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Vampires of Nira: The Rescue


It was Helena and she was slightly out of breath, like she had run all the way there.

"Doctor, Lady Rose, I apologise for bursting in like this," she gasped through her breaths.

"Princess Helena, kindly sit down," the Doctor said, leading Helena inside. Rose handed her a goblet of water. "What happened?"

"Maia," Helena said, looking at Rose gratefully and gulping down the water. "Maia is missing."

"Missing?" Rose asked.

"Yes," Helena nodded. "We think she was taken against her will." She looked at the Doctor and Rose, tears filling her eyes. "We think she might have been kidnapped."

"What makes you think that?" the Doctor asked sharply.

"Things around her chambers were disturbed," Helena said, tears streaming down her face. "Vallita and Isandra are summoning the council and they told me to fetch you."

"Yes of course," the Doctor said. "We would like to examine Maia's chambers first."

Helena nodded. "I'll get some of the guards to take you," she said.

"Did Maia have guards?" Rose asked.

"Yes, but they are never permitted to enter her chambers," Helena said. "We don't know who the attackers were or how they took her."

"We'll handle it, Princess Helena," the Doctor said comfortingly. "Come on, Rose."

"Reese will show you," Helena said and a young guard clicked his heels and began to lead the way.

Maia's chambers indeed looked like they had been disturbed. The curtains were ripped, crystal figurines and lamps had been shattered, the whole room was a mess.

She had put up one hell of a fight and had definitely not left of her own free will. The Doctor was sonicing random parts of the room so Rose wandered out onto the balcony that had been similar to theirs.

There, right on the corner, she saw it. "Doctor!" Rose called.

The Doctor ran out and followed Rose's gaze. "A piece of Maia's robes," the Doctor said, examining the scrap of fabric caught in the rails of the balcony. He bent over the rails and saw that it wasn't too far of a jump. Plus, there was an extremely soft bed of springy heather underneath.

"Someone took her through here, didn't they?" Rose asked the Doctor, reaching the same conclusion as him.

The Doctor nodded. "Yes, appears so," he nodded. The heather did look a bit disturbed.

"Doctor," Rose gasped. "Remember the movement we saw in the garden and the woods? Could it have been Maia been kidnapped?"

The Doctor gazed at Rose in undistinguished wonder. "Rose, I believe you are correct," he said.

"Then they must have left a path through the woods," she finished, beaming at him.

"Exactly and we are going to follow it," he said. "Come on."

The Doctor and Rose weaved their way through the garden together. Reese, the young guard, had insisted on accompanying them. "There," Rose pointed at another scrap of fabric caught in a bush that looked like a cross between holly and ivy.

"We're on the right track," the Doctor said. He bent down. "Footprints," he observed.

"How many of them, my lord?" Reese asked.

"Call me the Doctor, none of this 'my lord' stuff," the Doctor waved. "And there were two of them. Neither of these footprints belong to the princess."

"How'd you know?" Rose asked.

"These are men's boots. By Earth standard, I should expect you would call them 'size twelve'," he said.

"So there were two men and they carried her off?" Rose confirmed as they kept walking.

The Doctor nodded worriedly. "Reese," he turned to the young guard. "Perhaps you should go back for reinforcements."

"But sir, what about you and the Lady Rose?" Reese asked, looking horrified at having to leave them unprotected.

"Rose and I can take care of ourselves," the Doctor said. "I want you to go back to the palace and bring a few men with you. We know there are at least two of them, there may be more."

Reese looked torn but then nodded quickly. "I shall be back soon, sir," he said and then nearly took off running back to the palace.

"He's sweet," Rose smiled after him.

The Doctor raised an eyebrow but didn't comment. "Come on, the footsteps are becoming relaxed."

"What does that mean?" Rose asked curiously.

"Well it could mean that they thought they were safe," the Doctor said, lowering his voice.

"But we're not that far off from the palace," Rose said, logically. She could still see the palace lights if she turned around.

