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This is Part 1 of the first story 'Invasion of the Cybermen'. It contains shades of 'Rose' and 'Closing Time' and influences from many classic and new who episodes as well as novels.

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Invasion of the Cybermen: Rose

"Oh no, not again," the Doctor groaned as the record got stuck again. Ignoring the memories of the past day, he reluctantly put his book down and went to check what had happened. The beacon on the console was beeping lightly and flashing red lights. He frowned and examined it.

It was a summoning signal emanating from Earth. Not when he had just left but further into the future. He frowned as he saw the date.

2005 was awfully early to have a summoning signal of the kind that he was receiving. Earth was still a level 5 planet at this time. Thinking that it probably had to be some obscure piece of alien technology that had fallen to Earth, he decided to go and see for himself. No harm in snooping around some. He shrugged and entered the coordinates to take him there.

H.G. Wells and the tea could wait.

Rose Tyler folded the clothes with a bored expression on her face. It was a regular day as usual. She got up at 7, took the bus to work, had lunch with Shareen, back to work and now it was almost closing time.

"Rose," Shareen whispered.

"What?" she asked her friend, looking up from the seventh pink sweater she had folded.

"I'm on changing room duty tonight," Shareen said.

Rose rolled her eyes as she picked up the eighth sweater to fold. "Let me guess," she said. "You wanna get with Shaun."

Shareen turned her eyes pleading. "Please, Rose," she said. "He asked me to meet him at 6."

Rose nodded. "Fine," she said. "But you owe me one."

Shareen hugged her happily. "Yes! Thank you," she grinned happily.

Rose shook her head. "Go on, get," she nodded.

Shareen gave her another hug and took off. Rose smiled at her slightly love-crazed friend's back. Shaun was her newest boy-crush. Personally Rose thought he was a bit full of himself but Shareen had stars in her eyes when she looked at him.

Still, Rose thought she couldn't talk. After what happened with Jimmy Stone...

She shook her head to clear out that line of thought and headed to the changing rooms. The changing room duty was the worst of its kind. If there was any time that Rose thought that people were the most annoying things to ever live, this was it.

The changing room was littered with clothes and hangers and labels. Rose sighed. It was going to take her an hour at the least to sort through the mess. She took out her phone to call her mother.

"Hello," Jackie Tyler chirped happily on the other end.

"Mum, it's me," Rose said.

"Oh hello, sweetheart, I was hoping you would call," Jackie said. "Bev's nephew is visiting and such a charming lad he is..."

"Mum, I don't want to be set up on another blind date," Rose said, rubbing her eyes in frustration.

"It will do you good, Rose. You haven't gone out with a bloke in over a year. That's not like you, love," Jackie said.

Rose cut her mum off before she could start talking about the issue any more. "Mum, I'm going to be home a bit late, yeah?" Rose asked. "Shareen had to meet a bloke so I'm covering for her. And I'm going for a pint later," she added spontaneously.

Jackie began to protest but Rose hung up. She did not want to fight with her mother. Again.

Stuffing her phone back into her pocket, she began to pick up the mess of clothes. She heard a rustle behind the last curtain and stood up. "Hello?" she asked. "We are closing," she said, hoping to get the person out. She dearly hoped it wasn't another couple shagging. She had caught one last month and the sight wasn't pretty.

Ignoring her slightly nauseous thoughts, she waited for the person to come out. When no one did, she sighed and headed towards the stall. "Excuse me? Is anyone in there?" she asked, cautiously.

No answer but there was movement behind it. "Is someone mucking about?" she asked, her temper barely under control. No answer. Rose glared angrily at the closed curtain. She was not in the mood to be played around with. "I'm coming in then," she said and swished the curtain open.

And let out a loud scream.

The Doctor heard someone scream and he ran full pelt in the direction of the voice. The signal detector in his hand beeped loudly and frantically as he came closer to his destination. He looked down at the contraption and felt someone run into him.

"Umph," he groaned as he clattered to the floor with the person on top of him. He looked up and saw it was a young girl, about nineteen.

She clambered off of him and he stood up. "Are you alright?" he asked her in concern.

"Those things," she panted, her eyes wide with terror.

The Doctor followed her gaze and he saw three Cybermen. He took her hand.

"Run!" he commanded.

Rose ran behind the weird bloke dressed like he had stepped out of an Austen novel. He seemed to know what he was doing as he led her to the main elevator which would take them to the storage floor just above the basement.

Once the elevator doors had closed, Rose turned to him. "What the hell were those things?" she asked, her voice high with fear.

"Cybermen," he answered, his expression dark. "I should have recognised the signal," he said, apparently talking to himself because he was making no sense to Rose.

"Were they students?" she asked him. "Is that a student thing or what?"

"I beg your pardon?" he asked her, looking at her in confusion.

"I don't know," she said, feeling confused as well.

"Why would they be students?" he asked her, genuinely curious.

Rose stared at him. He didn't look like he was mocking her, just very curious. "Well, to get people dressed up like tin robots and scaring shop girls, they got to be students," she said rationally.

"Ah," he nodded, realisation in his eyes. "No," he said immediately. "They weren't students. They were Cybermen."

"Is that like a branch of computer geeks?" she asked him, hoping the humour would conceal her fright.

He didn't smile and Rose saw that he had no idea what a computer geek was. Strange, that. Maybe he really had stepped out of an Austen novel. "Cybermen are one of the most vicious creatures in the universe. If they are invading, then it is extremely bad for the human race," he said.

Rose stared at him. "Are you saying they are aliens?" she asked him incredulously.

"Of course," he said, slightly offended. "What else would they be?" he asked her in confusion.

