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1. Unwelcome News

I scrunched my eyes momentarily together, tiredness pulling at each of my limbs. I was currently sitting at a table at Spencer's waiting eagerly for my coffee that would definitely give me the kick I needed. As I waited I let my thoughts drift to the reason why I was tired.

Most would be tired from normal things like partying or finishing homework, but instead I was tired from preforming a scrying – finding someone – spell. A spell my teacher, Ms. Terwilliger insisted I had to do it, mainly because I was the only virgin who had an "affinity" for this magic stuff. It wasn't the fact that I was drained from preforming the spell. I had resolved that by drinking – much to my dismay – two glasses full of orange juice. I was simply tired because of the hour Ms. Terwilliger decided to perform the spell, most people would be cuddled up in warm beds at 2am in the morning but instead I was in the middle of a dessert staring at a silver plate. She had insisted that it – like me being a virgin – was necessary for the spell to work.

I glanced up as I heard my number called and eagerly grabbed my warm coffees, having two knowing I would need more than one. As I headed out the door, I almost bumped into Brayden. My ex-boyfriend.

"Sydney," he said his surprise evident. "It's good to see you."

I gave him a small smile. "Yeah."

We stood there for a moment, neither of us knowing what to say. Brayden finally broke the silence. "How… have you been?"

I gave him another small smile. "Good. You?" I glanced towards pedestrians on the street before turning my gaze back to Brayden.

"Good." An uncomfortable silence hung over us for a few seconds before Brayden stated he had to go start his shift much to mine and his relief.

Like Trey, a friend of mine – who also happened to be an ex vampire hunter or what they referred themselves to as Warriors of the Light – Brayden worked at Spencer's. I tried to not be at Spencer's whenever it was Brayden's shift. Not because I was hurting. Because I wasn't. I was simply avoiding him because it was incredibly awkward whenever I saw him. Remembering our awkwardness around each other immediately reminded me of someone else. The whole avoiding because its awkward thing had raised its head between me and Adrian Ivashkov, the emerald eyed Moroi.

I couldn't help but blame myself along with him. He was the one who kissed me. But I was the one who kissed him back. He had shown obvious signs of interest in me. But I had been too blind. And then he was the one who poured his heart out. And I threw it back in his face.

So it was understandable why everything would be so awkward now. But it wasn't just awkward it was also strange and for some reason painful. Before Adrian and I were really good friends but having him suddenly out of my life – though not literally – was so suddenly foreign to me. I had become accustomed to his smirky smile and witty comments, but now having that gone, only to have it replaced by silence and glances filled with pain, hurt me and I didn't know why. I shouldn't be feeling pain over Adrian Ivashkov but yet I still was. I was missing him and I desperately wanted it to be like it was before. Before the kiss that much to my disbelief left me breathless and warm all over.

I shouldn't have felt any of that when he kissed me, I should've been immediately repulsed. This kept me questioning why I didn't push away as soon as he placed his soft lips on mine. I couldn't ever feel anything towards him, I just couldn't. And I didn't. But there was a part of me that doubted that and I continuously pushed it far from my thoughts. Humans and vampires did not belong together. Especially humans who were Alchemists.

Alchemists were taught from a young age to believe vampires were wrong and unnatural, and they were. Until I became used to them and realised that they weren't these evil creatures we were taught to believe they are. Even though I had grown closer to their kind I still held stern beliefs about what was right and wrong; one was that vampire's magic was wrong and unnatural which had me feeling like a hypocrite considering I had used magic more than once in the past and the second belief that I had, that both Alchemists and vampires alike agreed on was that humans and vampires didn't go together. It was taboo. Sure it happened before, but not anymore. Well almost.

The Keepers a group of uncivilised Moroi, dhampirs and humans who lived in the woods away from the new ways of the vampire society kept strong to the original ways, which ultimately meant that they didn't have any reservations about humans and vampires be that Moroi or dhampir being together. It had disgusted me when I witnessed it along with Rose and Dimitri my companion's at the time. If I ever – and I certainly wouldn't – no one would accept me and Adrian being together, well maybe except for Angeline a previous keeper and Jill who was bound to Adrian through the shadow kiss bond. But I wouldn't be with him regardless.

