"I don't like this plan," Clint stated as he stared at the floor. "We should have done something to protect her from Loki. It wasn't right for Fury to just let her go like that. That's not what we do."

Natasha listened intently at his side, nodding when she felt she needed to. "I take it you no longer dislike the woman. Now you seem…brotherly?"
His head twitched up at her, a slight glare. But he said nothing, resigning to the fact that yes that was how he was acting, but why? He had hated the woman before, distrusts the Doctor.

"Then what are you to them?" Loki demanded. Betty stared at him from the other side of the cliff. She still wore her suit and held her helmet at her side.

"I do not know what I am to them. I believe that I may be more to Dr. Banner than any other member of the Avengers. I have only been there for about a month and I have yet to make perfect ties with the team. Because of Fury's actions I do not have their full trust or friendship."

Loki smiled, "Ah, yes, Dr. Banner. You like Dr. Banner no?" His eyes closed slightly as he stared at her. Betty smiled shyly, nodding her head and looking at the ground in front of her.

Loki laughed loudly. Betty looked up at him, surprised by his laughter. "What is so funny my lord?"

"Then what is she to you?" Natasha asked quietly. Clint looked at the target range in front of him, asking himself the same question.

"She is a sympathizer. She, unlike anyone else knows what I had gone through with Loki. I know what she will and has gone through already. There is a mutual understanding. She needs us more than we need her, especially now."

Natasha looked at the target he still stared at. "What if we can't get her back? What if we can't just erase Loki from her mind like I did with you?"

Clint looked at Natasha, a pang of worry crossing his face. "I don't know Nat, I don't know."

A wicked smile crossed Loki's face as he stare at Dr. Smith. "I want you to just…" He smiled, "Be yourself. Allow your true self to come out, fall for the flurry of emotions that race through your mind."

A look of worry crossed her face, "Why?"

Loki gave her an icy glare, "You do not get to ask why. You are my pawn and you do as I say."

Dr. Smith nodded and smiled. "Well then my lord, what is your plan?" She began to smile, "I believe that Dr. Banner has something to do with it."

"Indeed," Loki purred. "I want you to kill him Dr. Smith. I want you to kill him, slowly, intimately. And then I want you to kill the Avengers. And then you'll wake just long enough to see your work. And if you scream I will kill you."

"Yes my lord," She says with a wicked smile.

"Loki is a monster, he'd do anything to get what he wants and she would help him throughout under his control. We have to stop him and get her back. But what does he want? What does he possibly need Dr. Smith for? She can't possibly build him a portal. He would need the likes of Dr. Selvig for that."

Clint frowned angrily as a thought crossed his mind. "Tony said that Loki was a drama queen, wanting everyone to watch his escapades. What if he isn't looking for us to watch this time?"

Natasha glared at the floor and then looked at Clint. "He wants the world to watch as he kills us. He wants to use fear to gain control. He wants to use Dr. Smith to gain control."

Clint stared at Natasha, "But what happens to her when he no longer needs her?"

Natasha stared at Clint, remembering what Loki had told her so many years ago. "And if he screams, I'll split his skull…" She whispered. She shook her head slowly, a sad frown crossing her face. "He'll do the same he had planned with you. When it's over he'll release her and if she screams he'll kill her."

Clint glared.

Things are getting heated and the final fight is coming up. Dr. Smith might be able to make Loki weapons but he doesn't care about that right now all he wants is revenge on the Avengers and Dr. Smith seems to be the perfect candidate to fulfill that wish. So much fun!