Midnight shifted into a cool breeze. Whistling icy air through my old styled, French windows.
I was cuddled up with my favourite bear, Tina. It was a pathetic name for a stuffed animal, but my bestest auntie was named after Miss Tina Turner, so it seemed appropriate at the time. My small fingertips played with the fur, fanned out on Tina's to calm myself for the day that would come tomorrow.
"Rose?" A little voice chirped, a faint twinge of sadness in the way my name was pronounced.
I lifted my head, one eye open. In the path of my gaze stood the most beautifulest little boy. duck egg blue eyes that stood out against freckled skin.
"Yes?" I asked in a honey-pinched voice, a peak of worry carrying out in my question.
"Will you sing to me again? like last night?" He asked as a small balled up fist rubbed the corner of his pupil, flicking away sleep. I hesitated, before moving away the corner of my patchwork blanket, giving enough room for him to settle.
I laid with the small boy for what seemed decades, humming a soft melody that I was taught from distant memories. If I was being honest, I really didn't need this right now, but when you're offered a gift, you take it by the hand. Or another term at that. I streamed my fingers through the boy's chocolate curls, watching his batted lashes beat against the freckles orbing down by a button nose. My humming was cut off by footsteps trudging down the hall, making me shiver in response.
Bang! Bang! Bang!
Three fist motions pummelled against my crooked, cream door.
"Who are you talking to in there?" My fathers gruff voice crackled through the walls of the broken down home estate, jumping me out of my skin. I struggled to find my breath, croaking out in a hoarse tone.
"No one daddy" I replied in a sugar sweet voice, the sound you'd get out of bubbles from a cherry soda can. I gaped my mouth open to find him standing in my now "Broken down doorway", I sighed long and hard.
"Daddy!" was drunk...- I thought in stupidity
"That church boy bothering you again?" Dad growled, carrying a handgun into the room by his waist. By this time the little boy that was cradled in my arms had vanished, leaving nothing behind by the smell of burning fire and coal.
"No, I was just talking in my sleep" I wriggled around in my bed (Or should I saw mattress on the floor) feeling slightly uncomfortable. He crossed the room, pulling back an inch of my yellow-net-curtains, watching the night-sky.
I knew why dad was drunk. I remembered his face when I told him I was moving back in with mum. Pure devastation.
"What time's your mother picking you up today?" He frowned, acting as if it was no big deal. I raised a perfect brow, wondering if mind reading wasn't all fiction.
"Eight" I replied in a subtle tone, my chin raised an inch upwards.
I didn't want any comment on my choices to move from town to town. I had already picked out what education I was striving for. Mystic Falls high school, apparently the best in that area.
"I'd be gone by then" My father replied, pulling the "work" comforter on me again.
I sat my jaw, watching his actions as his legs swayed across the room, holding onto the doorframe as he whispered his goodbye to me.
"I love you too" I answered back, before throwing my head back on the pillow and shuffling the quilt up to my chin.

Its small I know… But it's the start of something big I assure you…

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