Hello readers. This story arc really has been going on for some time now. It's like a TV show that just never dies. Sorta like The Walking Dead (LOVE that show). Anyway, I hope you are ready for some food for thought in this one!

"So what's the plan?" asked Dempsey sharpening his knife.

"We need to find the MDT on Earth" Gersch answered over the roar of the helicopter blades. "We were hoping Maxis could help with that."

Maxis sighed. They could easily see his greying hair and dull eyes. Being almost fifty years before he died, he probably had already began to feel the signs of age. Being alive for barely an hour probably felt like being microwaved.

"I know the most about the MDT, but I need my research. My memory is patched and torn."

"Like coat" muttered Nikolai sipping his vodka.

Maxis ignored him. "I only kepy my research in one place. Somevhere that Edward vould never find it."

"Oh damn" Dempsey murmured guessing the location.

"Ja, ve need to go to Der Riese."

They flew in silence for about an hour when Takeo said, "You do realize that your office was ransacked right?"

Maxis smiled. "I am honored by your concern samurai. But I knew hiding it in the office would be a horrible idea. I kept it somewhere else, somewhere far safer."

"I hope it's safe" said Dempsey cleaning his M1911. "Or I'll be really pissed. And really dead."

Gersch steered the chopper out of the mountains and came across a large airfield. Or what was left. Most of the planes were World War II wrecks and a few houses hung here and there.

"Jesus. Did we cause this?" inquired Dempsey.

"No" replied Maxis. "That was a long time ago."

They caught a glimpse of Breslau, or what was left of it. Most of it was ashes with only a few piles of rubble to indicate it had actually been a city at one point.

"Now zhat" said Maxis pointing at the destroyed city. "You did zhat."

Dempsey snarled and clicked his pistol back together.

Gersch steered the helicopter left and they finally saw Der Riese. It raised a collective gasp from most of the occupants.

The place was huge. It covered easily several acres and it stood tall amongst the rubble around it. They finally noticed small mechanisms on top of the buildings, about the size of a Volskwagon Beetle.

"SAM batteries" stated Maxis. "Courtesy of Der Gespanst."

Gersch flew over a large factory and Maxis said, "I kept my research 3 safes inside the entire facility. I recommend landing soon."

"Why?" asked Gersch.

"The batteries are still operational. The only reason we haven't been blown to pieces is because those on the outer circle are meant for airplanes. We're too small and close to the surface for those. But there are more sensative ones deeper in."

"Damn" muttered Gersch.

He flew over to a large house and NIkolai pointed left of the building.

"Hey, that's teleporter C!"

Demspey nodded. "So it is."

They landed on the roof and Maxis pulled out a map. He handed it to Demspey and ordered, "Now, the safes are marked on this map. One is inside the hospital, the second is in weapons testing, and the third is in Factory C."

"Got it."

Dempsey, Takeo, Nikolai, and Samantha jumped off and Maxis looked at his daughter fondly.

"I hate to send you in this place, but I know you are brave enough. I promise, we will make this madness end."

"I know Daddy" replied Sam grasping his arm. "I'm going to be the one to end it."

Maxis smiled. "You always made me proud Sam. I expect no difference."

He tapped his radio. "I'll be in touch."

Dempsey nodded. "Get somewhere safe."

"Safe? The world's shit now" Maxis replied as the helicopter flew off.

"Oh crap" siad NIkolai.

Dempsey looked around and saw that there was a derelict Quick Revive machine on the roof.

"Ah dick" he muttered kicking the Perk-a-Cola machine.

Samantha looked out over the facility, tears beginning to collect in her eyes.

Takeo looked at her and asked, "Are you ok?"

Sam quickly wiped away the forming tears. "Fine. Something got in my eye."

Takeo nodded and handed her a Colt M1911.

"Let's go little one."

Not what you were expecting was it? It was the best idea I had to fit the story flow. This one is relatively short, and no, they are NOT in the original Der Riese map. When you're in the power room, the area behind the fence where lots of zombies spawn is where they are. The large building where the zombies emerge from specifically. Anyway, that's as long as an author's note I permit myself, so please be satisfied until I get the next chapter out!