"Yes," the Doctor said. "But I did mention it was largely a peaceful planet, right? Well, their defences aren't quite so...strict."

"Meaning the security is bad?" Rose confirmed.

"Not precisely," the Doctor said. "The Sisterhood has a reputation of severely punishing offenders who harm any of them or any woman on the planet."

"There's a factor of trust mixed with fear," Rose realised.

"Yes, and you know what that tells me?" the Doctor asked. At Rose's questioning look, his face became grim. "It tells me that the kidnappers are not locals."

Rose nodded, that made sense.

"No local would dare do anything like this," the Doctor said. "And they certainly won't become complacent after getting away."

"They would run for their lives," Rose murmured and the Doctor nodded gravely.

Twenty more minutes of scrambling through the woods, the Doctor and Rose reached a small clearing. It was empty, save for a small shack. It wasn't overly big or flashy, in fact it looked like one storm would finish it off.

If it had been on Earth, Rose would have thought it was an old hunting cabin like they showed in films. You know, the one that always looks like it's haunted.

The Doctor raised his finger to his lips, indicating to Rose that they needed to be quiet. Rose nodded back. Carefully, the two of them tiptoed over to the shack. The door wasn't much of a barrier and the shack seemed to have only one small room.

Rose spied a flash of blue through the window and saw the Princess. She tapped the Doctor's shoulder and mouthed 'Maia' nodding towards the window.

The Doctor nodded and gestured that there might be a guard near the door. He crossed over to the door and touched the knob. It was unsurprisingly, locked. He pulled out the sonic screwdriver which whirred quite loudly and the lock clicked open.

The door flung open from the inside and the tall man who had obviously been a guard charged towards the Doctor. The Doctor had little time to dodge as the gargantuan man turned around, advancing on him again.

Watching the Doctor being cornered, Rose darted inside the shack and looked around for anything that might help. She spotted a clay jug that looked promising. Taking careful aim, she lobbed it at the guard's head. The jug met its mark and the guard went down.

The Doctor quickly pulled out some string from his jacket and tied up the guard's hands behind his back. He flipped him over and examined him grimly. When he realised what he was, a disgusted grimace appeared on his face.

Rose, on the other hand, rushed into the shack. Princess Maia had been chained to the wall and was unconscious. Rose touched her forehead and was scared to find it cold and clammy. She was unnaturally pale too. She examined her neck and saw a single puncture wound.

"They've been taking her blood," the Doctor said from behind her, watching Maia with a mixture of horror and pity.

"Blood?" Rose asked in a disgusted voice.

"Yes," the Doctor said, kneeling down and freeing Maia's hands. He took out a stethoscope from his coat and examined her.

"Are they vampires or something?" Rose asked as the Doctor listened to Maia's heartbeat and took her pulse.

"Similar," the Doctor said. "They're Plasmavores. Filthy criminals who roam the galaxies, feasting on people. Murderers," he spat angrily.

Rose flinched slightly at the anger in his voice. She patted Maia's forehead. "Is she going to be okay?" she asked.

The Doctor sighed, his anger leaving him slightly. "Yes, they only drained her a bit," he said. "Some rest and a few square meals will have her back on her feet in a few days."

"Good," Rose said. "So these Plasmavores drink blood, do they? How are they different from vampires then?" she asked. "And for that matter, are you telling me vampires are real?"

The Doctor gave a slight chuckle at the barrage of questions. "Plasmavores are the less-powerful and less advanced descendants of the original vampires. The original vampires are extinct now," he said, taking a handkerchief and dousing it with water.

"How did they become extinct?" Rose asked as she took the handkerchief and dabbed Maia's forehead.

"It was during the Dark Times," the Doctor said. "A single vampire could kill an entire planet. They were a threat to the universe. The Time Lords hunted them down. It was a long and bloody war."

"And your lot won?" Rose asked.

"Yes," he nodded. "But the violence was so bad that the Time Lords forever swore off interfering but vampires are still declared enemies of my people. Every Time Lord has a duty to destroy a vampire if they see one."

