Okay, the back story to this is Dean has been cursed with the ability to read minds and Sam is trying to keep him from going crazy by distracting him. I was planning on writing a longer fic with the same plot, but I haven't gotten around to starting it, yet. So, I wrote this instead.

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P.S. The title of this story and the song Sam 'sings' is called We Built This City by Jefferson Starship.


'We built this city.' Dean threw his brother an annoyed look. Sam just gave him an innocent smile back and returned to his reading. 'We built this city.' Dean growled, trying to ignore his brother. 'We built this city on rock and roll.'

"Knock it off, Sam," Dean snapped causing Bobby and Cass to jump and glance over at him.

"I wasn't doing anything," Sam defended himself, but Dean could see the smile he was trying to hold back.

"You are a liar," he snarled shaking his head.

"Dean, seriously, I wasn't doing anything."

The older Winchester just clenched his jaw and returned to his book. It was quiet for a few moments, but the silence was broken by: 'We built this city."

Dean slammed his book shut, getting to his feet. "That's it. If you do it again, I'll break your nose."

"What is he doing?" Bobby asked curiously. Cass cocked his head to the side, looking for an explanation, too.

"He keeps…" How was Dean supposed to explain this? Was he supposed to say his brother was torturing him by thinking the same lyrics over and over again? "You know, just because I'm cursed doesn't mean you can be a dick," he snapped at his brother.

"Maybe if you would have listened to me and stayed away from that hat none of this would have happened," Sam countered raising his eyebrows, waiting for his brother to argue with him. "Now, are you going to help us fix you or are you going to keep complaining about a stupid song?"

Dean studied his brother for a few more seconds before slowly lowering himself into his chair, reopening his book. The room fell silent again as they returned to their research. Dean scratched at his nose, letting his eyes scan the text, relishing in the silence.

'We built this city on rock and roll.'


"At least he didn't break the bone," Cass said as he handed Sam a bag of ice.

"Yeah, there's that," Sam replied wrapping the ice in a paper towel and gently placing it over his nose. "Too bad you can't heal, huh?"

Cass glanced at Dean, who was holding his head in his hands, and softly said, "Yeah, too bad." He turned back to Sam and asked, "Are you going to be able to continue helping us?"

"Yeah, just give me a minute," Sam responded nodding. Castiel nodded back before wandering back into the library. He knew why Sam had been repeating the song's lyrics; it was a lot easier for Dean to focus on one voice instead of three, and Castiel couldn't blame Sam for trying to keep his brother going until they found a way to fix him.

He was sure they'd find something, Bobby's library wouldn't let them down, and until then maybe Cass would ask Sam what that song had been. He was a lot harder to sucker punch.