Alice could always tell Stefan was absolutely smitten with her, there was no doubting that. They would constantly joke about all the little things. She saw the way he looked at her when he thought she couldn't see. His blue eyes always seemed to brighten at the sight of her. She liked the feeling of someone being absolutely mad for her.

By about the second month into their detective journeys, Alice really noticed how she felt about Stefan. Her feelings began to get in the way of her effectiveness in solving crimes. He'd flashed his charming smile far too much for her to be able to concentrate. Every time he would, it would daze her for a split second before she could collect herself.

She couldn't deny her feelings anymore. What she felt was more than just a platonic, joking friendship. It was an addictive affliction. An affliction she couldn't avoid no matter how much she tried.

When she saw his face, there so many different things she wanted to do. She wanted to punch him in the throat; she wanted her lips on his; she wanted his naked body on top of her, crushing her into a mattress as pleasure spread through her; but most of all, she wanted to just go back to seeing him as a friend.

Damn that son of a bitch for being such a charming, handsome man. She had almost wished that she hadn't been partnered up with that attractive devil that was called Stefan Bekowsky.

But then again, no she didn't.