disclaimer: disclaimed.

fandom: avatar: the last airbender/code geass/ao no exorcist/naruto/harry potter
pairing: azula, lelouch, yukio, sasuke, hermione
prompt: group therapy






"I'm not doing this, I am the Princess of the Fire Nation—"

"Sit down, Azula."

Azula sat. She crossed her arms and huffed, irritable, but she did sit. It was far more than anyone else had gotten out of her.

"I have an empire to rule. Can I go yet?"

"You do not have an empire to rule. Sit down, Lelouch."

"My brother is still alive out there, this is a waste of time—"

"Sasuke. Sit."

"Can I—?"

"No, Yukio. All of you sit. down."

They did. Good.

"You all know why you're here," she said.

All four of her patients began to clamour. She raised her wand, and primly cast a Silencing spell. "You are all here to learn to play nice. We can do that, correct?"

They all nodded sullenly.

She lifted the spell.

Everyone started yelling all at once. Hermione pinched the bridge of her nose, and Silenced them again. This was all a certain saviour's fault. These idiots were out of control, and this was only session two.

Hermione sighed.

She was going to kill Harry.