Rose nodded. "And these Plasmavores are not as powerful like the original vampires?"

"No, they're more like a shape-shifter. They can drink the blood of any species and assume their shape. Apart from that, they're just filthy murderers," the Doctor said, glaring at the unconscious guard who was lying outside.

"And how do we stop them?" Rose asked. "Stake them through the heart?"

The Doctor snorted. "Amusing idea, but no," he said. "Actually, they're quite easy to kill. Any blaster can kill them. Like I said, they're weak. The Judoon mostly hunt them through space."

"What are the Judoon?" Rose asked curiously as Maia began to stir lightly.

"Intergalactic cops," the Doctor explained. He looked at Maia. "Maia? Can you hear me?"

Maia groaned in pain and touched her neck. "Careful," Rose said. "It's a wound."

"What happened?" Maia asked in a raspy voice.

"You were kidnapped but you're okay now," Rose said comfortingly.

Maia nodded, closing her eyes again. "Shouldn't we be getting her back?" she asked.

"There's no hurry," the Doctor said. "We can wait for her to regain her strength."

"What if more of those Plasmavores come back?" Rose asked.

"Reese is on his way with more guards," the Doctor said. "I dare say they will manage just fine to stop them."

Rose nodded and continued to dab Maia's forehead. "Poor thing," Rose said. "How much blood did they take?"

"A pint, maybe more," the Doctor said and then frowned.

"What?" Rose asked, looking at his expression.

"Wonder why they did that," he said.

"What do you mean?" Rose asked.

"Well Plasmavores don't usually space their meals out," the Doctor said bluntly. "Once they have their prey, they suck them dry and leave a withered corpse."

"So why did they leave her like this?" Rose asked.

"I don't know," the Doctor said, sounding frustrated. "None of this makes sense. Why kidnap her and not even feed on her? And where are the rest of them?"

"Could they have needed her for ransom?" Rose asked. "So they just weakened her instead of killing her," she suggested.

"Possibly," the Doctor shrugged. "Unlikely, though."

"Then what?" Rose asked. Her eyes widened. "Could they have wanted to, you know, make her into one of them?" she gasped.

The Doctor gave a wry smile. "Good thinking but Plasmavores don't 'convert', so to speak. Their breeding pattern is much more traditional."

"Meaning?" Rose asked.

"Meaning they mate like humanoids and bear children," he said.

"Now there's an image," Rose muttered. "Blood-sucking monsters being parents."

"You know, I do believe there comes a very popular set of fiction books in your time about that," he said lightly.

"What?" Rose snorted. "Seriously? Vampire parents?"

"Yes," the Doctor nodded. "I forget the exact details but apparently the girl is human when they, you know," he cleared his throat.

"Have sex?" Rose offered innocently, grinning at his discomfort. "Do the nasty?"

"Copulate," the Doctor said, shooting her a playful glare. "Anyway, she bears a half-vampire, half-human child who is some sort of an extraordinarily powerful creature."

"That sounds rubbish," Rose said bluntly. "First off, if you're human, how do you even have sex with a vampire? Aren't they supposed to be the undead?"

"That's your issue with it? Necrophilia? And not a whole blatant list of impossibilities?" the Doctor asked her.

"I said, 'first off' meaning there are more," Rose said, sticking her tongue out at him. "Anyway, how come you know so much about it? Vampire and humans copulating," she emphasised the word and the Doctor rolled his eyes. "It just doesn't seem to be your usual sort of reading material," she teased.

He cleared his throat and coughed. "Yes well, always good to be informed," he said, averting his gaze.

"About half-human and half-vampire babies who are all powerful creatures?" Rose asked incredulously.

"Seize them!" a voice hissed and the two of them spun around to see two tall men stalking towards them. The guard that they had tied up was one of them. A smaller, younger man was the one giving orders. Rose's eyes widened when she realised that it was the same blonde bloke who had been dancing with Maia all evening.

"Seize them!" the blonde pretty boy hissed again. "They've discovered the plan! Seize them!"

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