My Name's Danny Cornell...I Like Tech and Sci - fi and...Hero's, My Dream Would Be To Be a Hero And Protector To The Galaxy, Stopping Evil, Well This All Started When I Was Around When We We're 15, Me, Ann, And James. We've Been Friend's For 11 Year's Now. It All Started By End Of Last Day Of Summer... Oh And My Parents we're killed when i was 5...

*Dissmised Bell Rings*

James: Alright, what are We Gonna do over the Summer? There's nothing to do.

Me: I Don't Know, we could probably go find some shit Like Bigfoot

James: ...

Ann: I Just Want a Summer without people around me or something, at least my sister.

Me: I Want a summer with something fun.

James: Same.

Me: *Gets A Call from My Legal Guardian*

Katie: Danny sweetie, we need you to Come Home Around 10...we're going on a trip to The Grand Canyon.

Danny: Hang's up phone, well...My Summer is killed.

Ann and James: What Happened?

Danny: Well, How can i say, I'm going to the Grand Canyon.

Ann: What, No, We Need you Danny, Please Try to Convince them to Stay. *hugs Danny's arm*

Danny: I'll try Heh *Smiles*

James: Oh Brother...

Danny: Heh cheer up, now you wont have to take Physic Classes.

James: ...

Ann: Haha.

Danny: Heh well I got 8 more hours, What ya guys wanna Do?

Ann: I Want to try to get A Game from Gamestop.

James: ... I Want to Play some Reach.

Danny: Well i have My Bike, Ann i'll let you get on.

James: What about me?

Danny: Ehh... Just Take a right on the street, Shortcut.

James: Ok.

*Start's peddaling*

Me: Alright, i got 37 Buck's, we can Either Buy Halo 2 or SYNDICATE, I Want Halo 2.

Ann: Me Too, i have $19.

Me: Alright, Well 27 Plus 19 Is 36 Bucks so...We'll Have around 10 Bucks left.

Ann: Maybe We can buy some Chips or Soda.

Me: I Haven't atten or slept for a few weeks so Yeah, We could get something.

Ann: How Bout Pizza hut?

Me: Meh, Sure, Awsome.

*The duo go into Adventuring for hours*

To Be Concluded...