I dragged myself out of my thoughts as I reached the parking lot of the east campus which held the girls dorm. I made my way toward my room disposing of my finished coffee whilst drinking the second one with vigour.

The usual sun of Palm Springs was beating down on me, still stubborn to give way to incoming colder season. With thanksgiving slowly approaching I couldn't help but think of my family back home, I was missing them deeply. Being away from my mom was painful and to be away from Zoë, my younger sister whilst still having unresolved issues with her was also painful. I was also missing my older sister Carly along with my father who still might not be the most affectionate father out there but was still my father. I knew I wouldn't be able to go home for thanksgiving and plans were already made to have a thanksgiving at Clarence's with Eddie and Angeline cooking the turkey.

I was kind of comforted knowing we would be having thanksgiving together. I wouldn't have expected myself to ever have thanksgiving with vampires, but I was actually looking forward to it. They may have been an odd bunch but there were almost like family to me. But I couldn't tell anyone that, Alchemists were supposed to despise them. Even thinking of them as friends was bad enough. Every Alchemist thought vampires were evil, so to associate with them to think of them as friends as family was high treason and wouldn't go unpunished if they found out.

I reached my room then, setting my now almost empty coffee down. I decided against turning my coffee machine on even though my body still screamed for energy simply promising myself to take a nap after finishing chemistry homework.

I walked over to my bedside table noticing I had left my phone here, probably thanks to my tiredness. I quickly checked it a small part hoping for one of Adrian's funny messages but of course nothing, I was about to put my phone down when I noticed I had a missed call from my mom.

I immediately rang her back as different thoughts swirled through my head, my mom didn't call often. But when she did I always cherished it. I would've thought this was a normal call but the fact that she had called only a few days ago had me slightly worried, why would she be calling me so soon.

I waited patiently as the phone rang.


"Hi mom," I answered a warm feeling passing through me from hearing her voice. "Why did you call?"

"Oh," she answered. "I have some news to tell you."

I waited for her to explain but there was only silence.


"Sorry. I just- I thought I should tell you first. Zoë… she's been assigned to work in the Palm Springs area along with you."

"What do you mean?" I asked. Confusion clouding my mind. "Zoë doesn't have a tattoo yet…" I stopped as the truth slowly dawned on me. "Mom… Zoë didn't get a tattoo, did she?"

I waited for her reply praying desperately that I would be wrong but the silence from the other end was already answering what I dreaded.

"She- she did. Just last week." Her voice was quiet through the phone and I knew how upset she would be.

"But why?" I asked. Why would they need Zoë here? I was the family Alchemist. Not her.

"I don't know your father won't tell me. But he says it's like the internship you took in Russia, she's simply getting accustomed to the job and he thought, along with the other Alchemists that it would be easier for her if you were there."

I nodded my head, absorbing her words. "When?"

"After thanksgiving."

"That's two weeks away," I said.

"Yes. It was going to be earlier. But I insisted they would at least let her celebrate thanksgiving before she has to go."

I asked my mom a question feeling worried for her. "Are you okay about this?"

I heard a joyless laugh. "You already know what I think, Sydney. But I'll get through this and it'll be easier knowing Zoë is with you. You don't have to worry I'll be okay."

She was quiet for a few more seconds. "I'll be okay," she stated once again almost like she was reassuring herself. "Now I'll let you go. You probably have work to do."


"I love you, Sydney."

"I love you, too," I answered. Knowing she didn't want to talk about it.

My Mom was obviously upset about this. To have her youngest daughter taken away from her by the Alchemists, to have them controlling Zoë's life like they did with mine. If I was her I would be feeling the same way.

I couldn't help the worry that seeped into me. Zoë was an Alchemist now, her life no longer her own. I had tried desperately to keep her away from this life but ultimately failed. Now she was coming here to Palm Springs at least the Alchemists were considerate enough to allow that.

But with Zoë here, I knew things were going to change whether I wanted them to or not.

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