Thanks to Shira Lansys for the prompts Regulus Black and Forgotten. This was originally for her comp until it no longer fit the parameters.


Regulus has not forgotten.

His mother and father have; he knows that.

But Regulus hasn't. Because he knows that burning someone off the family tree doesn't mean he never existed.

He runs his fingers across the charred circle.

"I'm sorry, Sirius. I'm sorry for a lot of things, but mostly I'm sorry that I ever stopped believing in you." He smiles grimly. "You were my hero." Laughing bitterly, he murmurs, "I guess I was smarter then."

Regulus sighs. "I wish… No, I almost wish it wasn't so much better for everybody to keep this a secret. I almost wish… I could tell you… about my choice." A wry smile touches his lips. "I wonder if you'd be proud of me. Finally. Would this be enough to make up for everything I've done?"

He grimaces. "Because I've done so much. You hate me for what you know I've done – how would you feel if you learned about the rest of it?" A dry sob climbs up his throat. "I've done so much that I wish I could take back. I've made so many bad choices. And I know I can never undo any of it, but maybe… maybe I can make up for it."

He bows his head. "I'm not you, Sirius. I'm no Gryffindor. I'm not doing this because it's right, like you would. I'm doing it because… Because he needs to lose. He cannot win, Sirius, because if he does… Sociopaths cannot rule the world with justice." Regulus shakes his head. "I know. It doesn't… it doesn't seem like something I'd worry about, right? Because I'm on the right side, if he wins. But…" He laughs bitterly again. "You somehow managed to instill in me some sort of conscience."

His fingertips brush where his brother's name used to be. "Thank you for that. And for everything. And while you can never know the choice I'm making, I hope you can find it in yourself to forgive me when you find out I'm dead." His hand drops to his side.

"I don't need your blaze of glory, Sirius. But that doesn't stop me from wishing you could know." Regulus sighs. "Maybe it's better this way. After all, I don't really need to know if this isn't enough to make it up to you. I don't need to know if you don't forgive me."

His voice cracks. "But it would be nice to know that you do. I miss you, brother. Goodbye."

And Regulus Black leaves 12 Grimmauld Place for the last time.