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Chapter One


Sebastian crooked an eyebrow in mockery. He certainly hadn't seen that coming. Did Joe Harrison really just dedicate 'A Jar of Hearts' to Sebastian at Warblers' practice?

Just because Joe had heard a rumor from Greg that Sam had told Caleb that Sebastian had been seen flirting with James - didn't mean Joe had to go sing a song about it. Especially, a song that made Sebastian look like some cold manipulative creep. It's not that he cared, it was just harder to get guys when everyone thought you were an ass.

It was probably that loud mouth Trent kid who had blabbered in the first place. He'd have to have a word with Jeff and Nick about voting to place him as background in the next Warblers' recital... Sebastian had that kind of power after all and he was glad for it.

Speaking of which, things could have been worse with Joe. What if Joe had found out before Sebastian had got to kiss him? Because Joe Harrison had been a good kisser and was also definitely worth the trouble Sebastian had gone through chasing him. So thank Adele for small mercies...

But now, he was just another name in Sebastian's contact list. He probably wouldn't be able to contact him for a while for a good make out session, but it was his last year in Dalton anyway and college boys were sure to be lining up for him plenty next year.

...Or maybe he wouldn't have to wait that long.

He was at the Lima Bean waiting in line for his daily coffee, inclusive of his shot of courvoisier of course, when the guy in front of him ordered his non-fat mocha.

It was his voice that impressed Sebastian first of all; he'd never heard anything like it. True, it was at least an octave higher than most boys his age, but it made people notice him. And Sebastian was definitely noticing him. He was dressed impeccably, though Sebastian would have never dared the outfit himself, and his hair was a chestnut brown, light, and tempting to touch. Sebastian stood a little closer to him, hinting the boy's expensive cologne and it drove him crazy.

"I've got this," he said, stepping in front and winking at the boy as he shouted him his coffee and put in his order for his own.

"Thanks," the boy said quietly, grinning, but not quite looking at him, "You didn't have to do that."

"Oh but I did," Sebastian argued, "I could never let such a fine young gentleman pay for his coffee. Do you mind if I join you? I'm Sebastian."

He held his hand out for the boy to shake and the boy accepted the gesture. "Kurt," he said. "And you're welcome to join me if you like. It's not like I'm here with anyone else."

"A fact that mystifies me too, you're gorgeous."

The pink that had rose to Kurt's cheeks was spreading wider. "You're a bit forward, aren't you? And brave too. Aren't you scared people will think you're gay?"

Sebastian laughed, "Oh, that's a good one Kurt! I am gay. As gay as the city of Paris where I was born. And I certainly don't care who knows it."

They had finally reached Kurt's table and sat down smiling at each other. Sebastian noticed that for all of Kurt's perks he was also very anxious and paranoid and kept darting around as if expecting someone to come over and harass him.

"You okay?" Sebastian asked, "You look very tense..."

"I'm sorry," Kurt apologized, "I... I'm not used to this. I..."

He paused struggling to find the words. Sebastian noticed this and encouraged him to continue.

"It's okay... you can tell me."

Kurt smiled. It would be nice to have someone to trust. And Sebastian seemed to be genuine and he had paid for Kurt's coffee after all.

"I j-just came out," Kurt whispered, as if their table was bugged. "And it's been one of the most rewarding and terrifying experiences of my life."

Sebastian nodded. "I see... Let me guess - your parents?"

"No. My dad's been great about it actually. That's the rewarding part. And my friends in glee club, they've been really good about it too. It's just this one guy... Karofsky..."

Sebastian took another sip of his coffee not wanting to interrupt Kurt. He was already distracted by the fact that Kurt was part of glee club. His voice already was unique, he couldn't imagine what he'd sound like when he sung. And whoever this Karofsky guy was sounded important. It was something that would require Sebastian's full attention and he needed to concentrate to give that.

"Karofsky has sort of made it his personal vendetta to make sure my life is as miserable as hell for coming out. He almost makes me wish I never did."

Sebastian sighed, feeling bad for Kurt. He knew his experience was a lot easier than some of the other boys he had heard about. And Karofsky sounded like some public school creep with issues and more than likely a closeted case to boot. And Kurt, with his beautiful blue eyes, and voice from out of this world... he didn't deserve that.

"What time do you break for lunch tomorrow?" Sebastian asked.

"Around one. We do have a cafeteria but I'm worried about what some of that food will do to my pores, even by breathing it, so I usually don't eat there."

Sebastian laughed. Kurt had a good sense of humor. "Good... Kurt, I'd really like to see you again, but I have lacrosse practice and I really just came here to get my coffee, but then I saw you and got a little sidetracked. I would usually have more time but see, I'm in glee club too, and we were running a little late today."

As he thought of Joe... what's his name... there was no need to tell Kurt why the Warblers' hadn't been on schedule. "Anyway, I'd love to take you to Breadstix tomorrow if you wouldn't mind seeing me again?"

Sebastian marveled at the way Kurt's eyes lit up at the proposal. Kurt was blushing. "I go to school in McKinley - isn't Dalton a bit far from Lima?"

Sebastian shrugged, "A couple of hours at most but it's okay. I have an off period before lunch. There'll be plenty of time to come get you. Here, I'll write my number on this napkin..."

"Are you a freshman too?" Kurt asked hopefully.

"Do I look like a freshman?" Sebastian asked cheekily. When he noticed Kurt's expression however, he immediately softened. "Hey! It's okay, I'm sorry. I'm actually graduating this year. I'm a senior."

Kurt's heart fell. A senior? There was no way Sebastian was going to want anything more from him now that he'd already blabbed out that he was a freshman. Not that Kurt had already started thinking about in him in that way.


But at least he had lunch with him tomorrow to look forward to.