While I was reflecting on one of my favorite shows of all time, I remembered that Tim and Tyra had a few moments in the sun, specifically during sunsets. (Not to mention the sunrise scene in the pilot! I fell in love with them I think).

I sure hope there is a movie made; I just can't stand to see these characters on the shelf.

The intro is a half drabble (50 words), and each subsequent memory sequence is a drabble (100 words).

Based on characters created by Peter Berg, Jason Katims, etc.


Sunsets top off the day, and in a spectacular way; a beautiful merger of colors, and probably no two alike. They're a guarantee…always going to be there, no matter what.

They had sunsets.

And like anything else in life, some were better than others. Some celebrated; some best left forgot.

A red pick-up truck and Tim looks up; briefly, before going back to hitting beer cans into oblivion with his 9-iron.

He doesn't want to talk about J. Tyra's not what he needs right now.

He's not sure what he needs right now. He takes another swing.

When she threatened him with a break-up, he called her bluff, said fine. And then pretended not to see when she threw him a wounded look before peeling out. Told himself he wasn't making a huge mistake. They'd had a good year. He swore out loud.

That was one sunset he'd soon forget.

He wasn't sure where he was going, but as usual, he found his way to her. He swung on the door of his pick-up like a kid and was grinning ear to ear as the sun set behind him.

She was sitting on the stoop, like she'd known he was coming. She smiled back. Asked him how his old lady was.

He had to grin. Tyra could be a real smart-ass.

He told her that was history; told her he just a needed a friend. Instead of tossing him out, they went to the banquet together.

Things were looking up.

He wanted her to have the best view, so he suggested they climb to the top. They set up the lawn chairs and popped open a couple of beers as the sun sank into the horizon.

His heart stilled and then grew when she said that being with him was the best feeling she'd had in a long time. He was quick to agree, "me too". He meant it, with all his heart. All his dreams meant nothing without her. He had to say something.

"Maybe one day our dreams can merge together."

She smiled.

Best sunset of all time.