of heat, but my arm is still stable."

"Very good, Sai. That means you're primarily a Water type, but you have a strong Fire affinity as well, good for you!"

Sai smiled a bit wider than before, bowed, and then took his seat, following Naruto.

"Now then… here's a question for you all: What is the purpose of D-rank missions?"

One of the teachers said, "to promote teamwork?"

"Were you the one that taught Haruno? Because that's the wrong answer. The true purpose of D-ranks is more training, simple as that."

"EEEEHHH?" was the common reaction by the class.

"Why else would I have you go over your elemental affinities? There are specific training jobs just for learning to control that!" Hogosha chided. "Water control is organized by painting (like we didn't have enough of that), Wind control is worked on by debris clean-up, Earth control by sifting sludge at the sewage facility –" this was met by a few cringing 'eeeeww!'s "- you don't get down and dirty, if that's what you're thinking… Quit thinking it like that!

"Lightning control is utilized by wire-checking at buildings, and Fire control has the most uses around, heating things and the like." Hogosha stretched a bit before he continued. "that should be enough for today. For homework, I want each of you to come to class next having mastered two C-rank jutsu of your primary element. Class dismissed."

"Eh? That's too much!" groaned Kiba.

"Take it or leave it, pup. Those are my terms."

The people in class filed out except for two of them, Naruto and Hinata. Naruto was waiting to go and Hinata was fidgeting in her seat across from Naruto. Hogosha sighed as he looked to Hinata.

"Fate is one of those fickle beings, ain't she, Hinata?"

yeee-up, I'm being a total dip for cutting it off right here, ain't I?

But no matter! for now you have the chance to choose how it'll all go down!

What techniques will the rookies learn? What training will Hogosha put Naruto through? WHY DO I KEEP BUILDING UP THE SEXUAL TENSION!?

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