The elevator pinged as they arrived on the storage floor. "Who are you?" Rose asked him. He didn't look like he was mad but he was talking about aliens. Why were all the good-looking ones nutters, she wondered absently.

"I'm the Doctor," he said, striding forward so quickly that Rose had to jog to keep up with him.

"Doctor what?" she asked.

"Just the Doctor," he said and then gave a triumphant smile when they reached a fire exit. He turned to her. "I'm sorry, awfully indecorous of me not to ask your name," he said.

Rose was taken aback at the posh words. She had only ever heard blokes in old movies talk like that. "Rose," she answered.

"Nice to meet you, Rose," he said and then gently ushered her out into the street. "I will take it from here."

He gently led Rose out and turned to shut the door behind him. Of course, he was never that lucky, was he? Rose walked back in. "Hang on," she said. "You can't just swan off. I wanna know what those things are," she said.

He sighed in exasperation. "They are dangerous," he said.

"They are also invading my planet according to you," she shot back. "So," she said firmly walking up to him. "How can I help?"

He stared at her defiant face and knew that she wouldn't back down. He had always said that humans were an indomitable species. He sighed and began to explain. "They are transmitting a summoning signal. From what I could gather, that is the only Cybermen ship that has landed here. If I can cut off the signal, I can stop any more Cybermen coming to Earth," he said.

"But what about the ones that are already here?" she asked logically, trying to ignore the voice in her head that was yelling that he was talking utter nonsense.

He looked slightly impressed at her ability to suppress her disbelief and think rationally. But he didn't have an answer for her. "One thing at a time," he said as they hurried along.

"So what's the plan?" Rose asked.

The Doctor looked at her in confusion. "I just said," he said.

Rose rolled her eyes. "How do we cut off the signal? We can't just stroll up to their ship now, can we?" she asked him.

The Doctor gave her a quick, cheeky grin that made his bluish green eyes light up, somehow making him look younger. "That is exactly what we are going to do."

Rose followed the Doctor, wondering if she was being incredibly fearless or incredibly thick in going along with this. In a matter of minutes, she had found out that aliens existed and that they were invading Earth. And now she was helping some bloke called the Doctor sneak onto their ship and cut off their signal to prevent more of the aliens attacking. Not a regular Tuesday then.

She watched the back of the Doctor's green velvet coat and wondered if he was just leading her along on some prank. She dismissed the thought. He was a bit strange but she couldn't help but trust him. There was something childlike about his romantic persona yet something ancient and fierce. Rose was intrigued.

"Here we are," he whispered as they came back to the main floor of the shop. He peeked around the corner cautiously for any approaching Cybermen and saw none. "Where did you see them before?" he asked Rose.

"The changing rooms," Rose answered.

"Is there any sort of an exit around there?" he asked.

Rose frowned. "No," she said. "Just an old service lift," she added as an afterthought. "Bloody thing doesn't work."

"Since when?" the Doctor asked sharply.

Rose was taken aback at the strange question. "Ever since I started working here. So more than a year then," she shrugged.

The Doctor nodded absently. "Then that must be the teleport spot," he said.

"Wait, teleport?" Rose asked him, her eyes wide. "Seriously? Like Star Trek?"

"Just call me Mr. Spock," he grinned but then frowned. "Or, actually don't. Mr. Spock sounds like a horrible name to have. Call me the Doctor."

Rose chuckled, despite the tense situation, and let the Doctor take her hand as he led her to the lift. "Are you sure this is a teleport spot?" Rose asked him, her tone betraying that she thought he was a little, okay maybe a lot, bonkers.

He smiled reassuringly at her. "Yes, I expect so," he said and took out a weird tube thing. It made a whirring sound and the lift doors opened.

Rose followed him silently and the Doctor chuckled at the look of shock on her face. "Sonic screwdriver," he explained. "Good at opening doors."

Rose nodded and suddenly the Doctor grabbed her tightly around the waist. Rose squeaked in surprise and went to push him off but stopped when she felt the air around them change and suddenly they were looking at the interior of what appeared to be the inside of a spaceship.

"Unbelievable," Rose said slowly.

The Doctor let go of her. "I do apologise for clutching hold of you like that, Rose, but if you had been out of the range of the teleport beam it would have given you a terrible headache," he explained as he began to examine the machinery.

"No problem," Rose mumbled as she stared around. She was still a bit speechless as she walked behind him. "I'm not hallucinating, am I?" she asked him.

The Doctor chuckled under his breath. "It can be a bit too much to take in all at once," he said, smiling sympathetically.

Rose let out a small, breathy laugh. "Yeah," she agreed. "But it's...just...so..." she said slowly.

"What?" he asked her curiously, stopping his scans to look at her.

"Fantastic!" she said, her eyes bright with excitement.

The Doctor laughed at her enthusiasm and then went back to scanning the machinery. "Aha!" he exclaimed. "Found it!"

"Can you cancel it?" Rose asked him, kneeling down next to him.

"Yes, shouldn't be too hard," he said and there was a small beep. He gave a satisfied smile and stood up, giving her a hand as well. "The signal is cancelled."

Rose grinned at him as she took his hand and got to her feet. "You did it!" she said happily and then surprised both of them by giving him a big hug.

The Doctor seemed shocked for an instant before returning the hug just as enthusiastically. Rose laughed and then pulled away. "So, what do we do now?"

"Well," the Doctor said. "There's that taken care of them. Now, we can contact..."

But Rose never found out who he was going to contact. At least half a dozen Cybermen had marched into the control room of the ship and were staring at the Doctor and Rose. The Doctor's face hardened and he stood in front of Rose protectively.

"Intruders, detected," one of the Cybermen said.

"They must be upgraded!" the Cyber Leader said as they began to converge on the Doctor and Rose.

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